Should You Pull? Ultra Festival Rerun: Mysterious Sword Master Youmu Konpaku

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Should You Pull?

Maybe, leaning to yes. Yes, that's right. This is the first Step-UP banner for an Ultra FES! The Mysterious Sword Master is finally back, and she's still capable of the same things she used to do, plus being a key unit for maximum efficiency Fire EX farming. She is still able to farm many Story Cards, and she'll make good use of her elements and Paralyze breaks in addition to nuking enemies. Having the banner run alongside newer UFES makes her a less wanted unit for meta purposes, but having a Step-UP (descending) alongside double Fortune Dust makes this a really good deal if you are interested in an awesome farmer, some Friend that deals lots of damage, an awesome Breaker, or any combination of the three. Mysterious Sword Master Youmu Konpaku won't disappoint.

As per usual for Ultra Festival Friends, they need 250 exchange points to spark and you can only Limit Break them with Divine Paper Dolls. This includes Mysterious Sword Master Youmu Konpaku, so keep that in mind when rolling.

Quick Overview

+ Extremely high damage, both turn 1 and turn 2
+ Fantastic Elemental Breaks, including P0 Metal on her Focus Shot
+ Spell Card 2 has Discharge, furthering her Break potential when teamed with Paralyze inflictors
+ The ability to farm various Story Cards. ( 3-3-3 / 2-7-1 / 3-6-3 / 3-18-3 )

- No team utility

Youmu Konpaku (Mysterious Sword Master)

After the latest addition to the Main Story, we've gotten to know much more about this Youmu Konpaku, but much is left to discover about her world. What we know for sure though is that she's a good damage dealer and a really amazing farmer. Truly, they don’t call her a Sword Master for nothing.

Almost every part of the Sword Saint’s kit is useful, so we’ll start with her skills. Ti me provides her with Yin, Yang, AND Agility UP all in the same skill, but only for 1 turn. However, Ra in buffs her Yang ATK & Agility for 3 Turns, and Ai r buffs her Yin ATK (and Evasion but that's not really important) for 3 Turns, and both have a cooldown of 3 turns at skill level 10. Essentially, what this means is her buffs are permanent in any one wave fight, allowing her to do highly above average damage with her Spell Cards as well as her Last Word. Lastly her Character Ability means she does 20% more damage to any target that resists her damage or is weak to it - which is fantastic given her Spell Cards are fully elemental. None of those skill names are typos, by the way - she cut them in half!

Her other attacks further compliment this. First of all, her Focus Shot, Dream Thrust, is notable for having a Solo targeting Metal Break at 0 Power, meaning she can spam Metal Breaks as long as she’s still alive (and it gets another Metal and a Water Break on top of that if she can pony up 1 Power). Next, her Spread Shot, Phenomena Slash, provides Agility Up - but this is ultimately redundant with her Spell Cards. Origin Mystery: Sohaya-Roukanken provides both between 1 and 2 levels of Yang ATK & Agility UP depending on the number of Boosts, alongside 3 Solo targeting Fire and Metal Breaks at 3 Power total - meaning on many targets, it will be at least 3 Breaks, and sometimes you’ll luck out and get 6 Breaks total. As well, Origin Mystery: Raikiri-Hakurouken provides between 1 and 2 levels of Yang ATK & Agility UP depending on the number of Boosts, on top of 3 All targeting Wood and 3 Metal Breaks for 3 Power - as always, this is fantastic to have on an All targeting Spell Card, due to it often being able to hit at least two targets for three Breaks each, and even more on the right fight. 

At the center of her kit is her All targeting Last Word, Combined Sword - Cherry Blossom in Full Bloom. Featuring a 1-2-2 layout alongside a ton of ATK UP and Agility UP, as well as an extremely high 80%/140%/100%/100%/120%/120% Slicing (meaning between 80 to 140% of her Agility factors into damage, depending on the bullet), it deals a huge amount of damage. It’s great not only for farming (as the tremendously high ATK UP & Agility UP in her kit means it’ll do a lot of damage in spite of the 1-2-2 nature), but when given time to set up with her Spell Cards, it’ll do a netherworldly high amount of damage. It also has 2 Fire, 2 Wood, and 2 Metal Breaks at 3 Power which is extremely good, should you choose to use it to Break instead of do damage.

Her kit's biggest fault can very much be her lack of team support, which can make her less wanted compared to the latest UFES Friends like Remilia Scarlet (Tiny Devil Mistress) and her sister.

Curious about why this Youmu is different from her original version? Take a look at the LostWord Universe Overview!

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