Should You Pull? Ultra Festival: Vampire Pursuing the Hunter Flandre Scarlet

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Should You Pull? Vampire Pursuing the Hunter Flandre Scarlet

Yes. Flandre is one of the best characters in the game who does her roles phenomenally well. With damage that most characters could only dream of having, Flandre also has a good amount of Star and Water breaks while also having the ability to support CRITs, inflicts a large quantity of Freeze anomalies, and providing the team with some power support. 

Being an Ultra Festival Friend, E1 Flandre requires 250 Exchange Points to be exchanged. If you don’t have a big stock of  cubes and don’t want to test your luck, be wary of that. And keeping in line with previous entries, there’s also no God Crystal Step-UP with a new Ultra Festival Friend. However, there is an extra bonus of 2x Fortune Dust whenever you do a multi with God Crystals!

Quick Overview

Character Strengths:

+ One of the best T1 damage caps. Setup still manages to improve her peak damage.
+ Good CRIT support with some power support to the party.
+ Decent access to both Star and Water elements.

Character Weaknesses:
- Low durations on buffs
- 90% heal instead of 100% scuffs some run consistency

Flandre Scarlet (Hunter)

Universe E1 Flandre Scarlet, The Vampire Pursuing the Hunter: A stalwart defender of her mysteriously older-yet-smaller sister Remilia, and the one who gets things done around the Scarlet Devil Mansion. She works tirelessly with the Mage, Patchouli, the Butler, Koakuma, and the Gatekeeper, Meiling, to restore her sister to her former glory while also evading the unseen hunter who stalks them all. Flandre's ability, to destroy anything, makes her the strongest in the mansion. With the cool, collected maturity of her E1 self rather than her L1 form's normally whimsical, carefree self, she takes charge with natural ease and serves as second in command to Remilia. 

Flandre has nearly every single attack that she has hit hard. Her focus shot, Shot Neck Hunt Clock, will hit any enemy that has the Gensokyo dweller hard with 3 boosts. Her 1st Spell Card, Forbidden Barrage: Starbow Break, also hits extremely hard against nearly every single enemy in the game and the same can be said for her Last Word, Information Paradox. While her 2nd Spell Card, Forbidden Barrage: Clock that Ticks Away the Past, may not output as much damage, this spell card still can provide some aid with a barrier restore and inflicting Freeze anomalies to her enemies. 

Her skills are also to help her destroy her enemies with no remorse. With her 1st and 3rd skill helping her reach insane peaks when it comes to damage setup, Flandre’s 2nd skill allows her to hit accurately as well as guarantee that she gets 2 boosts on the 1st turn, which is more than enough to make sure that all her enemies are nothing more than a paradox that has been resolved. Despite her skills inflicting anomalies to herself, these anomalies are actually a benefit due to her ability, Capable of destroying absolutely everything (Distorted), which converts these anomalies into buffs.

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