Chance Encounter

Obtained From: Stage Drop


Level: 10
Yin Attack 75
Yin Defense 35


Base Ability
Spell Card's No-Element power 20% UP (1 turn).
When Spell Card is used, own CRIT Accuracy 1 level UP (3 turns).
Max Ability
Spell Card's No-Element power 35% UP (1 turn).
When Spell Card is used, own CRIT Accuracy 1 level UP (3 turns).


Story 1
The Multidimensional Neural Network is a transcendental sensory system that also uses quantum distribution. It is laid out like the roots of a tree that stretch to the ends of the universe and beyond. The way it transmits information is like a giant electronic circuit. Are the visions projected by the system real or fictional?
―This is just one of the endless number of visions.

"You... you copy...!"
"My, my, it's not like you to lose your composure like that... or should I say it's not like 'me'?!"
Story 2
Junko is a sagacious spirit who has been purified by her grudge toward Chang'e. Junko might have been something like a demi-god who went by the name of ■■ back in the age when gods and humans coexisted on the continent. She comes from a family that worshiped their ancestor Fuxi as a god. It is said that the fox was their family's totem, but there is no supporting evidence of this. She was given the name ■■ because of her beautiful black hair.

All of this is just conjecture made up by trying to reconstruct her past that was most likely erased as a result of being purified by her grudge. Nobody knows the truth about her. That's because Junko, as she is now, is not ■■, but the personification of a grudge.
Story 3
Sagacious Spirits

Fuxi, a godly culture hero, had a half-human, half-snake body. Nuwa was both his wife and sister. Fuxi was the founder of various continental cultures, including the writing system used before Chinese characters came into existence and the Eight Trigrams (also known as Bagua). Since Fuxi governed the primitive writing system and the Eight Trigrams, he was irrefutably one of the origins of senjutsu and doujutsu.

Junko's family was supposedly descended from him, which would mean they were probably primitive hermits by birth. Perhaps the reason she became a sagacious spirit instead of a celestial that a hermit should essentially aim to be might be because her senjutsu was primitive. Although, it is also possible that her own grudge is what might have caused this to happen. In other words, there may be a separate being who became a celestial or lived a fulfilled life as ■■ along with Junko, who is the personification of her deep-seated grudge. It's almost the same as how a ghost can become a divine spirit that further creates bunrei.
Story 4
The Multidimensional Neural Network

Although Junko is a divine spirit with a spirit body, she is also a being who is skilled enough with senjutsu to create a Senkai. Senjutsu (along with doujutsu and onmyoujutsu) contains the concepts of rentanjutsu (also known as the application of ancient Chinese alchemy) and fengshuijutsu.

Rentanjutsu is the kind of senjutsu that can elevate the human body to something more perfect (like a hermit's sturdy and indestructible vitals and mental fortitude) by meddling with the balance of the Five Phases that make up the human body. The application of Fengshuijutsu is mutually related to rentanjutsu. It deals with the relationship between humans and the city they reside in. Fengshuijutsu is ultimately a large-scale and continuous senjutsu application that bestows the emperor, who is the heart of the city, with hermit-like abilities.

Now, what would happen if the senjutsu that applies to humans and cities is amplified and extended to the entire universe and all things in nature...? That would be the third type of senjutsuーI Ching divination that can find spiritual energy out of thin air and use the movements of celestial bodies and light to calculate the fate of all things. The Multidimensional Neural Network is one of the ideological senjutsu in I Ching divination.
Story 5
Destiny Shown by the Stars

This is why modern people are ignorant of mysteries. The day the apple fell in front of the eyes of the last natural philosopher and the first mathematical scientist was the day the stars fell from their pedestal of being treated like gods that govern destiny. They are now seen as just mere sources of light and bodies of mass.

But guess what?

Humans have yet to set foot on the stars. The only celestial body that humankind has infringed upon is a natural satellite―an insignificant lump of dirt and metal. The things that are visible are still just fleeting dreams. The world of celestial bodies is still firmly protected. There are countless theories that don't hold water as soon as the numbers are slightly tweaked.

Don't you think so too, Western Magician of the Stars?