The Moon and Izayoi

Yumeno Rote
Obtained From: Ruins of Memories


Level: 10
Agility 35
Yang Attack 115


Base Ability
Spell Card's Slash Bullet power 25% UP (1 turn).
Spell Card's Star power 20% UP (1 turn).
When Spell Card is used by Debuff type unit, own Yang ATK 1 level UP (2 turns).
Max Ability
Spell Card's Slash Bullet power 50% UP (1 turn).
Spell Card's Star power 40% UP (1 turn).
When Spell Card is used by Debuff type unit, own Yang ATK 1 level UP (2 turns).


Story 1
"We do not have any words. We have no words, but if we could speak words, it would be like this. Now then, tonight's other world is different from the rest. Destinies have deposited one atop the other to form strata. Is there only one fossil or a whole ruin that has not yet seen the light of day?" Sakuya Izayoi is a maid, that's all I know. She seems human, but her ability to manipulate time is quite extraordinary. Her age and the era she comes from are a mystery. Perhaps she only lived a few human lifetimes, which is nothing compared to how long I have lived as a devil. But she may well have lived hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands of lifetimes... It's possible, seeing how she can infinitely stretch out her own time. She may be a vampire hunter from a time gone by. She may be a Lunarian. I can't say. She may even be both... Heh, now wouldn't that be interesting? That devil mistress of hers has chosen quite the maid. (Older sister) But really, who are you? Whether you exist or not doesn't matter. What really matters is your name. It's yours, and only yours. It's the one and only thing that'll lead you to where you're meant to be. (Younger sister)
Story 2
Dreams come in the night while you sleep. I thought everyone knew that what you see in a dream is an Otherworld, but it seems that isn't common knowledge for humans. I can't tell you how the Fantasy World and dreams are connected though. (Younger sister) A vision is something you see while you're awake. Humans throughout history have seen angels and gods in their visions (and dreams). Prophecies and revelations come from what people see and hear in these visions. And of course, devils use those very same methods. But what do humans care? Prophecies and revelations give insight into the future, whether that's sent by a god or devil is scarcely relevant. (Older sister)
Story 3
The Fantasy World is where we reside. If you want to know more about it, you should ask Reimu or Marisa. Oh, wait, that was a different Reimu and Marisa. I suppose if you really want to know... you should come visit us here sometime. (Younger sister) On the border of Gensokyo and the Fantasy World lies Mugenkan, the mansion of dreams and visions, home of the youkai Yuuka. We have to go through it whenever we want to visit Gensokyo. Although, I suppose we could just take a different route. Why do they call it the mansion of dreams and visions, you ask? Well, well... Heehee! (Older sister)
Story 4
We serve as proof that devils exist outside of Makai, as does that maid's mistress. Broadly speaking, a devil is simply a living being created in accordance with the principles of magic. (Little sister) The moon is the source of all magical power. The Lunarians claim magical power and magic are gifts they gave to the Earth. They also say that they created demons and youkai to keep Earth under control. Quite the story, wouldn't you say? (Older sister)
Story 5
Sakuya's two blades, Extended Bewitched Sword: Silver Blade and Blood Sword: Vampire Fang, each contain a Satellite of one of the moon twins, who are devils. Just as light is a wave formed from fluctuations of electrical and magnetic fields, darkness may well be formed from fluctuations of dreams and visions. In worlds ruled by magical principles, darkness illuminates all. It follows that magical time and space are simply derivations of darkness. "In my mistress's name, I served. In duty's, I leaped forth. Oh, what I wouldn't give, to feel such joy once more."