Mountain of Faith

Kishida Mel
Obtained From: Prayer (Limited)


Level: 10
Yang Attack 110
Yin Defense 70


Base Ability
When Spell Card is used, own Spirit Power 1.50 UP.
Spell Card's Light Bullet power 15% UP (1 turn).
When Spell Card is used, own DMG from gods 20% DOWN (2 turns).
Max Ability
When Spell Card is used, own Spirit Power 2.00 UP.
Spell Card's Light Bullet power 30% UP (1 turn).
When Spell Card is used, own DMG from gods 20% DOWN (2 turns).


Story 1
"Just as faith fades from existence, So too does the untold story. Even if it's recalled, Or recounted anew. Can one say the story existed at all? The answer is buried in the sands of time, Fated to remain unknown." On the Youkai Mountain in Gensokyo, Moriya Shrine can be found. Two deities are enshrined there, both amassing faith. It is said they were once great rivals in the outside world, but that no longer appears to be so.
Story 2
"A story from a distant time. It may well have existed, Or perhaps it did not." Kanako Yasaka is a divine spirit capable of creating heavenliness and the god who once triumphed in the Great Suwa War. As Moriya Shrine faded from the outside world, she sought a means to gather faith for herself and Suwako. Suwako Moriya is a native god capable of creating earthiness and the god who was once defeated in the Great Suwa War. Despite ruling over the curse gods, Suwako is said to be quite cheerful. However, as faith in her declined, her cheerfulness seemed to wane.
Story 3
"A silent rain falls, And lashes the abandoned shrine. A silent rain falls, And lashes the lonely native god. Without people's faith, gods cannot exist. Faith's light may flicker, but eventually, it will fade. 'Tis too bitter a truth to fully accept. That all will disappear, all will be forgotten. 'Tis too much to bear to say it is so." Suwako's shoulders appeared to tremble as streaks of rain continued to pelt her almost ephemeral form.
Story 4
Returning once more to the deserted shrine, Kanako was there waiting. Though her presence came as no surprise, Suwako's heart filled with relief. "You needn't worry," Kanako said as if to comfort a troubled child when she saw the look on Suwako's face. Although it must be said, she isn't a child at all. But Kanako's lap is oh-so warm and eases all troubles. The earth god remained silent, looking up at the sky god with bright, wide eyes.
Story 5
Before long, the rain ceased. And warm rays of sunlight shone clear. "Will the day come when we no longer need to fear fading from existence, like rain clouds that have spilled their last drop? Or maybe fading away together like the soft light of day wouldn't be such a bad fate after all." Perhaps such a thought crossed her mind, but who can say for sure? What is certain, however, is that these two deities live on, basking in the sunlight that follows the rain here in Gensokyo―their new home.