At the Secluded Springs

Obtained From:


Level: 10
Health 480
Yin Attack 84


Base Ability
Spell Card's Body Bullet power 15% UP (1 turn).
Spell Card's Metal power 15% UP (1 turn).
Max Ability
Spell Card's Body Bullet power 25% UP (1 turn).
Spell Card's Metal power 25% UP (1 turn).


Story 1
You have set foot into Former Hell unawares. Continuing on the path ahead... is a blazing door. You open it while trying to keep your heartbeat under control. Suddenly, an unsettling chill overtakes you, and a strange scent tickles your nostrils.
Story 2
Opening the noisy door lets loose a flurry of sparks. Could it be the result of metalworking, or...? The Former Capital, unchanged since you last saw it, lies before you. You take a few uneasy steps forward and hear familiar voices.
Story 3
You rush toward the voices and see Yuugi and Suika enjoying a cup of sake together. The two happily signal for you to join them with an inviting hand gesture. You continue toward them, and as you do, you see them shimmer in front of you briefly. ...Maybe you were just seeing things.
Story 4
Kasen joins you three as you are in the middle of your conversation. She pulls out the Ibaraki Box of a Hundred Medicines and enjoys her share of sake. Your vision becomes shaky once again, then you find yourself in a building. Your three companions look on at your flustering with a smile. "Think of it as a dream. Enjoy it," they say.
Story 5
Yuugi is enjoying the party, Kasen is enthralled by the meal on the table, and Suika has had more than her fair share of sake. It's not only your three drinking companions that are strange, but something else. This is how things have always played out, and yet, you feel that something is off. You've experienced this before, it's a memory―from when, you don't know. That familiar scent from before may have been sandalwood.