Stand-In Shrine Maiden

Obtained From: Stage Drop


Level: 10
Yang Attack 92
Yin Attack 58


Base Ability
Spell Card's Body Bullet power 25% UP (1 turn).
When Spell Card is used, own CRIT Accuracy 1 level UP (3 turns).
Max Ability
Spell Card's Body Bullet power 50% UP (1 turn).
When Spell Card is used, own CRIT Accuracy 2 levels UP (3 turns).


Story 1
"It's nice to substitute for a shrine maiden for a change." The horned hermit claimed, since she was in a good mood. This was before the appearance of Seal Crystals. But it is not on the stream of time. This is a story that was never told. "There aren't any offerings, though."
Story 2
"Is Reimu Hakurei here, Ibaraki Kasen?" No human worshippers come to visit the shrine at all. This is a youkai shrine where only youkai gather. You can really feel it by sitting in front of the hall like this. Really, there are no human visitors. "Come to think of it. You're a god, aren't you?" "Yes, I am of the Tamatsukuri clan. I am the god who makes magatama." "You also made Reimu's Yin-Yang Orbs, didn't you?" "Yes, I did. Why do you ask?" I once touched a Yin-Yang Orb. It didn't end well. I wonder if this god can tell me what they truly are. "No, nothing. By the way, do you want some mizu manju?" I can ask that question anytime, so I can ask it later. I just want to enjoy this time I have right now.
Story 3
"Ayayaya?! Why is a mountain hermit dressed like that?" Tengu have become too deeply connected to be called youkai. They are feared by humans because they have a firm foundation of traditions. And I've heard that in the outside world, some people still worship tengu as gods. "Can I take a picture?" "Are you going to write an article?" 'Well, something like that. I am planning to publish a new style of newspaper that focuses mainly on photographs. I am sure you will have many fans." "Really? I thought you came here to talk about something sneaky." "There are days like that." Surprisingly, this tengu, who is always troublesome no matter what she does, is actually behaving and devoting herself to her work. I never thought I'd see the day. "...Hm? What did you say?"
Story 4
"Oh, Kasen, are you alone?" Oni have always been the most powerful youkai. No, they may not even be youkai. They are like raw, unbound spirits... "Why don't we have fun while we wait for Reimu? The shrine is all clean, thanks to you." "Miss Kasen, please come and try some of my food. It's my signature dish." Geidontei's waitress seems to get along with that oni. She's one of the best cooks in Gensokyo. One after another... more friends come to the shrine grounds and join us. "Is it the banquet or the shrine maiden that attracts them?"
Story 5
"Thank you for taking care of the shrine, Kasen." Said the red-and-white shrine maiden, with the black-and-white magician beside her. Nothing special. It was just the usual words that are always exchanged. But today, those words felt indescribably precious. I don't know why. "When did you start calling me Kasen rather than Ibarakasen, Reimu?" "I don't know. I forgot." "I see." Today has reminded me of the fact that you are surrounded by many friends. And speaking as one of those friends... I am very proud of you.