Swarm of Servants

Touhou LostWord
Obtained From: Prayer


Level: 10
Agility 56
Yin Attack 44


Base Ability
When Spell Card is used, DMG from vampires 25% DOWN (3 turns).
Max Ability
When Spell Card is used, DMG from vampires 40% DOWN (3 turns).


Story 1
Even though nobody is nearby, there is a rustling sound coming from the grass... You look around, but nobody can be seen. The sound grows closer...
Story 2
If you listen hard, you can tell that the source of the sound has come even nearer. Something you cannot see is right at your feet...
Story 3
If there are many bugs around, Wriggle might be nearby too. Ask her and she will make the bugs scatter to the wind.
Story 4
Wriggle is an insect youkai―a firefly youkai, to be exact. Fireflies are popular even among insects and hard to exterminate, so it is common for them to become youkai.
Story 5
Wriggle has the ability to manipulate insects and is the insects' leader. While insect youkai were once feared as much as oni and tengu, they have lost some of that majesty. To reflect that, Wriggle looks like a young girl.