Valued Tools of the Trade

Touhou LostWord
Obtained From: Prayer


Level: 10
Agility 48
Yang Defense 52


Base Ability
When Spell Card is used, Accuracy 2 levels UP (2 turns).
Max Ability
When Spell Card is used, Accuracy 3 levels UP (2 turns).


Story 1
In Japanese, this flip phone would be called a gara-kei, short for Galapagos keitai. Keitai stands for cell phone, while Galapagos refers to Galapagos syndrome, a term used to refer to isolated development in one location of something that is globally available. It was made by a kappa and is completely waterproof. Himekaidou, the phone's owner, cherishes the phone's camera.
Story 2
Hatate Himekaidou is a crow tengu reporter. She does not actually physically go places to do her reporting. Instead, she uses thoughtography to take photos for her articles. It is the perfect ability for the shut-in reporter, but the quality of her work is a little dubious.
Story 3
With Hatate's mysterious thoughtography ability, she can input keywords into her camera and find photos related to it. However, she can only find information that already exists...
Story 4
Hatate thought about why Aya's Bunbunmaru Newspaper was more popular than hers. She then realized that Aya was creating her own scoops, exaggerating and fabricating them, so she decided to fight back as a competing reporter in the Spoiler Stage.
Story 5
In another Gensokyo, Hatate might ask you to help her win a newspaper contest. Even if you don't know what she might get up to, you should be nice and help her out.