Where the Wind Priestess Is

Obtained From: Prayer


Level: 10
Health 675
Agility 45


Base Ability
Spell Card's Energy Bullet power 20% UP (1 turn).
Spell Card's Liquid Bullet power 20% UP (1 turn).
Max Ability
Spell Card's Energy Bullet power 35% UP (1 turn).
Spell Card's Liquid Bullet power 35% UP (1 turn).


Story 1
Kanako Yasaka is worshipped as a mountain god, but she is actually a god of wind and rain. Her signature shimenawa, a sacred rope, represents an entwined snake. The skin-shedding reptile is a symbol of revival, regeneration, and eternity.
Story 2
Suwako Moriya is a native god. She is also the god who gathered the Mishaguji―wrathful gods who curse everything from birth and harvests to the military. They are feared by all as they exact divine retribution on those who disrespect them.
Story 3
Sanae Kochiya is a human from the outside world and a living god at Moriya Shrine. One day, on one of her regular visits to Hakurei Shrine, she happens to see Reimu getting ready for a festival. Seized by a burning desire to do something similar at Moriya Shrine, Sanae immediately takes action.
Story 4
Kanako and Suwako notice Sanae's preparations and cheer her on in secret. After all, this will bring more worshippers at Moriya Shrine. More importantly though, the overprotective gods are just happy to see Sanae enjoying herself.
Story 5
Moriya Shrine is located on the Youkai Mountain and can only be accessed by ropeway. The contraption may look dangerous at a glance, but it is safely secured by Kanako's power and visitors can look forward to an enjoyable trip. As Sanae's shop is due to open soon, Moriya Shrine will surely be bustling with people, and Reimu will most likely come visit when she hears the rumors.