Would You Like One?

Obtained From: Event


Level: 10
Yang Defense 70
Yin Defense 40


Base Ability
When Spell Card is used, target's Yang ATK 1 level DOWN (2 turns).
Spell Card's Body Bullet power 10% UP (1 turn).
Max Ability
When Spell Card is used, target's Yang ATK 2 levels DOWN (2 turns).
Spell Card's Body Bullet power 20% UP (1 turn).


Story 1
Hata no Kokoro is enthusiastically, yet frantically selling bento that will lift the spirits of anyone who eats it called Heartfelt Bento at the Herald of Spring Cup. Why not have one while cheering on the competitors?
Story 2
Hina Kagiyama is a cheerleader who performs exorcisms. She is serving drinks to the audience so they will have the energy to cheer on the competitors. It will also help those who are enveloped in misfortune to regain a pep in their step. The drink is called "Kappa-Approved Almighty Energy Drink: Cucumber Shiriko!" It is recommended by most kappa!
Story 3
Cheerleaders are the ones who direct the cheering from the audience of sporting (among other) events. Cheering also has connotations with energy and support. Cheerleaders operate in groups or teams of multiple people, not on their own.
Story 4
The cold season has ended and warmth has returned to Gensokyo. Just when Lily White is expected to announce the arrival of spring she... doesn't, no matter how much time passes. Could this be a herald of a coming incident?!
Story 5
Lily White reluctantly announces the arrival of spring before leaving. She's normally more excited for spring than anyone, but now she appears to be completely drained! What could have happened? And it's not only her, the vigor throughout Gensokyo is disappearing! The culprit is the supercell of misfortune, Yukarin! Rise up and protect the cheer of Gensokyo, Five Heralds of Spring!