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Doppel of Magical Girl

Doppel Effects

Doppel: Deals 1760% damage to the target.
Apply Taunt (1 turns). Redirects all enemy attacks.
Apply Counter (1 turns). Counterstrike deals 80% damage on the next enemy attack.


Feature: Needles

Doppel Detail (May Contain Spoiler)


Latria is a Latin word that means "adoration". The doppel description states that Kirika “swears absolute loyalty to the benefactor who saved her” (i.e. Oriko Mikuni).

In the Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic churches, dulia is reserved for services paid to a human lord, whereas latria was services paid to the Lordship of God. This emphasizes Kirika’s veneration and fanatical devotion towards Oriko. The fact that her doppel emerges from her heart serves to reinforce this idea. 

Sewing in dreams signify the development of new thought principles or values. Kirika wished to become a new person and so her doppel is composed of needles. The doppel’s description card describes the doppel’s ability to sew Kirika’s fate as representing her “all-sacrificing loyalty to her benefactor” and also symbolizes how she can only maintain herself by depending on others.

Finding sewing needles predicts a strong friendship with a new acquaintance whereas dreams of sewing are associated with repairing or renewing aspects of your life and can also indicate that the dreamer suffers from loneliness. This would tie into Kirika’s feelings that she was given a new life by Oriko after being alone all of her life. 

The doppel description also states that Latria’s needles create more and more stitches, making it more difficult to remove. This represents Kirika’s greatest desire to never leave Oriko. 

In Kirika’s witch barrier that was shown in Puella Magi Oriko Magica, there is a sign that reads “Margot Garden”. This could be a reference to the artwork “Spring: Margot Standing in a Garden” by Mary Cassatt. In the painting, a young child is shown wearing a dark green hat with a large pink flower. Latria also wears a dark colored hat with a pink ribbon and blood splatters.

Mary Cassatt was known in particular for her depictions of the intimate bond between mothers and their children. Considering Kirika can often act childish and looks up to Oriko, this could also tie back into the relationship they share with one another.