Learning with Mitama: And So, The Azaleas Bloom Branching Event Guide

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And So, The Azaleas Bloom

Well, here we are, in Kamihama city.

Alright! Time to make some new friends! Maybe someone of my own age, even!

But that could be dangerous! Come here. I’m not letting you out of my sight!
...I have a bad feeling about this city. We should be ready to leave at a moment’s notice. I’m not letting any harm come to Ayame!

Konoha, calm down. I’m sure nothing bad will happen, so just stay calm, and relax, and we’ll see about getting used to life here, okay?

I am quite calm, as you can see. Calmly keeping Ayame safe from any and all evil.
Release her from your grip and maybe I’ll believe you.

Well, that all aside, I hope you all enjoy our event and the many encounters and incidents that will occur with us in this old, yet new city!

Event Mechanics

blooms banner
Oh, so you need me to explain this event as well?
It can’t be helped, I suppose…

Though I would like to get some rest, soon...this is taking away from my beauty sleep…

First of all, this event introduces an entirely new type of storytelling to the game: A branching story, with choices that affect where the story goes!

You will play through the story quests using AP, just as you would with Main Story, and occasionally, you will be faced with a choice between two or more options!

Choosing one of these options will unlock the corresponding story quest following that choice, and lock the others until you either reach another part of the story where you will make a choice, or you reach an ending.

Not all of these endings are what you want to see, however! Many choices lead to Bad Ends, and only a certain path will lead these girls to the ending they desire!
Each stage in the event is also signified by the character whose viewpoint the story is shown from, and whose choices you will thus be controlling.
Each stage that corresponds to a character will also drop fragments of that same character, which cannot be used in the Event shop, but will be needed to unlock certain stages.
In addition to the Story stages, there are also Episodes which unlock once you complete certain parts of each character’s story stages, which are harder than the story stages and have no story associated with then, and that drop more event currency at base.

Do be aware that fully completing the event story and getting the very final bits of story will require you to complete all previous parts of the story, Bad Ends and Episodes included, so be sure to go through them all if you want all the story!

The event is also split into two separate parts, and you can only unlock part 2 nodes after completing part 1’s story to the true end, and once a certain time has passed. No cheating now!
Both parts of the event have their own currency, and their own corresponding part of the Shop as well.

Farming the Event

As to farming this event currency, the two Fate Weave memoria will each increase the drop currency of a certain part, with “I Made Friends!” increasing part 1 drop currency by 3 (7 when MLB), and “Dependable Negotiator” increasing part 2 drop currency by a similar amount.

The Event Shop Memoria, “Those Days are Gone”, will increase both event currency, but by a smaller amount than either Fate Weave memoria, by 1 at base, and 2 when MLB.

This event also features a slightly different way of farming the event than previous events.

While the separate Episode quests have higher AP cost, and drop more currency at base, they are not the most efficient way to farm the event, especially as you gain more Event memoria to put on your magical girls and get drop bonus from.

Once you do, it is more efficient to farm earlier story quests with the bonus drops due to their lower cost!

However, be aware that some earlier quests do not have guaranteed event currency drops, and thus, you will need to do slightly higher ones than the very earliest ones to guarantee drops, and thus spare yourself the pain of relying on RNG.

5 AP quests have the best Drop to AP used ratio, but have a 20% chance to not drop any currency at all. 7 AP quests have slightly worse drop ratio, but a 10% chance. And 10 AP quests and above have guaranteed drops, but slightly worse ratio still.

Don’t forget to use Supports for increasing event currency gain! And don’t forget to equip your own Support magical girls with Event memoria as you get them, so you can help others as well!

Event Shop Recommendations

As this is the first event where you get a so-called welfare magical girl, there are some changes to priorities for the event.
Getting event Memoria for efficient farming, as before, is a top priority.
However, after this, buying Ayame Mikuri from the shop is the next recommended buy, as she is the first character that you can get to 4 slots almost entirely for free, from this event only!
Once you have gained her from the shop, you should focus on getting her Destiny Gems to unlock additional Memoria slots on her, alongside Tricolor Marbles, which are a special item that only Ayame uses for her Awakenings and Magia Levels.

However, be sure to prioritize this item, as after this event, it will not be available anywhere until the rerun of the event. If this were to happen, you would be left unable to awaken her to her fullest potential till then!

Her Destiny Gems are also especially important, as she will not be added to the Fate Weave at any point, and thus her Destiny Gems won't be available again until the rerun! So be sure to get her to 4 slots while you can!

After these special items, standard event recommendations apply, with Fate Weave tickets, Rainbow Orbs, CC and Magia Chips being recommended, as well as AP potions as needed and any materials you need, in roughly that order of importance.

And now, I hope you enjoy this event, and the story of these three as they begin their new life in Kamihama, and all the things that shall occur! Please visit the shop with all your event currency as you wish!

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