The Magia Record Thanksgiving Cooking Battle Voting

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The Magia Record Thanksgiving Cooking Battle

The first "English Exclusive" event, Thanksgiving Cooking Battle lets you vote to decide which cooking team (and reward) we get ingame on Thanksgiving Day.

Your Player ID can be found on the bottom of MagiReco home screen:

I already voted. Stop trying to vote for me!

Team Mitama

Mitama and Yakumo

Manaka Kurumi

Famous for her cooking skills in school.

Mitama Yakumo

Known to put paint in her food.

Potential Rewards

  • 2x Rainbow Orb

  • 3x Dark Orb++, Light Orb++
  • 30x Light Gem++, Dark Gem++

Team Konoha

Leila & Konoha

Leila Ibuki

Bakes a perfect cake.

Konoha Shizumi

Her cooking is a known cause for mental collapse.

Potential Rewards

  • 2x Rainbow Orb
  • 2x Forest Orb++, Water Orb++, Fire Orb++
  • 20x Forest Gem++, Water Gem++, Fire Gem++
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