Puella Magi Kazumi☆Magica - Another Daze Event Guide

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Another Daze - Puella Magi Kazumi☆Magica

another daze
Another Daze ends in...

Event Guide

event announcement
Great, I can't find Kazumi anywhere. Have you seen her lately, Kaoru? I'm starting to get worried.
No, can't say that I have. I know her memory is still pretty fuzzy, so we better go look for her. I remember her talking about going to visit some nearby city called Kamihama the other day. Maybe we should try there?
Good idea! We’ll have a lot of ground to cover, so let’s make a map of all the different places we've been to so we know where we've already looked. I heard there’s a magical girl named Mitama who will trade us for any coins we get.
I'll be sure to open a new shop for all the coins you collect. Like any great author, I'm sure Umika loves to read and books like the kind I have are sure to boost your strength, so be sure to bring me as many flags as you can so I can trade you for blue and white books for Umika.

Don't forget to take your new memorias with you, so you can collect more Kazumi coins along the way.

Is It Such a Dramatic Taste!?: 1 / 3 MLB
All Three of Us, Going Forward: 3 / 5 MLB
Oh! And don't forget to bring me those heart maps you get from defeating the bosses. I'll give you a special memoria if you bring me all of these.

Those bosses sure can be tough, but we'll beat them, even if it means fighting them more than once!

It's a good thing their HP carries over from the last battle or we'd never be able to defeat them. Now let's go find Kazumi!
Ugh, all these boss fights sure have me stressed out! Maybe we can do a little shopping while we’re at it….

Ok, maybe a little.

Oooh, this cafe has a new parfait for sale! I think I might take a quick look see.

Each place they visit will have a different challenge to accomplish with an easy, medium, and hard battle you can play through. 

But it's ok if the hard battles are too tough, you can always replay the easier battles to complete the goal and receive a flag.

Kazumi and Kaoru are event limited, so once the event runs out you won't be able to obtain either of them again even in the Premium Fate Weave. The only way you'll get either of them again is if there's ever a rerun of their Fate Weave banner.

Umika is also event-limited, but unlike Kaoru and Kazumi's fate weave banner there hasn't been a rerun of this event, even in the JP version. If you don't get Umika and her awakening items before Mitama closes the shop, you're out of luck.

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