Reaching a Happier Height Event Guide

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Reaching a Happier Height

Reaching a Happier Height ends in...

Learning with Mitama

Fuehuehue~ There's a hiking contest in town! Masara, won't you go and bring along your friend? If I recall, she loves to hike. 


Of course! The two of you can win first place and take home the grand prize - 5kg of fine-quality rice!


I'll even give you these energy potions to help! Use them as AP to enter event battles. Oh, and if you run out, you can always get more by farming normal battles!

Energy Drink


 Event quests will drop rice, which you can bring back to me for some rewards. Challenge quests will give you extra rice - but be careful, and don't overwork yourself!

Brand Name Rice


This is my ally magical girl Kokoro Awane.

Together, we will bring home the grand prize!

 Wait, Masara. Do you have all the equipment you need to go hiking?


For example, sneakers, rain gear..., oh, and event memoriae! There are three special memoriae you can equip for this event! Each will raise the number of potions you earn by a certain amount. That way, you can spend less time recuperating energy and more time hiking!

A Pleasant Imbalance: 3 / 7 MLB

Unexpected Reaction: 2 / 5 MLB

An Average Day: 1 / 2 MLB


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Magia Report

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