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What is an Achievement Event?

Achievement events can be one of the most difficult events in-game. Players must battle their way through 50 story battles followed by 110 challenge battles with boss battles occurring every 5th stage. Unlike regular battles, the HP of bosses will carry over between battles, so don't feel too bad if you can't beat them on your first try. You can attack them again and again, until their HP is whittled down to nothing.

What makes Achievement Events different?

Wait, you got it wrong!

You will not be allowed to use supports in battle. You can only use your own Magical Girls in a team with a minimum of three girls.

HP and MP will carry over between battles. If your Magical Girl loses all of her HP and is knocked out, you will not be able to use her again until she is revived, regardless of whether you win or lose the battle.

Players are allowed to revive up to 10 Magical Girls per day for free. Also, Magical Girls can revive naturally after waiting a set amount of time depending on their rarity:

Revive Cooldown
Rarity Revive Time
✰✰ 1:00
✰✰✰ 1:30
✰✰✰✰ 2:00
✰✰✰✰✰ 2:00

Event Hub

Wait, You Got It Wrong! ends in...

A unique and difficult Achievement Event, in Wait, You Got It Wrong! players must battle their way through a gauntlet of 160 consecutive battle. 

During this event, your Magical Girl’s HP and MP will be carried from the previous quest. Unlike regular battles, the HP of bosses will carry over between battles as well, so don't feel too bad if you can't beat them on your first try. You can attack them again and again to whittled them down to nothing.

Wait, You Got It Wrong! Fate Weave

Event Shop Recommendations

Event currency is not farmable in this event!

  • Completing the full quest line nets 1,350 Paint Sets.
  • The full event shop costs 3,202 Paint Sets.

Source: GrygrFlzr

As the Event Shop Tier List suggested, buy out the event background, gacha tickets, Rainbow Orbs first.

Potions, Books, Magia Chips, Master Gems should have lower purchase priority. Books accounts for 1,100 Paint Sets in the shop, so skipping these will give the most flexibility, unless they're need for specific Magia Level upgrade.

Tip & Tricks

  • The first 50 battles (Story Battles) are very easy and can be won using nothing more than basic attacks.
  • Rely on Magia and Type advantage for burst damage on Boss battles (every 5th stage).
  • Building up MP should be your main focus between Boss battles. Use these easier battles to build up your MP and save it for the more difficult bosses in the challenge battles.
  • If you find you cannot defeat some of the later bosses or you've run out of Magia, your best course of action is to run several girls with the aim to build MP. Even if they are knocked out, revive and run them again to continue to build their MP, repeating until their gauges are full. 
  • While annoying, the revive timers are relatively short. It's better to faint your magical girls and wait for them to recover than going into a tough fight with low HP. Use the time to build up other girls' MP bars.
  • Magical Girls with Magia Level 5 are doubly useful with their 200 MP limit. This allow them to fire back-to-back Magia or hard-hitting Doppels.

Recommended Magical Girls

The Event MVP if you have her, Madoka can heal, fills MP bars, and has a Accele draw Personal Memoria. Equip her with Our Story Starts Here and Madoka's Notebook and she can fire off Pluvia☆Magica every battle.

If you don't have Madoka, Kako has similar healing/Accele draw abilities.

Strong healing means she can help to heal weakened Magical Girls  and prevent them from collapsing. Her personal memoria will also heal Iroha greatly, so you won't have to use your revives.

Her Magia will also revive a single random Magical Girl which can help you to save up your limited revives on a girl who really needs it.

Note that this event won't let you bring an already knocked out girl into battle, so her Magia is best used on a girl that has died in battle but before the battle is over.

While not as much of a team player, Rika has three things going for her:

  • Triple Accele discs
  • a Personal Memo that guarantees Puella Combo
  • Useful Magia that charms and deals extra damage against Wood enemies.
Magical Girls with Triple Accele Discs
Magical Girls with Accele Draw
Magical Girls with Healing Magia

These Magical Girls' Magia also heal the whole team, but over the course of three turns and less clutch in comparison.

Bind/Charm Locking Difficult fights

For difficult battles, try Bind/Charm locking the enemy by passing these magical girl's Connect back-and-forth. The typical setup is 

Once the taunt Magical Girl goes down, Connect between Mami and Kanoko should be guaranteed every turn.  Use Buster discs targeting the middle unit should prevent the enemy from attacking.

Source: GrygrFlzr

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