Chisato Shion's Story: Episode 3

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Part 1

Everyone presented their ideas for our original picture book, but they were all a bit too out there.
I, on the other hand, could only think of a really typical, boring story.
I was really worried about what to do.
But then, I thought of an idea!
And so, I got everyone together again.
Well, what is it?
What's your idea, Chisato?
Tell us, tell us!
But first, I want to thank everyone properly.
Thank you so much for helping me.
You don't have to be so formal.
That's right! That's what friends are for!
I just wanted to say it.
Now, let me explain my idea.
Oooh, here it comes!
I think it'll be difficult to use any of the stories we came up with.
I agree. We should start over.
Not exactly!
I thought, what if we combine all of our ideas into one?
All of them?
Make them one story?
What do you mean?
The end of our last meeting was sort of crazy.
But there was something that stuck with me.
So I decided to take parts from each of our ideas...
...and turn them into one complete story.
This is what I came up with!

Part 2

So I decided to take parts from each of our ideas...
...and turn them into one complete story.
This is what I came up with!
Okay, let's hear it!
First, there are four protagonists.
They are all girls who live in separate villages.
Four girls?
In this world, there's an evil demon king who torments people.
One day, the spirit of a white rabbit appears in front of these four girls and gives them magical powers - the power to defeat the demon king.
Oh! There's a rabbit in the story!
But in order to unleash their true power, the girls need to come together. So the four of them have to travel across all kinds of countries to unite with each other.
Countries... Like Caldesheim? And Conshawl?
After many difficulties, the four gather together and combine their strength.
...And finally defeat the demon king. A happily ever after ending. What do you think?
I don't have the details worked out yet, but that's the gist of it.
I think it's fine. Like, it has a story that makes sense and everything!
Yeah! And the rabbit is an important character!
I agree! We have the perfect base now!
You really think so? I'm so glad.
Can we name the rabbit spirit 'Stéphan'?
The rabbit should be 'Little Rabbit'!
Their magic power though, it's gotta be, like, a ball of light that goes BOOM!
Huh? What?
'Sylvère' or 'Matthias' would work as well.
Let's add a raccoon and a fox too!
What about magical missiles?
(This is going to take a while.)

Part 3

After deciding on the base storyline, we still had to go through our new ideas.
Once we managed to put everything together, the narrative of our story was complete!
And thanks to everyone's help with the art, we finished our picture book!
It's called... 'The Four Girls and the White Rabbit'.
Then, at the children's club...
Tell us the name again!
There were a few confused reactions, but it was still well received.
Everything worked out in the end, eh?
Yes, somehow.
Ya did good, Chisato!
You did pretty well with the actual reading part, too.
Yeah, you had your act together.
You really are disciplined!
I don't think I could have done it without you guys.
I appreciate it.
Come on, quit it with that.
We're amateurs, and we made a picture book from scratch.
It made me realize how much work it takes.
Yeah, there was a lot to do, wasn't there?
I ended up thinking a lot about my dad.
When I made that contract...
I should have...

Part 4

When I made that contract...
I should have...
This and that are two different things.
Didn't I tell you before?
You shouldn't worry about it.
All right?
My father was a picture book author.
When he started out he was well regarded, but gradually his popularity dropped and his books were published less and less.
As his career declined, so did the state of our household. My mother tried her best to support us, but she fell ill and passed away.
And eventually I became the target of my father's resentment.
That was when Kyubey appeared, and I agreed to become a Magical Girl to grant my wish.
I wished to make my father into a kind, respectable, perfect dad.
Because of my wish, he stopped writing picture books.
My father had his dream, the thing he lived for, taken away by his daughter. That fact's been a weight on my shoulders ever since.
But Arisa made that weight lighter when she said...
That's not true.
You didn't do anything wrong.
It was those words that saved me.
So? Feeling okay?
Hey, Arisa.
What is it?
The four girls have to combine their powers from here on, right?
Ha ha! You said it!
I should start practicing my laser beams!
Then I'll work on my missiles!
Oh, nice! Let's all practice later, okay?
Actually, let's not.
Aw, come on!
Ha ha ha!
My friends are there for me.
In difficult times, they are truly the best 'magic' I have.
Yes, I'm sure things will be okay.
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