Darc's Personal Story: Episode 1

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Article by Fred Hong

This is a story about a girl who fought to bring light to all...
Jeanne d'Arc, also known as Darc.
A dreamland set in France...
Darc, you can make any miracle come true. All you have to do is wish for it.
You could bring back your murdered sister.
You could even rewrite history... Wish this village was never attacked.
Even if you were to save your sister and your village this time, there's no guarantee it won't happen a second time.
You could lose them all over again.
Are you willing to accept that?
O, Monsieur Angel...
I have made my choice.
I shall not allow this cruelty to happen again, to anyone.
I will become...a Magical Girl.
Okay, Darc... What will you wish for?
The power to bring light to all of France!
(I wonder...)
(How would things be now if I had made a different wish back then?)
(Would I be a completely different person now?)
Unfortunately, I have no answers to these difficult questions.
Darc... Are you listening?
Are you all right? You've been staring into space for a while now.
Yes! I'm fine, I promise!
I was just daydreaming!
I could tell as much from looking.
I-I'm sure you could!
What was it now...
I was recalling something from earlier...
I see... Well, no matter.
I will say it again.
We have decided to make camp here.
There's a town close by.
Melissa and the others are headed there for supplies.
I see! Then I guess I'll...
Someone's running toward us...
Darc... Liz!
Melissa?! You're back already?
From the look on your face, I'm guessing something has happened...
Yes... Something quite grave!
The town is under attack!
Under attack?!
That's right...
The English army and their monsters are heading towards the keep that protects it.
The lord of the fortress is requesting aid!
The townspeople would be in a lot of danger if that fortress was breached...
Let's head there right away, Liz!
Yes, we'll leave at once.
Though first we must inform the others.
We're going to need more support.
The monsters have the fortress completely surrounded...
You're saying we can't help them?
It's painful to admit this La Pucelle, our maiden, but...
We have been battling for days, and many have suffered injuries.
We simply cannot fight anymore...
I see.
And there's another problem.
What's that?
While the lord of the fortress seems completely neutral...
I hear he has formed ties with English nobles recently.
Which means...
He was effectively conspiring with the English army?
It appears so.
The lord must have invited the English troops in. Then the monsters went wild.
And now he wants help from the French?
Yes. But given the circumstances they are reluctant to help him.
I see...
In that case, I shall hurry to the fortress myself!
Alone, La Pucelle?!
You cannot! The place is swarming with monsters!
But if the stronghold falls, the townspeople will be in danger...
I must go!
I'll go with you.
I want to protect Darc. And besides...
I cannot stand the thought of watching people die when I could've saved them...
Darc understands that better than anyone.
That is why we have followed her to this very day.
I have no objection to that, and neither does the French army.
I'll try again to recruit members from the troops here.
Thank you very much!
Now that it's decided, we should hurry.
We have to save the townspeople!
That fortress is the one under attack!
There are even more of them than I imagined!
Does the town lie beyond this fort?
A fortress allied with England, now under attack by monsters from England...
What a strange situation... Still, we must take care of those monsters!
You're right.
But we need to reach the fortress itself first.
Cut through the hordes, Darc. I'll cover you from behind.
Our allies from the French army will give us support from the flanks.
Yes! Leave it to us!
Well, then...
Is that...the French army? They really came to help us...
Who's that girl leading them, the one in the silver armor?
Could she be...the one they call La Pucelle?
No matter how many I defeat, they just keep coming!
Is there something inside the town?
They've gone into a frenzy.
If the English army had sent them they would be more organized than this.
More of them?!
The fortress won't hold much longer. We must finish this quickly.
All right!
I could take them all out at once using my magic!
Normally it'd be better to conserve our magic, but in this case...
I think it's worth it to cut the fight short.
When should I do it?
I'll create an opening for you.
Wait for my signal, then put your back to the fortress...and obliterate them!
Okay, leave it to me!
Very well...
I'll tell the troops so they don't get caught in the crossfire.
—Frusta Whip—
Now, Darc!
Thank you, Liz!
There is no feat that this brave banner of mine cannot accomplish...
La Lumière!
The monsters were blasted away in an instant...
A miracle befitting our maiden.
Oh no!
My magic blew a crater right into the ground!
The road's completely destroyed...
I-I am so sorry!
Excuse me...
And you are?
I am the lord of this fortress.
I cannot thank you enough for saving us from such a terrible fate...
Jeanne, our maiden of miracles!
I never though the French troops would come to help us...
I wouldn't have blamed you if you had chosen to abandon us.
I thank you on the behalf of all the people you saved today.
Oh, er...
My lord, please raise your head!
All I wanted to do was help those who were in danger!
Such pure words! Truly, you are a saint!
For some time now, this land has lain between the territories of two nobles.
I had no choice but to stay neutral to keep my people safe.
But now I have seen the miracles of La Pucelle with my very own eyes...
I pledge myself beneath her banner, forever!
That is good news indeed, eh Darc?
But one thing still puzzles me...
Why were so many monsters attacking this fortress in particular?
That's a good question.
We've got trouble!
What is it now, Melissa?
A huge crater appeared on the road, so we cannot transport any of the supplies!
The one Darc made earlier...
I am sorry! So so sorry!
But you did save the town.
Perhaps it was worth it?
I have pledged to save France.
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