Darc's Personal Story: Episode 2

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Part 1

Regarding the large crater you created with your magic, Darc...
It appears they have fixed the hole, so we're able to use the road again!
Oh, thank the heavens!
Does this mean we can transport the supplies now?
Yes, everything is in order!
I will try my best to not destroy anything from now on...
I'm still so inexperienced...
I don't think that was it.
You aimed your attack towards the ground.
That was so you didn't hurt our allies, right?
Yes it was!
I'm so glad you noticed!
Of course.
But I never thought your magic would be powerful enough to create a crater.
Nor did I...
I admit I don't know much about magic...
But isn't there a way to control the amount you use?
Yes, it'd be better if you could restrain your magic a bit.
Then it'd be less likely that we'll end up with things like blown up roads.
I agree...
Your magic is incredible, but it consumes a lot of energy.
If you were to use it multiple times, your Soul Gem would reach its limit immediately.
If you can't find a way to control it, you may not be able to save anyone.
I can't let that happen!
Could we, perhaps...
Ask Monsieur Angel if he knows a way to control magic?
Monsieur Angel... Oh, you mean Qube.
Why don't we ask him, then?
'A way to control your power?'
'So you want to have more control over how much magic you use at once?'
'Yes, Monsieur Angel!'
That might be difficult.
You really think so?
Darc, do you remember?
That wish you made, back when you became a Magical Girl?
Of course I do!
Okay, Darc... What will you wish for?
The power to bring light to all of France!
'The power to bring light to all of France.'
You wished for the power to decide the fate of an entire nation.
And the exceptional destiny that you bear actually imbued you...
...With the power to do just that.
Your wish was too pure and too powerful.
Of course, you will learn to control it more as you gain experience.
However, your magic in particular is not precise by nature.
I see...
There's no need to feel frustrated over it.
You alone are capable of wiping out vast crowds of enemies in a single blow.
That's true.
If Darc hadn't been here, who knows what state the fortress would be in now...
Monsieur Angel... Liz...
Darc, you have your own role to play, just as Liz has hers.
That's why the two of you joined forces, isn't it?
Yes, you're right!
Let's do this together, Liz!
All right...

Part 2

Is something wrong, Darc?
There seems to be some kind of commotion.
Huh, now that you mention it...
I wonder what it is?
Monsters at the fortress? Again?!
Yes! We planned on sending aid, of course, but...
Few soldiers are fit for battle.
Liz, we need to take care of this.
We are counting on you, La Pucelle...
We made it to the fortress...
It's awfully quiet.
It is...
I do sense magic, though.
But it doesn't seem to be the same as before.
Something isn't right!
A Witch's Labyrinth?!
Here they come!
These aren't the Demons from the English army!
No, they definitely aren't... These are different Familiars.
Still, now it's a lot easier to fight.
Do you really think so?
We can fight here without worrying about attacking any allies.
You're right! I can go all out!
Be careful not to exhaust your magic, though.
Of course!
Here I go!

Part 3

Take that!
I did it!
This time I didn't cause any unnecessary damage!
Well done, Darc.
What's the matter, Liz?
Nothing. Just...something seems off.
For this area to be under such constant threat like this...
Either the town or the fortress itself must hold some kind of secret...
You're right. Something is definitely not right here.
But for now, let's report what happened to the fortress.
Perhaps the lord will know something about all of this.
The reason we're being attacked?
Yes. We wondered if something might be amiss.
I feared this...
It seems the time I dreaded has finally come.
'Once every few decades, a curse falls upon this town.
'Demons commanded by a huge, terrible creature invisible to our eyes.'
'The sky darkens with clouds as it invades, so we call it the Stormcloud Witch...'
A giant creature that people can't see? Liz...
Just as the name suggests, we seem to be dealing with a very powerful Witch.
One more question...
Does the story explain why that monster attacks the town?
It's all because of the Cursed Girl.
The Cursed Girl?

Part 4

The Cursed Girl?
It is something of a dark secret buried in our town's history.
'The town was under siege, about to be destroyed.'
'But just as all seemed lost, a young girl offered her prayers to the heavens.'
'Those prayers were answered. Something incredible happened in the town.'
'Those about to die were healed, and the town returned to its former peace.'
'However, the townspeople witnessed the strange girl using magic.'
'Deemed a witch, she was thrown into jail.'
What happened to her?
She uttered, 'If you keep me here, I really am going to turn into a witch.'
She begged to be executed.
The reasoning behind those words remains a mystery even to this day...
The girl spent many days in jail. Days became months. Eventually...
A giant monster appeared from her jail cell and flew straight into the night...
It is that creature which attacks this land, and earned the name 'Stormcloud Witch.'
Liz! That girl, she...
Yes. That girl must have been a Magical Girl, just like us!
I knew that had to be what was going on.
This is the result of all that happened to her...that creature directing its Demons.
The curse affecting this town is a Magical Girl who became a Witch! There's no doubt!
You have to listen to us.
Yes, La Pucelle?
We are the only ones who can fight the Stormcloud Witch!
You must take the townspeople and evacuate immediately...
Oh no!
These black clouds... It can't be...
The time has come, it's here!
That invisible Stormcloud Witch who cursed the town!
The entire town has been thrown into a panic!
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