Darc's Personal Story: Episode 3

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The time has come, it's here!
That invisible Stormcloud Witch who cursed the town!
It's approaching us slowly...
The Witch that brought those dark clouds...
Liz, we have to take it down.
We cannot leave the townspeople in danger!
I knew you'd say that.
Very well. I'll stay with you.
My lord, please evacuate the townspeople.
And also ask our allies in the French army for protection!
I could never leave the two of you to deal with this on your own!
This is retribution for our ancestors' sins. It is our burden to bear.
I absolutely cannot allow you to take responsibility for it, La Pucelle!
We'll be fine! Please concern yourself with evacuating the town and the fort.
Liz is right! Please protect the townspeople.
That's something you can do as the lord of the fortress, correct?
La Pucelle...
Very well.
I shall enlist the help of the French army to lead my people to safety!
This enemy is quite formidable...
I'm not sure we can win...
Even so, I will fight her.
She's just like me, after all.
What do you mean?
The lord of the fortress told us, remember?
'The town was under siege, about to be destroyed.'
'But just as all seemed lost, a young girl offered her prayers to the heavens.'
'Those prayers were answered. Something incredible happened in the town.'
'Those about to die were healed, and the town returned to its former peace.'
I, too, tasted that same bitter sorrow when my hometown was attacked.
That is when I met Monsieur Angel...
Darc, you can make any miracle come true. All you have to do is wish for it.
'You could bring back your murdered sister.'
'You could even rewrite history... Wish this village was never attacked.'
That could have been me.
I very well could've wished for the same thing to Monsieur Angel...
So you see, the Stormcloud Witch and I are one and the same.
I've never met this girl, nor do I even know what she looks like.
But had my wish been different, and I had become a Magical Girl in the same way...
I could have ended up just like her...
So you feel as if you know her?
Here it comes.
Another Witch's Familiar...
Demons are surrounding the fort, just like in that old tale.
Almost as if someone is summoning them...
How powerful can this Witch's curse be?
I refuse to run.
I will face her suffering head on...
And see her fate through to the end!
We've cleared away most of the Familiars...
Liz, look!
A huge, dark shape is descending upon us!
Could it be the Stormcloud Witch?!
How is it this massive?!
All I can see is the huge shadow that's blocking out the sky!
Leave this to me!
No! You need to conserve your magic!
I need to do this...
She never wanted to become a Witch.
All she really wanted was to vanish, and leave the town she saved in peace.
The lord did say...
That she was kept alive in prison.
And now she curses the very town she tried to a Witch...
She longs to be destroyed so her beloved town can be safe.
I will grant that wish myself.
With your magic?
Very well. But first, I insist that you take this.
A Grief Seed?
If you were to exhaust all of your magic, and become a Witch, too...
I don't posses enough power to stop you.
Liz... Thank you.
Look at the sky!
Brace yourself, the Witch is about to attack!
I won't let this Witch, this Magical Girl with her kind heart...
I won't let her destroy the same town she wanted to protect!
Light of salvation, heed my call!
La Lumière!
You did it, Darc!
Where's the Stormcloud Witch?
Gone, neutralized by your magic.
I wonder... Was that the right thing to do?
If nothing else, you saved the town.
The sun's coming out!
Light has finally come to this endless night.
Oh no!
What is it?
I aimed my magic up at the sky with all of my might...
The watchtower!
The watchtower?
It's been completely destroyed.
I am so, so, sorry!
Everyone got out in time...
No one will blame you for what happened.
Darc! Liz!
Melissa! Is everyone all right?!
Yes! They all are!
The townspeople and the lord!
Thank the heavens!
What a tremendous relief...
La Pucelle...
Thanks to you the curse plaguing our town has finally been lifted!
I promise... Up to, and including the day you bring true light to France...
My people and I will stand beside you, beneath the flag of our homeland!
Th-thank you so much!
Geographically, this fortress stands between two opposing factions of nobles.
But, thanks to Darc, it is now firmly an ally of France.
Yes, and now it will be easier than ever to source supplies from here!
Looks like you gained quite a useful supply line for the French army.
Darc's selfless devotion to her cause has gained her even more allies...
Her place in the universe will likely grow even further in importance.
I don't understand...
But I am sure it's exactly as you say, Monsieur Angel!
Welcome back, Darc.
Hello, Liz...
I must say, being invited to a castle is way more tiring than I thought it'd be!
We'll camp here tonight.
You should get some rest.
Oh... First, you need to take care of your Soul Gem.
Especially after a powerful blow like that!
Yes, you're right!
Use this Grief Seed.
Thank you Liz.
I don't really want to think about it, but...
One day, when our Soul Gems completely fill up with impurities...
And we become Witches...
I wonder what we will desire.
That girl who wished to save her town...
She would have rather disappeared than turn into a Witch...
Do you think you'll want that for yourself?
Or maybe...
Darc... Are you listening?
Are you sleeping?!
*Giggle* Thank you, Liz.
When she sleeps, she doesn't really look like a saint...
More like an innocent child.
I must carry matter what happens...
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