Felicia Mitsuki's Story: Episode 1

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Part 1

She's winning on her own…
This Felicia girl's really tough!
...It's coming this way.
Let's get in there, Meiyui!
That okay, Nanaka?
Go for it. You go with Meiyui.
Kako and I will flank it from behind.
Let's go.
Wait, you two.
I want you to slow Felicia down. Got it?  
Got it... I thought she was going a little too hard, myself.
Then let's get to it!
What's wrong?
Forgive me for what I'm about to say, but...
What's up?
...I've got a bad feeling about this...
Hehe... Oh Kako. Always the worrier.
Sorry, I just...
No need to apologize. You should trust your instincts.
Oh, and...
Just so you know, we're on the same page.
What?! We are?
She appears to be winning, but the situation isn't great.
Felicia Mitsuki...
The Mercenary Magical Girl...

Part 2

Take this, and this, and THIS!
I've got something for you, too!
I'll follow up for you!
Now let's finish it off!
Wait a second, you two!
You're in my way!
How are we in your way? We're backing you up...
I can handle this on my own! I don't need your help!
We are on the battlefield as well. It's a given we'll fight too.
Battlefield or not, I can take care of it MYSELF!
What're you talking about?
It's always best to have more allies. Even you should understand that.
If I do the fighting, you guys can take it easy.
What's wrong with that?!
We can't be sure you can defeat it.
Come again? You sayin' I'm weak?!
Hold that thought! It's attacking again!
I'm gonna smash each and every Witch into a million pieces!
! Get back, Akira!
Whoa! Yikes!
Stupid Witch!

Part 3

So, what happened in the end?
The Witch attacked, but Akira stood her ground.
Then Felicia came from behind Akira...
She attacked the Witch as if I wasn't even there!
I'm serious, she gave it all she had in one blow!
So that's how Akira was swallowed up in the attack...
I walked away with minor scratches, but another second and I would've been toast...
I survived thanks to Meiyui.  
It's only natural to protect your allies.
Do you have anything to say for yourself?
Sorry, it was all my fault! I just got total tunnel vision...
I only see red when I get like that.
So you attacked your allies?
Seriously... Put yourself in my shoes for a second...
Your shoes like to get wrapped up in a lot of things, Akira.
Urk... (She's not wrong...)
But c'mon, we beat the Witch! Right? Right??
...That is true.
And that attack finished it off! Right? Right?!
...That is also true.
See? We got nothin' to fight about!
That has nothing to do with what we're talking about!
She's right.
Why are you so dead-set on killing Witches, Felicia?
...Isn't it a Magical Girl's duty to kill Witches?
It seems like there's a bit more to it for you, though…
Anyway, enough of that.
R-really? So… We're done for the day?
We are.
All right then! See you guys later!
No, you won't.
Felicia Mitsuki...
This is the last time we will ever fight by your side.

Part 4

This is the last time we will ever fight by your side.
What the?! Wait a second! I beat that Witch, didn't I?!
That doesn't excuse what you did.
Why?! Why not?!
A win is a win, but consider the situation.
We didn't function as a team at all.
More importantly, you put one of your teammates in danger...
You're powerful. I'll grant you that.
But you're not a good fit for this team. ...Does anyone have any objections?
You don't think about your allies. The decision is easy.
...Enough! I get it!
So that's it? One bad fight and you're kickin' me to the curb?
Fine, have it your way...
I'm sorry, but that seems to be the case.
...Good! Fine! Hope you don't regret it!
Because I won't be fightin' alongside YOU GUYS anymore, either!
So don't call me if some super duper powerful Witch shows up!
We will cross that bridge when we come to it.
Well don't ask for my help, because you won't get it!
It seems we hurt your feelings pretty badly.  
Shut up! Morons!
And there she goes...
Life is full of goodbyes.
Nanaka... I'm... I'm worried about her.
Understandably... She's unpredictable. That's worrisome...
But fighting alongside her would only invite more trouble...
We can't team up with her... Not right now, anyway.
I see… Yeah… I guess you're right…
That girl, Nanaka! I knew from the moment we met we wouldn't get along!
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