Felicia Mitsuki's Story: Episode 2

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Part 1

What's her problem, anyway?!
Are you talking about Nanaka Tokiwa?
Who else would I be talkin' about! I even took out that Witch for her, too!
...Oh NOOO!
What now?
I forgot to collect my reward...
Then you should go get it.
I can't go back now! Not after that fight...
Ah yes, 'saving face.' You humans have a lot of bothersome rules.
Urgh... I'm pretty much broke...
I won't be able to buy a nice, big meal like this...
Then go get some money and food.
I was tryin' to do that...
Get it from somewhere there's a lot of both.
I told ya a million times!
I'm not gonna steal stuff, okay?!
I'm just not!
...Very well.
Though you will put me in a difficult spot if you die.
Yeah, yeah, I get it! I'll look for another job!
That said, where should I even look?
I guess I could just go around helpin' Magical Girls fight Witches for cash...
Magical Girls are out there lookin' for Witches, right?
Where there are Witches, there are Magical Girls!
That's it!
...What is?
Magical Girls are sure to show up wherever there might be Witches!
And they'll be tryin' to fight them, too!
This might make for some good business...
...So you're just going to look for other Magical Girls?
Pretty much! All right, I'm off!

Part 2

Yes! There's one now! It's real close... Okay...
Now I just have to wait for some Magical Girls to come fight it.
One Hour Later
...This is boring...
Let's see...
...Yup... I can still sense it.
Oh come on! Someone just show up already!
This is SO BORING...
That's...a Soul Gem...right?
You're darn right it is! Are you two Magical Girls?
Yes, why?
Me too!
So... Have you come to fight this Witch?
We have.
Want me to give you a hand?
With the Witch, you mean?
Yeah! I can help you take it down!
...All you gotta do is pay me for the trouble.
I accept Grief Seeds or cash. ...In other words, I'm a mercenary!
You can call me...
Felicia Mitsuki.
Yeah, exac— Wait... How did you know my name?
We hereby decline your offer. Thank you, though!
...What? Wh-why not?!

Part 3

Hey, wait up!
We will do no such thing. Now, if you'll excuse us...
Wait, come back! I said wait up!
What should we do?
Tell her again.
We have declined your help! For the second time, I might add!
But why, though?! You got a reason?! And how do you know me, anyway?!
*Sigh* Go ahead, tell her already!
Allow me to tell you why we won't work with you!
You're Felicia Mitsuki, the mercenary Magical Girl, right?
Yeah, that's what I just said!
...We've heard stories about you from other Magical Girls.
Apparently, your self-centered fighting style causes no shortage of problems.
Say what?!
So teaming up with you would be a huge hassle!
Are you serious?!
And on top of all that, you demand an absurdly high payment for your help!
We've been told we shouldn't team up with you if we ever run into you.
So we'll be on our way.

I'm telling you to wait! Both of you!
...Argh, what?!
We are not going to team up with you!
But what you've heard is a lie! A complete, utter, and total lie!
And yet now that we've met you it's never sounded more true...
What is that supposed to mean!
So you're always aware of your surroundings and work well with a team?
Huh? ...Uh, yeah, pretty much...
...Sounds like a lie to me.
Well the absurd rewards are!
I've never claimed a huge reward in my life!
So how much do you want?
One thousand yen!
One thousand yen?!
(Didn't see that coming…)
(That's way too little, if she's serious...)
That, or a Grief Seed! I've never argued over payment before.
Hmmm... Of course not. Not over one thousand yen...
Be that as it may, I don't believe you!
Why not?!
The rumors about you are quite bad... Are you even that powerful?
Are you kiddin' me?!

Part 4

One Hour Later
Check this out!
Is that...
...a Grief Seed?!
You bet!
I got it all by myself! How's that for proof?!
We thought you ran off somewhere after all that...
Did you kill the Witch before us?!
And all of its Familiars. By myself!
Who wants to call me weak now?
They don't come tougher than me! I'm the strongest mercenary in Kamihama!
HYAHAHAHA! So whaddaya think now, huh?!
Ngh! Well, I guess you really are as powerful as you claim.
Hm? What's up, Sasara?
You know… I mean, now that it's dead…
Ohhh! Yes, you're right!
Huh? What're you guys going on about?
...We can see that you're powerful.
Told ya!
But now that you've defeated the Witch, we have no reason to hire you.
Though this does mean we're walking away empty handed…
Anyway, if you'll excuse us again…

Damnit! They tricked me into fightin' their battle for them!
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