Homura Akemi's (Glasses) Story: Episode 2

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Part 1

My magic... It affects time...
I can stop it. Even rewind it.
My magic exists to protect Madoka.
But I can't fight using that magic alone.
Stopping time… An impressive power, for sure. It will be hard to utilize, though.
I started by crafting home-made bombs. With them I could finally fight.
But as time wore on... I needed to expand my arsenal.
That's why... I set my sights on guns.
Homura. You showed great promise in today's fight.
Oh, I, um... Thank you.
You were wonderful, Homura! You fired those guns just like Mami!
I have a long way to go before I can compare myself to Mami...
But you have improved.
Ah... Thank you.
I've been meaning to ask, how are you doing for weapons?
Huh? Oh, that...right...
I went through so much ammunition just in today's fight...
Unlike the guns I use with my magic, your weapons are real.
Ammo is a problem, correct? Just don't overdo it...
I...I won't! It's fine, I promise!
If I run out of weapons, I'll just get more. There are many criminals to take them from.
After I broke off from the other girls I looked into criminal groups in the area.
Groups operating outside of the law... Those who were likely to be stocking guns.
There turned out to be some groups just like that in Kamihama, too.
The Blue Seas Family... Though this group seems to abide by the law.
But the others... Real villains who have even corrupted and infiltrated the police…
They should have the means to stock up on illegal firearms.
Okay! They're next. I have my target in my sights.
All that's left... is to actually steal them!
But now that it's time to act... I'm starting to get the jitters...
I'm picking a fight with terrifying people…
I have to do this, though...!
I'll use my magic...
And stop time...!

Part 2

I move through the frozen time and collect the weapons.
No one notices me. No one CAN notice me.
With time still frozen, I grab the weapons and run.
I know that once time starts again the group will break out into chaos.
But I need the guns to fight Witches, plus they were going to use them for crimes.
It's obvious which one of us has the more important reason for having them.
I think that's far enough...
I've put enough distance between us. I can stop...
Glad that's taken care of.
The weapons I stockpiled should get me through my Witch battles in Kamihama...
I can keep Madoka safe with these...
Weapons...? Stockpiled...?
What are you talking about?
A violent group has had their weapons stolen and are flipping out, you know.
Are you the culprit?
Who are you...?
I am a Magical Girl, like you.
I am Meiyui Chun.
When people hear my name, they run. Quite a useful name, isn't it? Are you...involved in the mafia?
Oh, I am part of the Blue Seas Family. But you don't need to fear me.
The Blue Seas Family is a friend to all. We have become good members of society.
I see... What I was doing, was...
I'm not blaming you...rather...
I'm congratulating you! You're fantastic!
That group has dragged the Blue Seas Family into trouble for a long time.
They deserved it.
I see... So you're going to...let me off the hook?
There is nothing to let you off the hook for. You did a good thing.
You use real guns? You are a strange Magical Girl.
I don't have any offensive magic... So I need weapons to fight...
Hmm... So you used magic to steal the guns?
Yes. My magic allows me to work without being noticed...
Useful. Very impressive!
Not at all...
I'd like to talk more. Let's eat mapo doufu together!
...Mm? Mapo...doufu?
Mapo doufu! Let's go!

Part 3

Mapo doufu! Sorry for the wait!
Oh... Thank you...
Of course the meal is on the house. Eat as much as you like!
...Okay. I'll do just that.
Thanks for the food...
Yes, please enjoy!
We use a super spicy sauce here. That's why it's so good.
Sho...shpicy...! C-can't...shpeak...
B-but... It'sh...sho good...
Yeah! Very spicy, but delicious!
That's the charm of this mapo doufu! One bite and you're addicted.
*Munch* ...Khhhh...!
So spicy... Yet, delicious...!
I can't...shtop eating...! Even though it's sho shpicy...!
Indeed! Me too...khhhh...!
Thank you for the mapo doufu. It was wonderful.
*Giggle* My pleasure.
You're such a hard worker, I wanted to treat you to it.
I'm a hard worker…?
A hardworking Magical Girl. I'm cheering you on.
Oh... Thank you.
But I have to ask. Why?
You stole all those normal guns because you can't fight without them.
What is so important to you that you must go through so much trouble?
Is it all for Grief Seeds? Or are you trying to protect people from Witches?
The reason I became a Magical Girl... The reason I fight Witches...
I want to redo my first meeting with Madoka.
Instead of her protecting me... I want to be the one protecting her!
The reason I became a Magical Girl is all because of...Madoka...
? What is wrong?
There's this person who I need to protect, no matter what happens...
No matter the consequences...that's all.

Part 4

Anyway... It's about time I should start heading home.
Thanks again for the mapo doufu.
*Giggle* I should be the one thanking you.
I like girls like you.
As a Magical Girl, I mean. Keep up the good work.
Oh... Thank you.
You became a Magical Girl to protect someone, right?
What...? Uh, I...
You and I are the same.
! Really?!
Yes. I had people precious to me.
Those people were in trouble. So I wished.
I wished to help them. So we're the same.
Well... At least in our reasons for becoming Magical Girls.
And yet, your burden seems much heavier than mine.
Just a hunch I am having.
You must let that tension go sometimes, you know?
When it gets too hard, come here and eat mapo doufu.
Its spiciness can blast any worry away.
*Chuckle* I suppose.
I should probably, no definitely.
I'll definitely come again.
*Chuckle* That's the spirit!
I should get going... See you around...
Good bye, and take care.
I will...
I wished for powers to protect Madoka.
With that wish, I became a Magical Girl.
Through all those repetitions and loops of time, I found that somehow I had gotten desperately lonely.
I could bear to be lonely, if it was for Madoka's sake.
Or so I thought. But...
Meeting a Magical Girl who wished like me for the power to protect someone...
Somehow made me feel as though I was no longer fighting alone.
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