Kyoko Sakura's Story: Episode 1

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Part 1

Kamihama City... A strange place where Witches gather.
And since Magical Girls naturally come to hunt them, there're always battles unfolding.
A city of Witches and Magical Girls. Strangeness on top of strangeness...
Well, that's what Mami said, but hey! What do I care?
I found myself a good huntin' spot. Time to get some Grief Seeds.
Accordin' to Mami, all ya gotta do is go out for a walk and you'll run into a Witch.
That's how nuts this place is…
My Soul Gem is goin' off! That was fast! Time to get to work!
...That way!
Mami sure was right! This'll be a snap!
Huh? Oh, never mind. It's just a Familiar's Labyrinth.
Hmph... What a waste of time...
It-it's strong... But... I'm not about to lose here!
What's with her?
She's havin' trouble takin' down a Familiar?
I just have to keep up the pressure to beat it!
Hey, you! What the hell are ya doin'?
Errr... Ummm...
C-could you let me through? The Familiar is going to...
Is there somethin' wrong with your eyes?
That's not a Witch, that's a Familiar.
You don't kill a hen before it has time to lay an egg!
Ah, the Labyrinth! ...Ugh, it got away...
You an amateur? Sure, there're lotsa Witches, but that doesn't mean you should waste 'em!
Waste them…?
But a Familiar could become a malicious Witch someday...
Huh? A malicious Witch?
What the hell's that?
Ummm, a malicious Witch is...well...
They're Witches that...ummm spread hatred and malice among people.
All the evil and spite in the world... They're the main source of it.
Because of them people can't escape from malice…
Hatred…violence…and bullying…
So I've sworn to myself that I'll destroy them.
I sorta understand what you're tryin' to say, but...
Are you one of those wannabe justice crusaders?
Was becomin' a Magical Girl some kind of joke to you or somethin'?
I hate people that mess around and stick their noses in other people's business.'s not a joke... And I'm not messing around.
...I'm serious...dead serious! I will defeat them!
The Witches...the Familiars that become them...I will...I will!
They must not be allowed to cause another tragedy ever again!
So tell me then...what was it?
Why do you hate Witches so much?
Was your family killed by one or somethin'?
No...not my family...
I was killed by one.

Part 2

I was bullied so badly…I tried to kill myself.
I jumped off the top of a building, but...
Just before I died, I started to regret it. That's when I became a Magical Girl.
I want to destroy every single one of them…
The malice in humans... And the Witches that spread it...
I must destroy all of them… No matter what!

Okay, alright. Do whatever ya want.
Do whatever ya think you can. But don't come crying to me when it doesn’t work out.
If these malicious Witches really exist, they must be damn strong.
Yes… I understand that very well.
Anyway, I'm gonna go after that Familiar.
There she goes…
Malicious Witches, huh? Well, I can't say for sure they don't exist.
But if they do, I don't think she can beat 'em.
Watching her leave...a memory drifted up from deep in my consciousness.
It was a memory of my family. My family, who threw their lives away.
Anybody who does that is an idiot. They're all idiots...
...But I just can't ignore idiots like that.
That girl tried to kill herself, then regretted it and became a Magical Girl...
I don't want her to die... I want her to live..
Damn it... What am I doin'!
Somehow I got the feeling she was gonna do something she couldn't handle.
And before I realized it, I was runnin' after her.
Runnin' to try and save some moron. What the hell is wrong with me?
My Soul Gem... This trace of magic is stronger than before.
Could it be? Did that Familiar actually turn into a Witch?
Could that idiot be fightin' it all by herself?!

Part 3

Ngh! It's powerful...
I should have killed it when it was still just a Familiar...

But...I can't give up!
(Oh no... If I don't do something, I'm going to die!)
Huh?! You… That girl from before?!
Don’t get the wrong idea, kid. I didn't come here to save you!
I'm just here to hunt this bastard.
Get outta my way. I can handle this on my own!
B-but I...
Just sit back and watch, amateur!
Hehe! Too slow! Hya!
Now then... Time to finish this!
Now to put you out of your misery! Hrah!
She really did it... She beat the Witch all by herself...
Ummm...wh-why did you... Why did you...rescue me?
I didn't intend to.
I came to hunt the Witch. That's all.

Part 4

Thank you, anyway…
I think... I think I misunderstood you...
Listen. I didn't rescue you and I don't need your thanks.
I already told you.
I came to hunt the Witch...that's it.
A weaklin' like you shouldn't take risks like that.
You can't even handle a Familiar, so forget about takin' on your, 'Malicious Witches.'
But... If I've got the power to help people...
I need to use that power and...
Don't ya get it? You don't have that power.
You'd be dead if I didn't show up. You can't even save yourself.
So the idea of you savin' other people is the stupidest thing I ever heard.

I'll… I'll get stronger!
I'll get stronger… Stronger than now and…
If I can do that, then I'll be able to save people.
Sure. If you can become the most powerful Magical Girl ever…
No one can tell you not to.
A Grief Seed... Are you sure...?
Naive Magical Girls like you get killed quick.
So take it.
It looks like you're prone to bottlin' stuff up. You're gonna need it.
Thank you...'re very generous.
Pfft, don't be stupid. I'm not. ...See ya later.
Umm... Wait! Really, thank you so much!
Seriously. What the hell am I doing?
… Actually… That didn't feel bad.
But really… What the hell has gotten into me?
I guess the purer a person is, the easier they are to hurt...
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