Kyoko Sakura's Story: Episode 2

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Part 1

My luck is terrible today.
I can't find a Witch to hunt, and to top it off nothin' interestin' is happenin'.
Ugh, I'm so bored.
The only thing that actually is happenin' is I'm gettin' hungry.
Papa! Where are we goin' today?
We're going out to eat! Remember that restaurant we went to the other day?
The place with the awesome rice omelets?!
Yeah, that one!
Haha! We'll be there soon!
… Family, huh?
Did I ever go out to eat with my family?
Nope. Never did.
Never had the chance.
Tch... Look at me gettin' all gloomy.
That's enough! Quit it! Eat some snacks and chill!
Hi there!
Whoa! Who're you?!
Oops, sorry. I didn't mean to scare you like that!
My name is Manaka Kurumi. By the way, I'm a Magical Girl!
Huh?! What the hell are you announcin' that for?!
Just the other day...
I was lucky enough to have the chance to see you fight...
So I took it upon myself to introduce myself to you!
Ya just...saw me? That's it?
Why me? There're tons of Magical Girls in this town, aren't there?
You being a Magical Girl isn't the point.
The point is…
Those snacks!
You're aaaaaaaaaaalways...
...eating those snacks, aren't you?!
So what if I am?
That's unacceptable! Completely and utterly unacceptable!
It's none of your business!
If you keep eating junk like that, you're going to ruin your health!
I'm a Magical Girl, so it doesn't matter. Who asked you?!
You listen to me! You mustn't be reckless!
It's of utmost importance that a Magical Girl take perfect care of herself.
Our lives are at stake every time we fight. We need to be in top fighting shape!
Nah, Magical Girls don't have to worry about junk like that.
Oh no, there's more…
Keep eating food with all those chemicals and you'll ruin your tastebuds!
You'll ruin your tastebuds, you will!
You don't have to say it twice!
As such, I demand that you let me cook for you!
Huh? Cook for me?
Why would ya wanna do that?
After all that junk you've eaten...
I'm going to pound some good taste back into that tongue of yours!
What the hell are you on?
Once you try my cooking...
You'll never be able to eat those nasty snacks again!
After all, my cooking is unmatched by any in this world!
Now, do tell me your name!
I'm Kyoko Sakura, but...
Kyoko! I'm going to treat you to a meal like you've never had before!
...Well, a free meal's a free meal.

Part 2

And here we are! Come in! Come in! We're closed today, so it's perfect.
Whoa, nice! What is this place?
It's my father's restaurant!
He also happens to be the one that taught me all I know about cooking!
Your dad's a chef?! You wouldn't happen to be an amazing cook too, would you?
Indeed! That's exactly what I've been trying to tell you this whole time!
I don't just 'know how to cook.'
Why is that so hard for you to believe?
Huh? Oh, I get it...
You're mad 'cause I said I'd eat your cooking if it's free, aren't ya?
Well, yes. It sounds like you aren't really expecting much.
Gimme a break, okay. I just didn't know, that's all.
Food is food, ya know?
Grrrrr! You won't say that once I'm done with you!
Sit yourself down there and wait. Sit! Sit!
Geeze, what're you gettin' all bent out of shape for? Weirdo...
...Now then. What would you like to eat?
Errr.... Maybe a rice omelet?
You like rice omelets?
Sorta? I just kinda feel like one now.
I see... Okay, I'll do my best!
Just a moment, please.
Sure, you bet.
*Mumble mumble* *Mumble mumble*
I wonder if she always mumbles to herself like that when she's cookin'.
All done!
Mmm, that smells good! I'm startin' to get hungry!
Here you are! Bon appetit!
All right! Here goes nothin'!
How is it?
Oh my god! It's so good! What is this?!
It's Walnut's very own special, fluffy rice omelet!
Once you eat it…
You'll never be able to eat a rice omelet anywhere else!
You serious?!
This is crazy! It's awesome!
...I'm so glad. Good to see you can actually smile...
Huh? What did you just say?!
Oh, nothing! Nothing at all!

Part 3

Anyway, that was great! I'm stuffed!
That's what I like to hear.
When people enjoy my cooking, it makes it all worthwhile.
Hahaha! You really are somethin'!
That was downright heavenly! Is there anythin' ya can't cook?
Well, there are some things I can't cook yet.
After all, I'm still in training...
But eventually, yes, I'll be able to make just about anything.
Cool! Good luck! If ya need a taste-tester, call me anytime!
I'll eat up every last crumb, so don't worry about that!
Every last crumb, huh?
Ya bet I will! I can't stand wasting food.
Yes! That's the spirit! Food is precious.
I love that! People must really like you!
Huh? That's abrupt.
Don't ya think you're layin' it on a bit thick?
I was just saying what I thought, that's all!
Haha. Okay.
Hmph… Weirdo…
Was it your parents who taught you not to waste any food?
Well... People are influenced by their families.
That's how they become who they are.
You must have a really lovely mom and dad.
One thing they didn't teach you was how to speak like a lady, though! *Giggle*
…Is something wrong?
...Nope. Nothin' at all.
I'm fine.
Family… The family I lost…
I suddenly remembered why I became a Magical Girl…
For my dad... For my family...
For the people I loved more than anything… They're the reason I became a Magical Girl.
Then… My wish killed them all.
Yeah, it was my family that taught me how important eatin' was...
And how important livin' was, too.
Eating...and living?
I mean, eatin' is essential for livin', right?
I'm gonna live. No matter what.
I decided that a long time ago.

Part 4

Anyway... I'm gonna head out now.
All right! Please come back again anytime!
I'll make something special for you!
Yeah, well, if I feel like it...
… Kyoko.
You... How can I put this...
Yeah? What?
I don't know what happened to you in your past, but...
I promise if you ever do come back...
I'll cook for you, and I'll have a big smile on my face when I do.
That will never change. Ever.
But thanks.
Anyway, you're a Magical Girl, right?
If ya got time to cook, then ya better spend it huntin' Witches.
I'm guessin' you'll keep cooking for people, but still…
There's no guarantee someone will save you if your Soul Gem gets tainted.
A Magical Girl's gotta think about herself first and foremost.
So I'm tellin' ya—
Kyoko, you're wrong.
I'm not doing this for others. I do it for myself.
It brings me joy to bring a smile to someone's face.
And if someone falls into despair… If something brings them down…
I'll bring a smile back to their face with the passion I pour into my cooking.
I'll make food so delicious it'll turn their frown upside down in no time!
...Man, ya really are a weirdo.
Oh? Am I?
Yup! A complete weirdo!
But I like your cookin'. I'll come back if it catches my fancy.
Hey! That's exactly the same thing you said before, isn't it?
Come on now! People don't change that easily!
Well, you may not have changed what you said, but...
You did sort of change the way you said it, didn't you?
What? No I didn't, weirdo!
I'm serious! Please come back soon!
Yeah, thanks.
A Magical Girl chef, huh? She was odd, but…
She did make some delicious comfort food.
It's been a long time since I ate at a fancy restaurant... Man, was that good.
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