Kyoko Sakura's Story: Episode 3

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Part 1

Kamihama City… There're so many rumors flyin' around here.
From semi-believable urban legends to the stupidest junk nobody would ever believe... All different kinds.
That said, there really are tons of Witches here, so…
Ya can never be sure that those rumors and urban legends aren't real.
It's such a pain, but what can ya do?
I guess first I gotta check out some rumors.
Huh?! No way! Are you serious?!
(Huh...? Wonder what's got them so excited...)
They really saw her?! The Flower Bloomer?!
Yeah! They said it was her for sure!
(The Flower Bloomer?! What the hell's that?)
(I've heard of a Flower Blooming Grandpa...)
Yeah, so what happened then?
Well, they said...
Flowers bloomed wherever she walked... And flower petals fell around her...
Stuff like that!
Whoa! Do you think it's real?
Yeah, I think so. It happened on that road on the hill over there!
(A girl that scatters flowers... That's a weird story all right.)
...Anyway, I should check it out.
Well, here I am, but... What do I do now?
I guess all I can do is wait on that road and see if she shows up.
Ugh, what a pain... Ah whatever. I don't have any better ideas.
A girl? And she's carrying tons of flowers.
The Flower Bloomer... That must be her!
My Soul Gem isn't goin' off, but... This is suspicious…
Hey! You there!
...Huh? Me?
Yeah, you! Who the hell are you?
There are all sorts of rumors goin' around. Are you buddy-buddy with the Witches?
Or maybe...
Witches...what?! ME?!
No way!
I'm a Magical Girl! My name is Konomi Haruna!
A Magical Girl?! So you're not the Flower Bloomer?!
...Flower Bloomer? What's that?

Part 2

Seriously...? So you're a Magical Girl too, huh.
Well, yeah... Did I look like a Witch to you?
No, not a Witch, but... This city is pretty crazy, right?
When I see something off, my first instinct is to smash first and ask questions later.
So, there was something 'off' about me?
Yeah, you could say that.
But I'm just carrying flowers...
Yeah, but why are you carryin' so damn many of 'em?
I work at a flower shop...
Oh… I see. That's why they call you the Flower Bloomer…
What the hell? There's nothing unusual about you at all.
See? Nothing's 'off' about me! Right?
Yeah, right. How misleading!
You said your name was Konomi Haruna?
Yep, that's me.
I'm Kyoko Sakura.
Okay... So since we're both Magical Girls, what do you say we be friends?
Oh, no I'll pass.
I don't like workin' with others and, besides Witch huntin' is a competition.
A competition... You can't mean that...
Sure I can. Nah, I'm good.
But hey, if ya wanna give me your Grief Seeds, then that's a different story...
So you'll be friends with me if I give you my Grief Seeds?
Sure! That's a friendship I could go for!
In that case...
Speak of the devil, my Soul Gem is tellin' me there's a Witch around here.
Oh! Is it nearby?
Seems like it is.
But you're delivering flowers, right? I'll handle the Witch.
But you're all alone... And Kamihama Witches are strong...
It'll be a piece of cake! You just worry about yourself!
Don't let those flowers dry up, okay? See ya!
H-hey, wait!
… Is she gonna be all right…?
I mean, I'm a Magical Girl too!
I should fight too!

Part 3


Is that the best ya got?
I heard you Kamihama Witches were strong! Pathetic!
Hehehe! Just a little more! And the final blow!
Huh? That Magical Girl?!
I'm here to fight, too! Let me help you!
Stay outta this! Idiot!
Look out!
What the hell? Damnit! Just sit tight!
I'm about to finish it off!
...?! ...?! ...?!?!
Whew. And another one bites the dust. Plus I got a Grief Seed!
Unbelievable... You made it look so easy...
What's your deal? Why'd ya come here anyway?
I thought I'd fight too, so I came to help you...
How's someone who can't even protect herself gonna help me?
Some good that did, comin' to save me, then makin' me save you.
It's always the ones that don't think before they act that die young.
Got it? Don't be a dumbass like that again.
...I'm sorry. I don't know what to say...
Okay, I'll see ya later then.
I understand... I'm sorry for causing you all that trouble...
It wasn't that much trouble...
Huh? You havin' a hard time movin'?
Ummm...a little... That hit I took back there...
It's not a serious wound, but, it does hurt a little bit...
Ugh... You're such a pain.
Come on, get on!
Huh?! You mean it?!
Well, I can't just leave ya here, can I?
C'mon, I'll get ya back to your house. Climb up!
...Okay. Thanks a lot.
Hmph, talk about high maintenance...
Wow. You're heavier than you look.
Huh?! Oh no! I'm so sorry!
Haha, I'm just messin' with ya. Relax, already.
I'll do better next time! I'll train! I'll get stronger!
Well, ya got spirit. That's a good start.
Yeah! I'll do my best!

Part 4

Okay, just lie down.
Thank you. The pain's gone down a lot.
That's good.
I'll put your flowers over here.
Oh! You've done so much for me... I'm really sorry...
Well, I gotta run.
Uh, wait!
Ummm... I want to pay you back somehow....
Pay me back?
Yes. I want to give you some flowers.
I want to make a bouquet for you.
Or...a flower crown!
No way! I don't need somethin' like that!
What?! Please accept it as thanks!
I'm not interested in flowers in the least.
Food, that's what I like! Substance over style, that's me.
But all I have to offer are these flowers…
So please... Please take them...
Oh, c'mon... Gimme a break.
Your name means 'Apricot Girl' right?
Apricot flowers are really beautiful, so it makes sense that you're so kind...
I'd love it if I could somehow get you to like flowers more...
*Sigh* Will it make ya feel better if I take 'em?
Yes, please accept them.
Fine. I'll take your flowers.
All done! Here you go!
What's this?
It's a carnation.
I thought it was the perfect match for you, Kyoko. Do you like it?
...Yeah, it's not bad.
I think it would look so cute if you put it in your hair!
No chance of that happenin'!
But it would be so cute...
Hahaha! Later.
Okay! But really... Thank you!
After I left Konomi's room...
I put the carnation in my hair just to see how it looked.
...There's no way I'd wear this!
I can't believe she gave me flowers. *Chuckle* I guess I met a cute Witch today.
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