Liz Hawkwood's Story: Episode 1

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Part 1

This is a story about a girl who fought to bring light to the darkness.
About a girl named Liz, the descendant of a mighty mercenary.
A dreamland set in France...
Now's your chance, Liz!
—Falce Scythe—
Here I go.
I stopped it in its tracks. Darc, use your magic!
But I'll hit you!
I'll be fine. Attack with everything you've got!
All right!
Begone, accursed creature!
La Lumière!
The Witch has been defeated...
The power of your magic is truly incredible.
Liz, where are you?
Great work, Darc.
Huh... Whoa!
Y-you were behind me?!
I moved through the shadows.
You've seen me manipulate shadows with my magic, don't you remember?
Oh, so that's how you avoided my attack...
Yes, I dove into the shadows.
I told you, didn't I? 'I'll be fine.'
Yes, and I believed you!
I trust you!
This Witch's Labyrinth should disappear any minute now.
This isn't where we were before?!
So it seems.
It appears it took us to a different place.

Part 2

This isn't good...
We got separated from the battalion while we were inside the Labyrinth.
Where are Melissa and the rest of the French army?
I have no idea.
I also don't know where we are right now...
The only thing that's clear is that we are very far away from where we were.
So we cannot expect any help to come.
We may as well walk until we reach a town.
We've walked quite a ways already.
But we've yet to see anyone...
It's hard to even find a road when it's this dark.
Regions under Corbeau's rule never see the light. They stay shrouded in darkness.
This is...!
Be careful! I sense some magic.
What's happening? It's so bright...
The sun's up?
Where are we?
We were in the forest just a moment ago...
Liz! Isn't this town...?!
What's wrong?
What... How can this be?!
I don't believe it...
I know, but there's no mistake...
This is Domrémy, the place where you were born and raised!

Part 3

I'm positive this is Domrémy!
But there's no denying that it is.
That building is the church that Darc and her younger sister, Catherine, attended.
And look, there's the forest right outside of town where the two of you first met.
I remember all of this clearly.
I did live here for three years with Darc and Catherine.
Darc's younger sister. She's no longer with us.
She was a cute, energetic little girl... We were unable to protect her.
This scenery is indeed familiar.
I don't see any people, but besides that, everything's exactly the same.
The same as when Catherine was still...
Wait... Everything's the same?
Yes... I noticed that, too.
This scenery belongs to when Catherine was still alive.
Peaceful days before Domrémy was attacked and pillaged.
If that's the case...
You think Catherine's grave is still there?
Let's go to the cemetery!
Here we are!
Catherine's grave should be here...
What's this strange feeling?!
It's like my mind is being searched!
Does that mean she is just ahead?
The future 'true hero' we've been searching for...
Yes, that's right.
Her potential power is unlike any other Magical Girl I've ever met.
She is really quite extraordinary!
I wonder what kind of person she is...
This is around the time I first met Darc.
A memory from when I was traveling with Qube in search of the future hero?
Qube. Are you certain she is the one?
She's the one I, no, we have been searching for.
Teach me, too, Liz!
You want to learn how to use a sword?
How adorable.
She can be a bit crazy sometimes, but she's my precious little sister.
I don't want to see any more!
Because those peaceful days that I spent with Darc and Catherine...
They came to a very abrupt end.

Part 4

I don't want to see any more!
Because those peaceful days that I spent with Darc and Catherine...
They came to a very abrupt end.
Catherine, she gave her life to save mine...
Even though I was the one who should have protected her...
I am so, so sorry that I couldn't get here in time.
―Darc― Monsieur Angel...
―Darc― I have made my choice.
―Darc― I won't allow this cruelty to happen again, to anyone.
―Darc― I will become...a Magical Girl.
―Cube― Okay, Darc... What will you wish for?
―Darc― The power to bring light to all of France!
Light's raining down from the sky!
Without a doubt...
Darc is a light of hope that just may clear away the dark clouds of this country.
And I became the shadow to that light. I vowed to protect Darc.
Because I thought that's what Catherine would have wanted...
I'd be lying if I said I had no regrets.
You're finally awake.
Where's Darc?!
She's right here.
You both passed out at the same time.
She seems unharmed.
It looked like you were having a nightmare, though.
What happened?
I was shown the past.
The past?
A blend of sadness, hope and regret...
I saw my very own memories...
Someone did something to her while I was out!
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