Liz Hawkwood's Story: Episode 2

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Part 1

So while you were unconscious, you saw your own past...
Is that correct?
Not exactly.
I didn't 'see' it. It was 'shown' to me.
Every time a new memory was brought up...
It felt like I was being forced to see it, whether I wanted to or not...
So you're saying...
You felt someone else's will forcing the phenomenon to happen?
They stirred up memories of something I bitterly regret.
Or at least that's what it felt like.
I wonder if Darc is okay.
Her breathing is normal, plus it doesn't seem like she's having a nightmare.
She should be fine.
I'm actually more curious about this place.
You mean Domrémy?
Yes. When this place appeared, there was a strong magical reaction.
That makes sense...
Scenery exactly like Domrémy, memories being stirred up...
I think we need to investigate this town some more.
I agree. I'm going to take a walk around.
Should I come with you?
No, would you stay with Darc?
I don't want to leave her alone.
If anything happens, I'll come find you!
Thank you, Qube.

Part 2

(I walked around the town again, but...)
(It was more emotional than I expected.)
(It looks exactly like the Domrémy of my past.)
Darc and I chased sheep there, and I taught Catherine how to use a sword over there...
This is our town before it all fell apart.
Is there anywhere I haven't checked yet?
(That's right, I haven't looked outside of town yet.)
(Are the areas outside of Domrémy just like the past too?)
(I'll take the main road out.)
This is the road we were on earlier!
But I tried to leave town... How did I end up back here?
I'll try again!
(I still cannot leave...)
(Every time I try, I wind up at the same road I started on.)
(It's like a magical maze.)
(Qube thought it was fishy, too...)
I'm actually more curious about this place.
You mean Domrémy?
Yes. When this place appeared, there was a strong magical reaction.
(The true form of this magical trap that has imprisoned Darc and I...)
(I think I may know what it is.)
(Let's try attacking the air in front of me!)
I will use the shadows!
I was right! This place is...
(It was just for a second, but I caught a glimpse of the forest we were in earlier.)
(I recognize this feeling. It's the same as when a Witch's Labyrinth disappears.)
This fake Domrémy...
It's a Witch's Labyrinth.

Part 3

I see! A Witch's Labyrinth...
Then that means, the Witch that lurks here...
Likely has the power to peek into people's minds.
This town must be reconstructed from your memories.
So...'s only natural that this place looks just how I remember it?
That's right!
A Witch with a power like that is not an easy opponent to face...
That's why it can use your memories against you.
That's how it attacks its opponents.
Wait, this is an attack?
Yes, it must be... It's a Witch after all...
Correct, Witches' attacks are not always physical.
What is it trying to do?
It's happening again!
Another memory is stirring in my mind...
You want me to travel with you and search for the future hero?
Whoever this 'true hero' of yours is...
She probably has great Magical Girl potential!
A Magical Girl's potential is determined by the fate she's been burdened with.
You're the perfect example of that, Liz.
Your ancestor was accepted by all as a great hero, right?
But they were not true heroes.
Is this memory from before I met Darc?
Which means, what comes next is...
Memories of a long journey filled with disappointment and sorrow.

Part 4

Memories from when I traveled with Qube in search of the true hero...
They appear, then disappear.
Countless meetings and partings...
With all those Magical Girls I fought alongside...
This is the end for me...
I'm sorry I wasn't able to protect you.
She wasn't the one either.
She wasn't ready to handle the burden a true hero must bear.
Don't say it like that.
I'm sorry, Liz.
I couldn't save the world with you...
I am the shadow, I can never become the light.
But you could've become the true hero.
Liz... I... I don't want to become a Witch!
No, she turned into a Witch!
I brought misfortune to her...
If she had never met me, she'd still be...
What's wrong?! Why aren't you getting up?!
If you don't fight back you'll die!
How many...
How many more of the same tears, of the same regrets must I experience...
Before I can find the light?
That thought hid deep within my heart.
There's no way I could ever forget it.
Just one of many horrible memories.
I want to see the birth of a true hero.
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