Madoka Kaname's Story: Episode 1

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Part 1

You know, I think this is my very first time in Kamihama City.
Me too... The city is, um, rather big, isn't it.
It really is!
Where should we go?
That's...a good question...
Where would you like to go, Madoka? Anywhere in particular?
I know! Why don't we check out Mizuna Shrine?
They say miracles really happen there. That's what it said in the magazine I read...
Okay. Shall we go, then?
Yes, let's! The most important thing is that we are together for the day, Homura!
I really want to spend the day with you. Even just wandering around town is fine!
Madoka... Yes, you're right.
Let's take it easy today, okay?
I see something in my Soul Gem! Could there be a Witch around here?!
Look, that abandoned building over there!
Could there be a Witch's Labyrinth there...?
There could be! Let's go!
...Ah! There it is!
The Witch's Labyrinth!
It was here after all.
We should get moving, Homura. We can take care of it quickly as a pair.
Heh...I probably won't be much help, but if you say so...
Don't say that.
I can do anything with you by my side, Homura.
Come on!
The Witch...
Where is it...?
What is it, Homura?
Someone is fighting over there!
You're right! We need to go help them!
Ah...! The Witch is running away!
You're not getting away from me!
No! I can't hit it with my arrows from here!
The Labyrinth disappeared...
It got away...
That girl was really amazing, though. She took on the Witch all by herself...
Are you all right?!

Part 2

Are you okay?!
Were you two inside the Labyrinth...?
Yes... We're both Magical Girls, like you.
I wondered if you were overdoing it, fighting a Witch on your own like that.
It's no big deal, really. I always do it.
Don't worry about me.
It's fine. Anyway...
If she says she's fine, there's nothing more we can do.
Hmm. But still...
I'm worried about her!
I'm really sorry, Homura! I'm going to go check on her!
...Hh. *Pant*
(I used a bit too much Magic today...)
(Skipping rest is catching up with me... Head's too fuzzy to think straight...)
Don't push yourself.
You... The girl from before...?
I think you should take a break on that bench over there for a moment.
You can use my shoulder if you need help walking, okay?
No thanks... This really isn't anything to fuss about...
You have to rest! Come on, let's go to the bench...

...Sorry. And thanks. Let me use your shoulder...
Go right ahead!
There we go...
We made it to the bench.
I'll go get you something to drink, okay? Would you like water? Maybe some juice?
I guess...cold tea... I'm so sorry...
I'll go buy some.
Madoka, please stay with her.
I will. Thank you!
I'll be right back.
You really helped me out...thank you.
Really, don't mention it. Just relax!

Part 3

I'm Madoka, by the way. Madoka Kaname.
I'm Shizuku Hozumi. Let me thank you properly.
Really, it's okay. I told you not to mention it, remember?
...Still. Why?
Why what?
Why did you chase after me? I told you...everything was fine...
Your face...something didn't look right.
I just decided I was going to help you. That's all.
That's my only reason, really.
I see...
So you're just...a kind person.
What?! N-no, not at all!
I wouldn't go that far! Um...
But... I really am all right now.
You don't have to worry about me anymore once your friend comes back.
I really don't think you should be alone.
When you're alone, and something's hard or something bad happens...
You have to bear that burden all on your own, right?
I don't think that's good for anyone.
...It's all right...I...
I don't care...if I'm alone.
Maybe some day I'll find where I belong. But until then...
I don't care if I'm alone...
But if you're alone you'll always struggle.
Just now you looked so beaten down.
There's nothing good about being alone.
...Madoka. You really do...have a beautiful heart.
Kind... Direct...
You sympathize so seriously with someone you've never met and know nothing about.
I really wouldn't put it like that! I'm just...
That's it! That's it, Shizuku!
If you need somewhere to belong, why not make that place yourself?!
Make it...myself?
Yes, exactly!
Oh, but... I really shouldn't be telling you how to live your life...
Make it myself...
No, you might have something there.
Thanks, Madoka.

Part 4

I brought the drinks!
Thank you, Homura!
Thank you very much.
I feel much better now that I've had a cold drink.
I feel like I can make it back alone now.
I really appreciate both of your help. I owe you one.
Don't worry about it. We're glad you're feeling better.
All I did was help Madoka, really…
Can I ask you...just one thing?
Sure, what is it?
Why did you...become a Magical Girl?
Like what motivated me to become one?
Yes... I just wondered what might make a girl like you choose to be a Magical Girl...
I'm curious...
Well, I... The truth is...
...Never mind. Sorry for asking out of the blue like that.
It was rude of me.
I guess... My reason was that I wanted to be of use to somebody.
I don't excel at anything at school, and I don't have any talents that I'm proud of.
I guess I became a Magical Girl because I wanted to change myself...
That's why I was so happy that I could help you today, Shizuku.
Even if it was just helping you sit down.
Now that I think about it, my answer doesn't really have much to do with Magical Girls...
No... If you hadn't become a Magical Girl...
You couldn't have been there for me.
If you need somewhere to belong, why not make that place yourself?!
It turns out the reason Madoka became a Magical Girl was...
She wanted to carve out a place where she belonged.
I wonder if that means that before she became a Magical Girl she was just like me?
If that's true...
Then someday, maybe I can be like her as well.
Thank you. For giving me...hope.
Don't worry about it.
Well then... See you around.
Yes, until next time!
Yes... Until next time.
That girl... There was something strange about her.
Huh? Was there?
I didn't think so…
I feel like… Like she's probably a lot like me.
I'm so lucky, really.
I have Mami, Sayaka, Homura, so many important people to fight alongside. I'm really, really, lucky.
Hey, Homura! Let's go somewhere fun!
What?! Oh yeah! That's what we were going to do!
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