Madoka Kaname's Story: Episode 2

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Part 1

So here it is... Mizuna Shrine.
We couldn't figure out a good time to all go together, so I just came here on my own...
The shrine itself has a mystical, strange aura to it...
Maybe that's why miracles happen here.
Well, we came all this way... Might as well pay it a proper visit!
Whoa, it's huuuge! What a big shrine...
Okay, I have to pay my respects. Offering... I need something to offer up...
I don't have any 5 yen coins! Hmm, ah...
Then I guess I'll use a 10 yen coin! Maybe it'll double my prayer power.
There you go!
I wish that everyone can live a happy life...
That no one will ever encounter a Witch, or come to any harm...
And if they do stumble upon a Witch, I wish for the power to protect them...

All right, time to head home!
Huh?! ...It's raining?
Whaaaaaat... It's really pouring.
Maybe it's just a passing shower.
(I only just got done praying at the shrine, and my luck has already taken a bad turn...)
Aww... I'm soaked now. What a pain!
Oh, hello!
You can... Use this handkerchief, if you like...
Th...thank you!
I was just wondering what to do since I got so drenched.
Not at all... You're welcome.
The bus just left a minute ago...
The next one won't be here for another 30 minutes or so...
So you better hurry and dry yourself off or you're going to catch a cold.
I see...
Thanks so much for the handkerchief. It's just what I needed!'s fine, really...

...Oh my gosh!
Oh, um, I just...sorry!
It's just...The book you're holding... It's 'The Lucky Cat Waltz' isn't it?
That's… That is the title…
I really love that book, so I got excited...
Wha! I it, too! It's my absolute favorite book!
Right? It's so good!
The main character, the cat, is sooo cute!
Yeah! Yeah it is!
I'm really happy...
Finding someone else who knows this book...
...I really love that one scene...
Where the cat from the title is dashing through the night sky...
I love that part*Giggle*
...I'm Madoka, Madoka Kaname. It's so nice to meet you!
Oh...! Um...I'm...
...Kako Natsume. It's great to meet you, too.
Seeing how we have to wait anyway, do you want to chat about the book for a bit?
I've always wanted to know what other people think about it!
Yes! I'd love to!
And so I had a great time chatting with Kako about our favorite book.
The bus arrived in what felt like an instant, and once we got on we talked even more.
But… I had to change buses…
*Sigh* It's been so fun chatting with you!
Yeah! It was. It really was.
Well, I'll see you around! Bye!
Yep! See you around sometime.
With that, Kako and I parted ways.
I wouldn't learn that she was a Magical Girl until our next meeting...

Part 2

At a shopping mall with lots of wonderful stores.
Wooow! So many amazing clothes...
Oh, that looks cute too!
Oh my gosh so does this!
Eep...! No!
My plan was to go to the book store today.
The girl from the bus stop reminded me of that special book and all the special memories I had with it.
Oh, they have it in stock!
The Lucky Cat Waltz ...Hang on, what does this say?
What?! There's a sequel?
The Lucky Cat Tango. I...I gotta read this!
Kako...? Kako!
What...a lovely coincidence...
For sure! What are the chances?
The Lucky Cat must've led us to each other, huh?
Maybe that's what makes him lucky. Though they're supposed to bring wealth...
Not fateful encounters... Right?
It's still amazing that we met like this, though.
I can't believe it.
...Oh. ...By the way...
Huh? Is something wrong?
Um... I was wondering, Madoka...
Are you...a Magical Girl?
...What?! Wh-what do you...mean...?
Yesterday... When you gave back my handkerchief I noticed...
Your Soul Gem... I wanted to ask you, but...
I couldn't find the right timing.
Wait, so that must mean that... You're one too, aren't you Kako?
Yes, I am... I am a Magical Girl.
*Giggle* I'm so glad.
...You are?
Not only did we meet by chance like that, but turns out, we were both Magical Girls!
That's amazing! This is definitely that Lucky Cat's doing!

...Maybe so.
Of course we took that chance to talk even more.
Not only did we love the same book, but Kako was a Magical Girl just like me!
Her face brightened whenever she talked about books. The more we talked, the more I felt her joy.
Making friends like that is the best feeling in the world.
...Hey, Madoka. Do you have any Sunday?
Next Sunday? I'm free, but why?
Would you like to go on a little adventure...together?
A little adventure...?
Yes, at night...
...I want to go to school, at night.
...School? Why does it have to be at night?
Will you sneak in with me?

Part 3

A school at night feels so different. It's pitch black, everything is so scary... I don't want to go…
Kako! You scared me!
S-sorry...! I promise I wasn't trying to...
No, I know you weren't... It's okay!
I think I'm just...on edge right now...
Um, anyway! Is this the right place?
Yes...! This is...
The school I go to...
Our objective today is the school roof.
It's so, so dark...I'm...scared...
…Ummm…. ...Now that you mention it…
I'm well…
There's something I really have to show you, Madoka!
Can I know what it is?
Not yet...
I have to keep it secret for now.
Whaaat... I want to know now!
Then... Look forward to when we reach the roof, and you can find out.
First we have to get inside the school.
...The school yard feels really weird with no other kids around...
Yes, really weird...
Eeyagh! What was that...?!
Something made a sound...
R-really...? Maybe it was...the janitor...?
N-no way! Kako!
Just now...I heard it too...
Madoka! Over there!
Look, over at the flower beds... There's a cat.
Ah! It really was... just a cat...
Thank goodness...
*Giggle* The way you're acting...
I think inside the school might just be too much for you!
N-no, way! I can handle it!
Mm... A-actually...
I'm so scared that... I don't think I can handle going inside...
Are you serious? *Giggle*
So instead...
Let's transform into Magical Girls and scale the building from the outside?
With magic we could reach the roof easily... I think that's a good idea.
Oh, Kako! Your Magical Girl outfit is sooo cute!
Yours too... It really suits you, Madoka.
*Giggle* Thanks. So... Shall we?

Part 4

Whew, we made it!
Magical Girl powers sure are convenient.
You can say that again!
So anyway, Kako, what was it you wanted to show me?
Look up.
Whoa! gorgeous...
Madoka, did you know?
Tonight is the perfect night for stargazing. The stars are clearer than any other night.
I didn't know that!
I admit...
I don't know much about celestial bodies, or even scientific things in general...
I actually read that tonight was perfect for stargazing in that book.
That book...
...Ah! The Lucky Cat Waltz?
So I chose the place with the best view in all of Kamihama.
Some place high...
With no other tall buildings or bright lights to get in the way of the view...
A place where you could watch the stars peacefully, without any distractions.
That's why I wanted to bring you here, on this night, to this specific place.
So I could show you the stars at their best.
Thank you.
It means so much to me... That you enjoyed this.
I...hide away from the world a lot. I'm not good at talking to others...
I'm so bad at it that I feel lonely all the time and get depressed...
But when I'm with you, Madoka... I can deal with it somehow.
With you, the words just flow out of me... It's really fun talking to you...
I just...really wanted to say, 'Thank you,' and let you know how much it meant to me...
Kako...I feel the same way.
I want to be friends with everyone. But there are things that get in the way.
Some people are really mean to me, and I get depressed.
But still, I think…
It's no good to be too scared to get close to someone.
If you tell people how you feel, your words will definitely get through to them.
Just like I heard your message to me.
Your feelings came through loud and clear.
Madoka...thank you.
Madoka, you really are... Extremely kind and nice...
I'm going to do my best not to be too scared to talk to people.
I know you'll be just fine! After all, you were able to show me this.
This incredible starry night sky. It's such a lovely present!
Thank you so much, Kako!
You're welcome...!
I made a wonderful friend that night under the starry night sky.
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