Madoka Kaname's Story: Episode 3

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Part 1

Mami, over here!
Here? Ah, yes.
There's a strong trace of Magic here, for sure... I can see it in my Soul Gem.
That must mean it's a... really strong Witch, right?
It seems very likely.
Don't worry. The two of us will manage somehow.
Shall we get going?
Let's. I hope we can deal with it quickly...
...There it is!
The Witch.
We should coordinate our attacks and bury it in a barrage of magic.
Don't let up, even for a second! We can't give it a chance to get its bearings.
Got it!
Madoka, be careful!
Thanks for having my back, Mami!
Really, be careful, Madoka. This Witch is not to be trifled with.
I will!
Is something wrong?
...a person laying on the ground over there!
I see her too... She must have been taken here by the Witch.
....Madoka. You go take care of her.
If she keeps lying there, the Witch will drain all of her energy.
Take her outside the Labyrinth.
I don't want to leave you here, Mami...
I'll be fine.
It doesn't matter how strong this Witch is, it's no match for me.
Okay! I'll take care of the girl!
I'm counting on you. And don't worry.
You can count on me to finish this!
Are you all right? Let's get you out of here.
There we go...
Hey, you over there!
Are you helping this girl? That's nice of you!
You don't need to worry though, okay? I've already got this covered!
Wh-who are you...?
I'm Sasara Minagi! I'm a Knight who protects this city!

Part 2

I'm Sasara Minagi! I'm a Knight who protects this city!
...Oh. I'm not your standard knight, though.
You see, I don't serve one master in particular...
I'm sworn to protect everyone, instead! So stay calm!
A...all right...
Leave them to me. It's a Knight's job to help, after all.
Oh, but...
Are you a friend of that Magical Girl?
The one that's fighting that Witch?
You should go help her fight. Leave the work here to me!
Are you...sure?
Of course I'm sure.
It's my duty to help this person.
...Thank you so much! I'm going to go help my friend!
Okay! You've got this!
Ungh...! This one is stubborn.
But I'm not done yet!
Madoka?! Why are you here?!
A Magical Girl showed up and said she'd take care of the woman...
So I'm here again, as your backup!
I see... *Chuckle*
All right, then. Let's finish this up and get out of here.
Mami! Now!
Here goes!
Tiro Finale!
Amazing! You were incredible, Mami!
Oh, I think it was your support that clinched the battle this time, Madoka.
Hehe... Oh, the Labyrinth's gone...
Looks like it's over.
Ah! That's the Magical Girl from before.
Good work back there!
Ah...! Thanks for taking care of that girl.
Oh, geeze... Don't mention it.
I made sure to get her to the hospital.
Thanks so much!
It was a piece of cake.
More importantly... You two are really strong!
Well...Mami is for sure, but... I'm not really...
Ah! I'm Madoka Kaname, by the way.
And I am Mami Tomoe. It is a pleasure to meet you.
My name is Sasara Minagi. Nice to meet you two as well.
I'm this city's Knight, so let me know if I can help, okay?
Feel free to call on me anytime.
I really mean it. I'll swoop right in and give you a hand!
You keep talking about being a Knight... What does it be a Knight?
Well... If I say I'm like a first responder...
Or on the Magical Girl Rescue Squad... Is that a little easier to understand?
I want to use my powers to keep the peace in this city.
That's unexpected.
Protecting others is my number one priority. It's my cause, you could say...
And my dedication to that cause is what makes me this city's Knight.
That makes sense.
That's really, really cool!
...! Y-yeah...?
Hearing someone say that is a bit...well...embarrassing, though...
But, it IS cool!

Part 3

The Magical Girl Mami and I just met, Sasara Minagi...
We wound up going on a stroll, talking like this the whole time...
Sasara Minagi, of the Magical Girl Rescue Squad...
I thought she sounded super cool when she called herself that.
...You know, I'm glad.
Getting to meet two fine Magical Girls like you is really reassuring.
Especially with the Witches on the rise... Magical Girl numbers are up too, but...
There's definitely a bunch out there who are only interested in hunting Witches...
...and don't care about anything else.
...Don't get me wrong... Fighting Witches is important work too.
But sometimes I think people forget about the lives at risk when you fight Witches.
That's why I decided I had to become a Knight.
I think that's wonderful.
I feel exactly the same way.
Reckless girls are everywhere lately... I don't want any more pointless death.
I always put public safety ahead of defeating a Witch, when I can.
...That's...really great... It makes me happy to hear that...
That there are people beyond this city who think the same way as me!
I haven't met that many Magical Girls from outside Kamihama, you see...
I've always wanted to help people, to be useful to them...
That's why I became a Magical Girl...
So... I think we're a lot alike, Sasara.
I'd rather save as many people as I can than beat a bunch of Witches.
That's how I feel, anyway.
Huh... You're one heck of a Magical Girl then.
Huh? I...don't really think so...
I agree, Madoka has the makings of a very fine Magical Girl indeed.
Someday, she may even leave me in the dust.
I honestly believe that she could become the most powerful Magical Girl of all time.
She has a long way to go until then, though.
Y-yes! I'm working on it!
...Hey, if you guys wanted...
You could call yourselves Knights too... I'd allow it.
*Giggle* What a privilege.
But, I think we will both have to decline. Ranged weapons are not very knightly...
True... Then, let's see...
...Ah! What about being part of my Rescue Squad??
The Magical Girl Rescue Squad! How about it? Do you want to join?
It's not as though the two of us will be in Kamihama forever...
S-still! Whenever we come back to Kamihama...
If there's anything you need help with, you can call on us!
We'll come running right away as members of the Rescue Squad!
You will? *Giggle* I appreciate it!

Part 4

Well, we'd both better get going. We need to head back to Mitakihara.
Okay! Thanks for everything!
I'm really glad we got to talk.
I'll show you guys around next time you come to Kamihama!
Sounds great!
See you around...
Until next time, Sasara.
Yeah, see you guys!

Yes! What is it?
You really did mean it, huh...
When you said you became a Magical Girl to help everybody...
Madoka, you are very kind. Perhaps...too kind.
Your motives are righteous, as well. Righteous enough to worry me...
I feel like the path you've chosen to follow is a difficult one, filled with struggle.
...True, but...
Aren't you walking down that same road with me, Mami?
You're my ideal Magical Girl.
The reason my ideal Magical Girl…
The reason she's someone who helps people in need, is because…
I saw you, and that's who you are.
So my ideal is you, Mami. Always will be.
I see... Thank you.
Remember, though. It's always okay to retreat.
You give the impression that you would sacrifice yourself to save someone else.
I can tell that you are prone to such risks.
When things get really dangerous it's okay to flee and save yourself.
Haha, try not to worry, Mami.
I don't think I have the guts to sacrifice myself like that, anyway!
So really, don't worry.

When we get back to Mitakihara, would you like to have some tea at my place?
Oh, I'd love to!
I have a delicious blend of chamomile today.
Yay! I can't wait!
I want to be an amazing Magical Girl just like Mami.
A Magical Girl who can help everyone.
That's why I'm working so hard.
So that someday I'll be able to protect everyone.
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