Mami Tomoe's Story: Episode 1

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Part 1

Kamihama City... Something isn't right here.
I managed to get here and all, but I'm at a loss at where to even start searching.
I could try hunting down a Witch... Or maybe find a Magical Girl?
I don't even know what's causing the disorder in this city to begin with...
I need to learn more first.
How has the city changed? The deeper my knowledge of Kamihama, the more insight I'll have.
I guess I'll start with…
This trace in my Soul Gem! Is there...a Witch nearby?!
This city really is abnormal... I ran into a Witch as soon as I arrived!
I sense strong magic. It must be around here...
Here it is. ...The Witch's Labyrinth!
Where is the Witch?
A scream?!
Is someone already fighting the Witch?!
##$+@¥・!!Rattle Rattle!
Nngah?! Whoa!
%&|¥・#$+@#Rattle Rattle
(This is the end...I'm done for!)
Watch out!
#$+@|#!?Rattle Rattle!?
Y...ou... You're a Magical Girl?
I came just in the nick of time, I see. Thank goodness.
Are you all right?
A...ah... Y-yes! Er! Thank you so much!
Leave the introductions for later!
We need to take care of those Familiars first!
Huh? O-okay! Ready!
##$+@&|¥・ Rattttle
There are so many of them...
・##$+@|Rattle Rattle!
They're incredibly strong for Familiars!
Hey! ...I mean, um...
Ms. Helper! Don't overdo it!
Thank you. However, there's no need to worry.
Stand back!
Here goes!
Tiro Finale!

Part 2

...Tiro Finale!
...Huh? You beat them?
Yes. All the Familiars have been defeated.
Oh, we're back...
Things were not looking good for a moment there...
Ah... Yes...
You...saved me... Thank you.
You're welcome. Are you injured?! I'm fine! Thanks to you!
Ah! Which reminds me... My name is...Kanoko Yayoi!
It is very nice to meet you. I am Mami Tomoe.
Nice to meet you too... Are you also from Kamihama?
No, I'm afraid not. I'm from Mitakihara.
Those Familiars were much stronger than what I'm used to.
Yeah. The ones in Kamihama are powerful.
(I knew it. I knew there was something off about this city...)
...You know... I haven't fought Witches for a while now...
That's why that battle was so tough for me...
So you were aware, were you? That the battle might be too much for you.
...Huh? I could say that...
That's…not a good idea.
These are life-and-death battles. You can't just fake your way through them.
...You're right. I should have brought someone with me...
So long as I've made myself clear, there's no need to apologize.
There is nothing Witches love to prey on more than reckless Magical Girls.
I wouldn't go that far... To say I'm reckless with my life...
Of course. However, if you fight without proper preparation…
You'll meet the same end as if you were. So please be careful.
...It's not like I want to do this.
You... And all the other Magical Girls...
You're all just happy to fight Witches, and nothing else...
But for me...
There's something...way bigger... Something that deserves more of my time!
Oh!'s nothing...
I see. She's focused on her goals.
She doesn't like being a Magical Girl, but it is what she has become...
So her time must be split between what she wants to do and what she needs to do...
A split between desire and obligation, huh?
Focused, serious... She tries to hide what she wants because she believes she should.
I'm sorry. I overstepped my bounds.
N-no...! You were right...
I really should have been more careful... I shouldn't have said what I did...
I really am...very sorry.
No, I crossed a line. But I would like to ask you something.
If it's all right, could you tell me what you're really after?
… But...
It'll be all right.
Look around. It's just the two of us...
Don't worry. I can keep a secret.
...I have...this dream.
I want to be a fashion designer.
I see.
A wonderful dream.

Part 3

And so she told me all about her dream.
The passion she has clearly invested into that dream was dazzling to me.
Ah, here! This is a design I drew!
This... a very original design.
Oh! Thank you so much!
You mean it's at the forefront of the cutting-edge of fashion, right?!
The outfit with hands sprouting from the back is especially unique...
Those are fungi!
Fun guy? Oh, mushrooms?
Of course! Mushrooms!
It really is a novel idea.
Thank you sooo much!
But... I'm still studying my craft...
I'll do my best not to get too carried away in the early stages!
Yes. Good luck to you in your studies.
… You need to study really hard!
For sure! I'll work super hard!
But regarding the Witches... Please try not to overdo it alone.
Don't go out on your own if your Soul Gem is especially filled with impurities.
Please keep this in mind:
You are never alone.
Okay. I won't do anything risky like I did today.
I'm really sorry for mixing you up in that. Not only did you help me out...
But you protected me from the Familiars... Even though I'm a Magical Girl myself...
You are a Magical Girl, but you are also just one girl. Needing help is normal.
Besides, I'm a Magical Girl too.
If nothing else, you can feel at ease around other Magical Girls.
Yeah… Thanks...for saying that...
...Oh, that's right!
Could I ask you one last favor? Seeing as we're the same and all...
? What is it?
This might be kind of blunt to just ask...
But do you have like... any tips or tricks? For being a Magical Girl.
Because if you do, I'd love to get some advice!
Quite the open-ended request.
My first tip is...analyze. Research different Witch traits.
Keep track of them in a notebook. Make sure your information is organized.
Also... Magical training!
Training! ...Seriously?
Yes. You need to understand your magic.
In order to unlock its true potential... It takes special training and practice.
It may seem like the long route, but good practice is actually a shortcut to success.
Okay, yeah… Thanks so much!
This is my first time meeting someone as strong as you are!
I haven't done anything extraordinary.
All I did was slowly but surely hone my skills.
That makes sense... Slow and steady, one step at a time...
Just as I thought... That's the best way to do anything, huh.
Ah! Actually, there is one other shortcut.
What is it?! Please tell me!
*Giggle* All right... I will tell you.

Part 4

Ah! Actually, there is one other shortcut.
What is it?! Please tell me!
*Giggle* All right... I will tell you.
Name your attacks!
Name my attacks? Huh…?
Like Tiro Finale!
Oh! That thing you did before.
Ah, so you remember!
Tiro... Finale?
Even in the heat of that fierce battle you remembered it?
It kind of rang in my ears... Like a catchphrase or something!
It's important to start with a strong image, then grow into that image as you go.
Give your final attack an impressive name, and then use it in real battles.
You should feel emboldened just by calling out your attack.
Perhaps it is just a placebo effect, but I think psychology matters in fights too.
If you can maintain your resolve even if you face a powerful Witch, you
will find that you can fight on no matter how challenging things get.
I see...
What do you think?
Tiro Finale...
Tiro Finale!
Tiro Finale!!!
It's...super mega cool! Trés avant garde! I love it!
My, my! Do you really?! That's nice to hear.
Could you name my attack too?
What kind of magic do you use?
It's kinda like I stitch enemies together... With thread, you see!
You stitch them...together... Ah!
Like a fashion designer?
Right! Exactly that!
So that's how your magic works…
...Hmmm... Let me see...
..Stitching... Fashion designer...
Yes! Any ideas? Something nice, I hope...
How about… No, that's not right…
*Puzzled* Not right…?
That's too important to have someone else decide for you.
Huh? That's...not fair!
You see, it's like your signature.
I get it, but still...
You are a creative person, after all.
! I'm creative!
I am sure you will think of a name that is...
Full of your...extremely individual style... It should be easy, right?
You're right! I'll think of something! I'll put all my heart and soul into it!
...Did you think of something?
...Um... I need a bit longer...
Just a little more time... I just about have it...
I got it! The idea just popped in my head!
Oh!That's great!
If you'd like… Would you mind sharing it with me?
Of course! I want you to hear it! Without a has to be...
Without a doubt?
Yayoi Collection... That's what it is!
I...I see... There's that original sense of yours again...
Thank you so much!
My final move name is at the cutting-edge of fashion, right?!
Y-yes... Something like that...
I'll shout it loudly whenever I'm fighting a Witch!
Yes, please do.
I'll scream it loud! At the top of my lungs!
Yes, you should!
Well... Now that you have decided on a name...
I should probably set off for Mitakihara.
Ah! Yep!
Thank you so much! For everything!
Don't mention it. Good luck with your fashion studies.
Yep! See you around!
Yes, until next time!
She's chasing her dreams for the future.
Even though Magical Girls are constantly risking their lives...
Still, I want to support girls with dreams like her.
As a veteran Magical Girl, I have to do what I can.
I hope I can help even one of them find happiness.
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