Mami Tomoe's Story: Episode 2

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Part 1

Strange things keep happening here in Kamihama City.
I decided to stop for some tea before starting my investigation, today.
Mmhmm. Smells so good.
I wonder what tea leaves this shop uses in their drinks.
It tastes so good...relaxing, too.
It's no good to be overwhelmed. You should start things with a calm mind. Once your mind is at peace, you can see everything more clearly.
Ohmygosh, you're right! It's sooooooooo adorable!
It's the cutest necklace I ever saw!
Do you really mean it? It was a present from my boyfriend.
Luckyyy! Your boyfriend has great taste!
Not only is he cute, but he's super stylish. Do not lose him!
Your boyfriend is super cool too, Rika! I'm the one that's totally jealous!
My boyfriend?!
Oh he's umm... I mean...thanks, I guess!
So much noise… I just want to drink my tea in peace...
...I almost forgot! I have something I need to do!
I'm so sorry! I gotta go now, okay?
Sure, no prob. See ya tomorrow.
Yeah, see ya later!
… Ah, now I can enjoy my tea in peace.
Oh! E-excuse me!
Yes, you!
You...are a Magical Girl, aren't you?
I... Why?!
I saw you fighting the other day! You helped another Magical Girl, right?
Oh... Yeah, that…
I'm one too! A Magical Girl!
I was chasing that Witch too!
And so just by chance...
I saw you help her! That was so nice of you!
I do really appreciate the compliment.
...Which is why...
I wanted to ask you to be my friend!
...Excuse me?
I wanna be friends! Don't you want to?
Well, I'm not against the idea, but...
We're about the same age, right?
Well I suppose so.
That seals it! Let's be friends, okay?
I'd be happy to.
...Ah! Wait a sec. Someone's calling me!
Hellooo? Yeah, I'm already here...
Hwagh?! Something came up...?! You're canceling?!
...Awww... No, no, it's fine! I get it.
You owe me an ice cream now though! Mmhmm. Yep, yep. Sure!
Well... I guess in a way this is perfect timing.
...Are you free now? Do you want to hang out?
By now, do you mean...
Right now?

Part 2

...Yeah! Let's hit the stores!
I let her drag me all the way out here…
Why did you invite me along? We've never even talked before...
Oh, no reason in particular! I just wanted to have some fun with you!
So she really just wanted to be friends? What a wholesome girl…
Hmm... Where shall we go first?
First off, clothes am I right? Let's check them out!
Sure. That sounds great.
Here we gooo!
Whoa! Looook!
Just what I needed! Suuuuuuper cute!
Oh! That one's way cool, too!
What do you think, Mami?!
I think so too.
Isn't it though?! It's totally perfect!
Yes, it is perfect for you, isn't it?
What? No, no no no.
I meant perfect for you! It would look amazing on you!

Thank you. That makes me happy to hear.
Is there anywhere else around here that you'd like to check out?
Hmmm... Let me see...
How about the arcade? Do you like video games, Mami?
No… I don't play games at all, really.
That's the perfect excuse to start! Let me introduce you to a few!
Do you like them?
It's less about the games in particular and more about the fun! I love fun things!
But really…
If you're with a friend, anything can be fun!
Don't you think?
*Giggle* You do have a point.
Chaotic, crowded, and super busy... That's an arcade for ya!
It's been a long time since I was in one.
What do you wanna try?
Okay, we'll do some crane games… Oh! And some rhythm games!
There's that one where you shoot zombies too!
...How about we try everything this arcade has to offer?
I like how you think! I'm in!
I'm not much of a gamer, but I'll give it my best shot!
Whoa! Mami, you're way too good at racing games!
Ohmygosh! Mami, you didn't miss a beat on that rhythm game!
Wow...! Mami... You won a plush on your first go?!
Hm... Maybe it's because I'm a Magical Girl?
No way, no way! I'm a Magical Girl too, you know!
Do you seriously not play video games much?
That... a secret.
Oh, come on!
It really has been a long time since I've had a fun excursion like this one, though.
Since I became a Magical Girl, I've had my hands full fighting Witches.
So have you been magical-girling for a long time?
I could say that.
I know you're a veteran Magical Girl and all, Mami...
But, you're still just a young girl.
You have to enjoy your youth while it lasts! You'll waste all your cuteness otherwise!

You're right.

Part 3

Did you have a good time?
I really did.
It might be good for me to let my hair down like this every now and again...
*Giggle* Exactly!
*Puzzled* What's up?
Nothing really. Just...
Going to the arcade reminded me a little of somebody.
Wait, don't tell me... Your ex-boyfriend, right?
*Giggle* No, nothing like that.
Oh. It's not?
Then who? Who did it remind you of?
Mami! Let's team up!
...The first friend I ever made.
My first Magical Girl friend.
Oooh... What happened to her?
W-wait... She didn't...!
No, no, she is very much alive.
But we are no longer... close as we once were.
She's still around physically... But she always feels so distant...
Ohhh... I see...
All Magical Girls must confront their fate.
I couldn't support her back then like a friend should...
Perhaps that's why we grew apart.
If I were just a little more powerful... If I had been that bit stronger...
Maybe we would still be close. Maybe we would still be fighting together...
I just think about it, sometimes.
I don't think you're being fair to yourself.
Sorry, it's not like I know the situation super well or anything...
But it just seems like you guys had a really trivial misunderstanding.
When I first saw you help that girl...
And then today... While we were hanging out...
I kept thinking... Wow, Mami is really strong and kind.
So I just don't think there's any way that the problem stems from you being weak...
Whatever reason there is for you two growing apart, I don't think it's that...
You right...
I'm 100% Rika-guaranteed!
And anyway, you definitely have other friends now too, don't you?
Mami! I'll cover you from behind!
I took out the Witch! Mami!
Mami! I...I'll work harder!
You're right. I do have friends...teammates...
That's so nice... What kind of people are they?
They are all very lovely girls. Very cute, and all younger than I am.
So I'm working extra hard to set a good example for them.
But today... I feel like I was more myself.
Thank you, Rika.
Whaaat?! don't have to thank me.
...You're gonna make me blush! *Giggle*

Part 4

Thanks for today! I had an awesome time!
I should be the one thanking you. It was lots of fun.
I felt like you were strong-arming me a little at first, but I'm glad you did.
It's the first time, in a very long time, I have had fun like this.
Really? I'm happy to hear that, then!
You have to have a fun day out now and again so that the stress doesn't pile up!
We do have our Magical Girl duties, but...
Even us Magical Girls aren't alone. We have each other.
Yes, you're right. You're completely right.
...That's right! Can I get your e-mail address?
Oh, of course. Here it is.
Thanks! I'll let ya know next time I have a mixer!
A mixer...for single people?! I'm not sure I'm interested in that.
Whaaat?! *Giggle*
Send me a text next time you're in Kamihama? We can go somewhere fun again!
I will definitely let you know.
Alrighty! See you!
See you. I really had a lovely time today.
Tell me if you get a boyfriend, all right? We can double date!
Huh?! B-boyfriend?!
That's your homework assignment! Get yourself a man!
I don't know about that...
I'm expecting you to do it, anyway! Okay, bye for realsies!
We will meet again, for sure.
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