Mami Tomoe's Story: Episode 3

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Part 1

Plenty of enemies today too, I see.
Naturally, these Familiars are stronger than Mitakihara's as well!
No matter. I have plenty of fight left in me!
This ends here!
Tiro Finale!
*Exhale* That's that.
The Familiars in this city are as powerful as ever...
You, over there.
I apologize for calling to you out of nowhere. Do forgive my lack of manners.
It's nice to make your acquaintance. I am Nanaka Tokiwa.
A pleasure. I am Mami Tomoe.
...As I expected. It was you, then?
Me? Do you have some business with me?
Yes. You are the topic of many recent rumors.
This town is overrun with bizarre gossip. It's rare we are given a chance to verify it.
However, it seems that this particular rumor was founded in truth.
Permit me to be blunt, but you are a Magical Girl, are you not?
...?! Then you are too?
Then what? What exactly do you want with me?
Upon hearing talk of your exploits...
I decided I must meet you, no matter what.
Talk about me?
They say an extremely powerful Magical Girl came here, all the way from Mitakihara.
Hm? People are saying that?
Yes. They also say that this Magical Girl...
Well that she's never visited the Coordinator even once... In other words, a true monster.
Monster... Well, that's rather rude.
I do apologize. I'm simply relaying the rumor as it's told.
Anyway… What do you want?
I'lll get straight to the point.
Would you consider teaming up with me?
Team up?
Yes. Please fight alongside me.
And what would that entail?
I am forming a...union for Magical Girls.
By uniting our powers we can stand against Witches more effectively.
I believe that it will be much easier to purge Witches if we come together.
It would please me greatly to add someone with your strength to our ranks.
Ah, I see. That's a nice idea.
But I'm afraid I must turn you down. I already have a team to fight alongside.
We work together as a group in Mitakihara.
I would need them to agree first.
Also I don't come to Kamihama often.
I can't imagine I'd be much help to your team.
I see... It can't be helped.
In that case... May I ask you for something else?
Would you do me the pleasure...
...of engaging me in combat?

Part 2

Would you do me the pleasure...
...of engaging me in combat?
What are you after?
My goal is...
Nanaka! Woooah, is that who I think it is?!
I told you that you did not need to come.
But...! After hearing all those rumors...
On how she's cut down hundreds of Witches!
Me?! Hundreds of Witches?!
That is incorrect... I witnessed her fighting earlier myself. She uses guns.
So she shot down hundreds? Regardless, that's amazing!
I didn't realize how out of hand this rumor had gotten!
...Ah, right. I'm Akira Shinobu!
Oh, and I'm a girl. People mistake me for a boy a lot.
...Anyway, Ms. Hundred Shots...
I practice martial arts! Can we spar? Please?
I also wish to test my strength against you.
We seldom have the pleasure of meeting powerful Magical Girls such as yourself.
Too true. It really is a good opportunity for us...
We need to get a bunch of fighting experience... For the union, you know?
I'm not as strong as those rumors would have you believe, nor am I 'Ms. Hundred Shots.'
Rumors are just rumors, you know. Don't overestimate me.
I'm not concerned about that. Having seen you fight, I know your strength is very real.
...Well, if I have to. I suppose I can fight you.
Great! Thank you so much!
Thank you.
However, I have one condition. Just one.
What kind of condition?
A condition that you must meet if you want me to fight you.
Clear it, and we can spar.
You drive a hard bargain. I accept your terms.
Yeah, me too.
So, uh... What condition do we need to clear...?
Well, what?
It is...
It is...?
That you have tea with me.
That's right. It's time for a tea break. Shall we head to a cafe?

Part 3

Mm...It smells delicious.
What will you two have?
This is seriously your condition?
It is. If you want to fight me, well...
You will have a relaxing cup of tea with me... That is the price you must pay.
A tea break... ...W-why...?
Why not?
But if you need a reason...
Don't you think having a nice cup of tea with someone is a nice way to spend time?
...All right. Let's see...
Excuse me? I would like to order. One black tea for me too, please.
Um...Then I guess... The same for me, please!
You don't need to order the same item as us, if there's something else you prefer.
No, seriously... I kinda wanna drink that too...
Akira... You seem like a very kind person.
...Excuse me? I'm not so sure about that...
I get the sense that you can't ignore people who are in trouble.
I'm happy to hear that, but...
Isn't that just natural?
If there's someone who's counting on me...
Well, then... It's only natural I'd want to help 'em.
That's just... what you're supposed to do, right?
It is not quite as clear-cut as that. Actually, I think she is right.
You are an especially kind Magical Girl, Akira.
H-hey...I'm getting embarrassed...
I'm not saying it as a mere compliment. It's more of a fact, proven by analysis.
Then, I've got another provable fact for ya.
Nanaka is a natural-born strategist!
Oh my, is that so?
Yes! Even in our little group...
She's always the one thinking up the strategies and battle tactics.
What's more, she's really good at it.
Her plans always lead us straight down the path to victory!
That's very impressive.
I am simply giving it my all to ensure the victory of the group, nothing more.
Yeah, but by doing that you help all of us out a bunch.
I'd actually say you were ranked higher than me...when it comes to saving people, Nanaka.
...I've never considered it from that perspective before...
You two make a good team.
Do you think so?
Do we? Even though we're kind of an odd couple.
I don't think you're odd at all. The two of you have a great rapport.
I actually worked alone until very recently.
I do have a team of my own now, but still...I can't say I don't envy, well...
What you two have going for you. Truthfully speaking, I am jealous.
...How unexpected. To think you would say something so kind…
…Geeze... You're making me blush.
I mean it. You two have a great bond.
I wonder what kind of bond I have with Madoka and the other girls?
Mami! Let's go take care of some Witches!
Need some backup fire over here! Mami!
Mami! Th-thank you so much!
Perhaps there is still some kind of barrier between my heart and theirs...
I'm forcing myself to be their mentor.
I'm trying hard to continue to be the reliable teacher to them.
But... I wonder...
Would it be okay to let them see my more vulnerable side? Just a little?
After all...we are a team. We are...friends...
Yes, Mami! You can depend on us when things are tough!
I'm not alone anymore... Am I?

Part 4

That was a lovely tea break. I enjoyed it a lot.
Thank you for indulging me, you two.
There is no need for thanks.
For sure! We had a great time too.
Though, it feels like it was just us doing all the talking...
Well then, shall we have our fight?
Fight? ...Oh, yeah, that...!
Uh... Could we maybe take a rain check?
I found out just how good of a friend Nanaka is to me, and…
I dunno...feels like that's enough for today.
I just want her to know that we appreciate that she helped us realize that and all...
Yes... That goes for me too...
This was a marvelous opportunity to evaluate Akira's kindness and strength.
But I don't think there is a connection...
The two of you have great friends and trust each other.
I do not think blindly adding new teammates will always end in improvement.
...Hm. That makes sense.
I don't mind helping you out, though.
If you need my help... I'll be there, even if I have to come from Mitakihara.
Akira... You would do no less, wouldn't you?
Mm... ...Hehe.
And if you'd like to fight me, I'll be happy to oblige.
I couldn't accept your offer before because I knew nothing about you...
Now that I have seen what the two of you are like, I feel like we could work together.
So that was your reasoning... For having us drink tea with you?
I must say... I'm very impressed with your strategizing.
I look forward to our collaborative efforts.
Great, we did it! We got the strongest Magical Girl on our side!
Next time I visit Kamihama City, would you care to have tea together again?
...That would be most agreeable.
I'm glad. Well, then, I should get going... I have to get back to Mitakihara.
I see.
In that case, I will practice hard in preparation for our next meeting.
I'll look forward to fighting you then.
Yeah, me too! I can't wait!
Well then. See you around.
Until next time!
Kamihama City... A place where abnormal things happen.
At least the Magical Girls who live there are just normal, average girls.
The kind of girls I could make friends with.
I'll have to tell Madoka and the others when I get back to Mitakihara.
They'll want to know all about those two...
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