Mayu Kozue's Story: Episode 2

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Part 1

It's me, your beloved blade-bearing beauty, Sayuki Fumino! Cutting in!
Oh, Sayuki...
Kamihama's famous swordsmith, Godsley, is my hero...
And his sword exhibit opens todaaay!
Come on, Mayu!
Let's get going, okay!
Um, the thing is...about the exhibit...
The items we're going to display haven't arrived yet, so...
The exhibit itself isn't actually open yet.
I'm so sorry, Sayuki.
I'll help get it open as soon as we can!
I understand.
It's okay, I'll just sit tight and get even more excited for it!
And while I wait, I'm going on a search to find a new sword.
So I'm off to the antique store!
Take care!
See you!
Yeah! See you!
Mayu, sorry to ask you this.
But could you get me some of the pamphlets for the special exhibit?
Yes, of course!
And call the others in for me.
Yes! Right away!
(This is for all the people looking forward to the exhibit.)
(So it can open soon.)
(I have to do whatever I can!)
Thanks to everyone's hard work, preparations for the exhibit are complete.
Good job, everyone.
It's all thanks to you, boss!
I moved around more than I have in a long time... It made me so hungry.
I wonder what I should cook for dinner.
Is something wrong?
Well, you see, both my wife and daughter have gone to my mother-in-law's house.
I'll be eating dinner alone tonight.
I see...
I can't cook myself, so I was thinking I might eat at a restaurant.
Would you care to join me, Mayu?
Thank you for inviting me...
But I'm afraid I can't. I need to cook dinner at home tonight.
Oh... Yes, of course.
My apologies for putting you on the spot.
No, it's totally fine!
Well, good work today.
Thank you...

Part 2

Well, then! I'll buy groceries for dinner and then go straight home.
(Where's my grocery list?)
(Oh no, did I leave my phone back at the museum?)
You forgot this.
My phone?! You brought it all this way?!
Thank you so much!
You're always looking out for me.
We really can't have dinner today?
No, I'm sorry. Like I said, I need to cook at home tonight.
Then some other night!
Tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow... Whenever you're free!
And you know, I really do want to try your cooking.
When will you make something for me?
Er, well...
Please, Mayu!
L-look out!
What are you doing?!
Excuse me?! YOU bumped into me!
And I know you two!
Both of you keep going on with all that gushy, lovey-dovey junk!
Argh! It makes my skin crawl!
You sit down right there!
The beautiful Ria Ami has a sorely needed lesson to teach you.
I'm sorry?
I don't know what this little spat was about, but you need to consider others more!
There's no elegance in the way you both talk and act in public!
You've offended my delicate sensibility one time too many, and now I am FURIOUS!
You had better change your ways, the both of you.
And why do I need to get lectured by you?
You've completely ruined the mood...
Mayu, I'll invite you to dinner some other time.
Hey! You wait right there!
I wasn't finished talking to you... WOW! What a rude man!

Part 3

I'm very sorry for disturbing you.
You're incredible... You knew exactly what to say!
My name is Mayu Kozue, by the way.
And I am Ria Ami! We go to the same school, so I'm certain you've heard of me.
Don't tell me you don't know who I am?!
I had no idea such a beautiful girl went to my school.
I'm in shock!
(Oh my, oh my!)
Ah, um...
So, can I call you Ria?
Hmm...very well.
Thank you!
You're very beautiful, just like a doll. And you're so cool, too.
I really admire you!
*Giggle* Well, it's good that you're honest.
(I thought this girl was a nutcase, a real lovey-dovey head-in-the-clouds type.)
(But her honesty's quite compelling!)
Now then, what was going on just now?
If you're in a bind, I can give you some advice.
Don't act surprised!
Married with a kid? Chasing after a student?!
It's horrendous. What's the world coming to?!
But you know...
You don't have to be so naive about it.
What?! Me? I don't understand!
That's it! What you're doing right now!
That sweet, soppy air you exude is tempting the men around you.
A lady needs to have presence! She needs to inspire awe.
So it's time to stand tall! It's time for you, Mayu Kozue, to change!
If you don't, then you...
And that man and his family are all going to end up miserable.
His family will be torn apart!
His family?
I'm back.
(It doesn't look like Mom is home yet.)
Daddy promised to play with me, but I can't find him anywhere.
Your father...has gone to a very faraway place.
My kid broke a cup the other day too.
My wife got very angry about it, so I had to calm her down.
Well, you see, both my wife and daughter have gone to my mother-in-law's house.
I'll be eating dinner alone tonight.
If you don't, then you...
And that man and his family are all going to end up miserable.
His family will be torn apart!
Daddy won't be able to play games with you anymore.
But I wanna!
I wanna play with him...
(It's a really sad thing when a family is split apart.)
(I can't let that happen to his family!)
(But what would cause that to happen?)
(And what can I do?)
You could make a contract with me.
If you make a contract with me, I'll fix everything that's bothering you.
I can grant your wish.
Who are you?
My name is Kyubey.
Is this stuffed animal...talking to me?!

Part 4

I'm back.
Welcome home...
What's wrong, Mayu? Are you feeling sick?
No... Not really.
Sorry, dinner will take a little longer.
Now, now, don't worry about that. I can take care of dinner today.
I'll make all your favorites. How's that sound?
Hey, Mom!
What is it?
Dad... He really loved me, didn't he?
Yes, of course he did.
Family was one of the most important things in the world to your father.
I still miss him terribly now that he isn't around.
Right, of course...
Mayu, you don't really remember what your father was like, do you?
But I remember how much I missed him when he was gone.
I remember that very well...
My dad really thought the world of me and Mom.
I want my boss to treat his own family as the most important thing in the world, just like my dad did.
I want my boss and his family to be together forever.
Did you choose a wish?
I did.
If my wish can help my boss...
And stop his family from crumbling away...
Please don't let my boss's family fall apart.
I never meant for anything like this to happen.
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