Mayu Kozue's Story: Episode 3

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Part 1

After I told Kyubey my wish...
My boss got transferred and moved very far away.
So my wish really must have come true.
He and his family are happy...I hope.
I'm really into art, too. You wanna go to a cafe together sometime?
Ohhh, that sounds nice.
Ew, who knows what ugly ulterior motives you have? Buzz off!
Hey, cutie... I can call you cutie, right?
If you don't have a boyfriend yet, how about going on a date with me?
Er, um...
Wow, you've got pick-up artist creepazoid!
Get outta here!!!
Maaayuuu! Next time I get a day off, would you like to—
They never stop coming out of the woodwork!
What a pain...
Ah ha ha ha...
That aggressive boss of yours backed off.
But other men just keep coming.
Do you not understand?
They're attracted to your soft personality. This'll always keep happening.
Keep happening?
Someone's going to end up getting hurt!
Mayu Kozue!
You better stand tall and keep yourself safe!
(Uh...stand tall?)
A lady needs to have presence! She needs to inspire awe.
So it's time to stand tall! It's time for you, Mayu Kozue, to change!
(Wait... She mentioned something just like that before.)
(Maybe that would've helped with my boss, too?)
(Was it my fault for not standing tall?)
Yes, what is it?
I...I want to stand tall.
But where do I start?
Mmmngh! ...Am I taller?
TOTALLY wrong!
Mayu Kozue! You better start taking things more seriously!
*Whine* Sorry, Ria...
(What was that just now?!)
I sense a Witch!

Part 2

(What was that just now?!)
I sense a Witch!
Ria... You sensed that, too?
When you said Witch, do you mean, like, a real Witch?
Well yes, a Witch is a... Wait, what?!
Mayu... Are you a Magical Girl?!
Oh...yes, I am!
Does that mean you are too?
Yes... Yes, I am!
Have you fought one before?
N-not quite yet...
Then I'll take care of this one. You just back me up!
O-okay! I understand!
Let's go after it!
It must be here.
Wait, this is the museum!
That's where the Witch must be, then.
Why is a Witch in the special exhibit hall?!
Godsley's works are in there, not to mention all the visitors!
Why are you here?
Well, I sensed a Witch and ended up here at the museum.
So, um...are you a Magical Girl, Sayuki?
Yes... And I guess you're one too?
Whoooa! We both are!
*Giggle* Yes we are.
H-hang on just a moment! Why are things turning so sentimental in here?!
Oh no! The scary girl from before!
Pardon ME! When have I ever been scary?!
C-calm down, you two.
Ahem... Just listen to me, okay?
I'll beat this Witch, so both of you will serve as my support.
Hmm... Aha! Right, I almost forgot!
My introduction got somewhat delayed. I am Ria Ami.
Ah... I'm, um, Sayuki! Sayuki Fumino! Nice to meet you!
Let's be great friends, Rita Salami!
My name is RIA! AMI!
Oh dear...

Part 3

Return to the place from whence you came!
Bella Spina!
It dodged?!
Ahhh?! Her attack's coming back this way!
Sayuki! Are you okay?!
I'm not a Witch... You're mean, Ritaaa!
I swear...
(Huh? The Witch is only attacking Ria.)
(Then I can do this!)
(It's time for me to stand tall!)
Sayuki! Help me out!
W-will do!
*Wheeze* *Wheeze* I'm...completely...tapped out.
Once this Witch attacks again...
(I'm done for!)

Part 4

Did I...beat it?
Yahooo! You got it!
You were amazing, Mayu!
Oh, please, I was only...
I mean, if you two weren't with me, I never would've been able to do it.
Sayuki, Ria...thank you so much!
You're very welcome!
W-Well! You know, it was no skin off my back!
I'm really glad that Ria and Sayuki weren't hurt.
And that I was able to keep all the visitors and the Godsley exhibit safe.
Thinking things through clearly, and then taking decisive action...for those you love.
Maybe that's what it means to 'stand tall' when it comes down to it...
Mayu, you were so cool!
You big and tall!
I feel're a little more dependable now.
But only a bit!
Ah, the Witch and its Labyrinth faded away...
Let's check on the visitors and the exhibit...
...just to make sure they're all right.
Yes, let's!
And while we check, let's take in and appreciate Godsley's works!
I wanted to make sure I could go anytime.
So I kept the tickets that I bought right here on me the whole time!
Wow! That's Sayuki for you.
H-hey, now!
Don't leave me behind!
I'm completely satisfied!
Godsley's creations were so beautiful that I was blown away!
I really liked the sword named 'Godslayer' the best out of all of them.
You've got great taste, Mayu!
The Godslayer was his maiden work.
It's named that for being so sharp and so beautiful it could even cut a god.
Godslayer is a perfect way to express that!
Wow! I didn't know that!
(I like beautiful things as much as the next girl, but...)
(I can't keep up with whatever they're talking about at all.)
I definitely need to come visit this exhibit again!
I'll have to collect all seven of their daily stamps!
I should take home my pamphlet so I can remember today.
Wait... Where is it?
Ah, um, excuse me. You dropped this.
Thank you so much!
You're very welcome.
Whoops... Good thing he found it for you, right, Mayu?
I'm really glad such a kind person was there to find it for me.
People never change, do they?
I really love people I can rely on.
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