Melissa de Vignolles' Story: Episode 3

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Part 1

*Ring* *Ring*
The bell is ringing!
Th-there isn't anyone here beside us!
Could this be...
A REAL ghost?!
And so, that was how it all began!
The frightful night that Iroha and I were forced to endure!
Th-that's just a bell that tells the time, right?
It's not the turning of the hour yet...
*Thump* *Thump*
Did you hear that, Iroha?!
It sounded like...footsteps!
But no one else is here!
*Tap* *Tap* *Tap*
Now it's coming from over there?!
I-it's coming?!
Iroha, run!
What?! It's headed this way?!
Eep! The sound's coming from over there now!
It's here?!
Melissa, this way!
C-can we even get away from it?!
(At the very least, I must protect her!)

Part 2

I know that took a while to explain, but...
That is how Iroha and I ended up there.
Trapped in desperate turmoil!
C-can we even get away from it?!
(At the very least, I must protect her!)
(Darc... Father... Forgive me!)
(Imagine, in a church of all places...)
(To be attacked and killed by the ghost of a...saint?!)
'You'll hear blood-chilling laughter when there's no one around... That's when the bell rings...'
'They say it's the work of a ghost, the soul of a saint enshrined by the church.'
(That's strange... Why would a saint attack us, anyway?)
(Maybe this isn't a ghost at all...)
Please stop this at once!
Playing such despicable pranks in a place of worship!
Who's responsible for all this?!
The sounds stopped? The voices, too...
Wait, Melissa...
Did you just say 'pranks'?
I most certainly did!
This is the work of a person, not any kind of spirit!
Well, we've been discovered.
Sorry, you two!
Hey everyone, you can come out now. You don't need to hide anymore!
All the townspeople...
I'm really sorry about this...
I knew it.
You made up all of it, the story about the ghost, everything...

Part 3

Why did you lie to us?
Why did you tell us that story about the saint's ghost?
Ah, well, you see...
The village is currently under English rule.
And we recently heard tell that French troops lead by La Pucelle herself...
...might be coming this way from the fort.
We put on an act to try to get her to turn back.
I see.
We're really sorry...
Me too, I'm sorry!
Honestly, we'd like to treat the French troops to a warm welcome.
But in a situation like this...
What situation?
If word got out, the English soldiers would certainly not be pleased with us.
Ah, I see now...
And we just wandered into the village without knowing any of that...
Usually we just drive folks off by fighting them, and then it's taken care of.
But when we saw how young you girls were... We couldn't go through with it.
So we made up the ghost story, hoping you might get scared and run home...
We thought we might have gotten away with it too...
Well, it was actually pretty scary...
You all had me thinking there really was a ghost!
But how did you figure it out, Melissa?
You knew it was some kind of prank!
We were surprised as well!
I just found it rather odd...
It was hard to believe that the spirit of a saint would attack a visiting pilgrim...
Now that you mention it...
So that's why...
No wonder she's a friend of La Pucelle, the one who hears the voices of the angels!
N-no, you're exaggerating...
Wait! Mademoiselle, could you possibly be...
La Pucelle herself?!
W-wait, no!
I am only a servant to Darc... I mean, to La Pucelle!
I heard that La Pucelle is modest!
I knew it! You're not her servant, are you? You're really her!
Mademoiselle Jeanne, our maiden! La Pucelle! You must stay with us tonight!
I told you I am not her!
I don't think anyone's listening...
And with that, the case of the saint's ghost came to an end.
Iroha and I faced quite a fright together...
But the two of us were able to make it to the very end!

Part 4

Finally, we can be on our way!
What an ordeal...
I'm glad they were so happy to see us, but it just made it harder to leave...
This is all because I selfishly asked to visit the church!
I am sorry for all the trouble I caused!
Hold on!
No need to be sorry! We are heading back safe and sound after all!
Still, what a relief...
I was able to carry out my duties as La Pucelle's maid without shame.
Well, there were still people who got the wrong impression...
They thought you were La Pucelle!
Yes, that was a little concerning.
But what a delight it was that I could finally pray at that church!
And the villagers gave me so many wonderful souvenirs to take back, too...
What a marvelous trip!
Oh, that reminds me, Melissa.
You talked with them for a long time before they gave you those souvenirs.
Ah...well, since I had the opportunity, I asked if they could give me something.
And they did!
What did they give you?
*Giggle* You'll have to wait and see!
Now, we should hurry home!
Yachiyo and the others are probably worried!
Yachiyo, we're back!
We are! Safe and sound, thanks to Iroha!
Good work, both of you.
It was supposed to be a relaxing trip, but it sounds like it was quite the opposite...
But we got to talk a lot, that was fun!
I feel the same way, Iroha!
Now, if you will excuse me, I must start preparing dinner...
What, this early?!
It will take some time to get ready...
What exactly are you making?
Wow, this is delicious! Whaddaya call it? Mont blanc?
I'm not one for sweets, but I could eat this all day!
I'm so glad you like it!
Yachiyo, Iroha! Please have some as well!
Wow, thanks!
It looks exactly like a mont blanc!
Let's see how it tastes.
It tastes just like my favorite mont blanc!
I'm so, so glad!
Did you use honey?
I improvised where I needed to!
The only thing I couldn't replicate were the chestnuts...
But then I saw the large number of chestnut trees in that village with the church.
So I negotiated with the villagers, and they let me take some back!
So that's what you were asking them about before you left!
It's incredible...
Just from listening to our description, you were able to replicate this dessert perfectly.
*Giggle* Thank you!
Everyone seems to like them, huh.
Oh, Qube.
Monsieur Angel!
I was listening to the troops, Melissa.
The morale among the soldiers is higher than ever!
Th-thank you, Monsieur Angel!
You really are incredible.
You contribute so much to the troops, even without being a Magical Girl...
And you have the courage to face your foes head on.
Not to mention your cooking and serving skills...
You really are the perfect candidate for a Magical Girl!
Monsieur Angel...
D-do you really think so?
(What does serving food have to do with it, anyway?!)
I'll continue to provide the best service I can!
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