Nanoha Takamachi's Story: Episode 3

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Part 1

Full power?! But Nanoha can't even move!
She's trying to end the fight here.
Anchor, engage! Cartridge, full power!
Hornet Javelin! FIRE!
I made it...
Grrr! Nanoha, you're so stubborn!
The Formula System and Fortress I have equipped...
They're not just for show, you know!
Now it's my turn!
Bring it!
She's got an impenetrable defense... Impressive.
Normally, firing at maximum power against someone who can't move would be overkill.
Or so I thought...
It actually wasn't even enough to end the battle, it seems.
And now, they're back where they started.
It sure looks that way...
Fate risked it all on that one attack.
But Nanoha was able to protect herself.
Now it's time for her counterattack!
Yes.. I guess I was right...
What are you talking about?
Well, a moment ago I noticed something.
Nanoha deliberately didn't break out of the binding spell.
Really? But why?
It's a huge risk...
But if you can withstand your opponent's strongest attack, you have the advantage.
It looks like that's what happened here.
That's amazing!
It really is... They're both giving it their all.

Part 2

Think you can dodge, huh?! Well, then...
Chase Shooter!
Wait, that light... It's chasing after Fate?!
If I can't escape your attack, I'll just shoot it out of the sky!
I feel like that's all I'm saying right now...
They both still have a chance of winning, right?
It looks that way, doesn't it? And yet...
And yet...?
Take THIS!
I won't back down!
Light's flying all over the place...
I'm getting dizzy just trying to keep track of it...
That magic light shines a different color depending on the person who uses it.
Nanoha's is cherry blossom pink.
Fate's is gold...
Oh, I see...
The two colors keep swirling together...
It's flashing so much I can barely look at it!
Right now they're evenly matched... But I think Nanoha has the advantage.
You think so?
They're not going to get anywhere just attacking each other constantly.
Nanoha's attacks are hitting pretty heavy.
There's no way Fate can just keep dodging indefinitely...
She has to counter eventually.
But Fate just hit her with everything she had not too long ago...
Exactly my point. Missing that last attack is taking its toll.
Her last option is to get to the distance she's most comfortable fighting in.
The distance she's most comfortable fighting in...?

Part 3

The distance Fate is most comfortable fighting in...
What's up?
If the two of them got close enough for a sword to land a hit...
Then Fate would have the advantage, wouldn't she?
She sure would. Close combat is her forte!
Then that means Fate's trying to get closer?
I suspect so.
But Nanoha has something up her sleeve too, you know.
She does?
Fate is trying to lure her closer!
They're both gonna go full throttle now!
Lightning Drive!
Formula Drive!
*Boom* *Crash*
They're both moving so fast I can't tell what's going on!
That's Nanoha's secret weapon. Her 'Accelerator' speeds up her movement.
Fate's doing her best to maintain her max speed as well...
So they both pulled the same trick on each other?
I suppose so... Now I really can't tell who has the upper hand.
I'm sure both of them didn't want to let the fight last this long.
But they couldn't avoid it.
Of course. In a match of power between equals like this...
You can still overwhelm your opponent if you strategize.
Fate gambled on the chance that her attack could pierce Nanoha's armor.
And Nanoha bet that she could rely on her defense enough to stage a counterattack.
The two of them are fighting at their full mental capacity...
I was hoping to finish this before we got to this point, but...
You should be out of tricks now!
I could say the same about you!
It's about time we ended this.
Fine by me!

Part 4

You said that Accelerator was something Nanoha was hiding up her sleeve.
Could that be because she can't keep up this pace if the fight lasts any longer?
Oh, good eye!
That's right!
Of course, Fate's getting close to reaching her limit as well.
Which means...
The two of them will end this any second now.
Here I come, Nanoha!
I'm not giving up, Fate!
It all comes this blow!
— Iroha — Wow... It looks like fireworks!
— Hayate — They're famous for this back home.
Another tie...
I really thought I was going to win...
That was incredible.
Yeah, you guys were amazing!
Why don't you two take a little break until the next match?
All right!
See you around!
Oh, hang on! Before I go...
Iroha, about what we were talking about before!
Oh, you mean...
She asked me what I thought was the most important thing in a fight.
Right! I really want to know the answer!
Raising Heart's answer was...
Yes, wisdom and tactics!
I see... That's a great answer!
*Giggle* So you agree!
I do!
Especially after seeing all of that...
I really get how important both are!
Whatever fate awaits me, I'll blast through as far as my magic can take me!
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