Ria Ami's Story: Episode 1

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Part 1

(Narration by Reginald Kingston III)
Natural-born beauty is not something that can be obtained, regardless of how hard you might yearn for it.
This may be the prime reason that beauty is placed on such a high pedestal.
Aaaaaaah! Riaaaaaa!
This girl, however, possesses such overwhelming beauty that wherever she goes, the crowds part to let her pass.
She's more gorgeous than ever...
Voices from every direction can be heard raving about her looks.
This is Ria Ami.
You are incredibly popular.
Oh, it's been this way since I was young.
So for me this is normal.
To be honest, I have no sense of my own popularity at all.
Is it hard to be watched every day?
It has its challenges, yes.
Sometimes I even feel it is quite difficult.
But it's also good in a way.
When people pay so much attention to me...
I become more conscious of my posture.
It inspires me to be more beautiful, and I don't just mean in terms of appearance.
More like, as a human being?
I think it helps me be more beautiful as a person.
Even her words, so full of humility, are imbued with that classic Ria Ami grace.
Well, I'm afraid I must go to school now, so do pardon me.
Oh my goooshhh! Riaaaaaa!
Nice to see you.
Aaahhhhhh! She noticed us!
Senpai! Ria-senpai!
Good day.
Um, your face.
(My face? What?! Is there something on my face?!)
Yes, that's right.
Something happened in my past that I can never tell anyone.

Part 2

Make a contract with me and become a Magical Girl.
(When it all started...)
(I just thought he was a really lifelike stuffed animal.)
(I didn't believe in Magical Girls or contracts or anything like that.)
But if it were true, and becoming a Magical Girl let you get any wish granted, that would certainly be very tempting.
But of course nothing that convenient could ever be real anyway. I kept going back and forth over it, unable to decide.
How unfortunate. Time's up, Ria.
I have other candidates to look into, so I'll be going now."
(When he put it like that...)
(I decided to make a wish anyway. Hey, if it comes true, great!)
'Turn me into a natural beauty!'
(I am a Magical Girl who used her wish to become pretty.)
There's something on your face.
Wh-what? Oh, yes. There is.
I was reborn as a beautiful girl, which really feels like cheating. No one can ever find out.
But can you blame me? Like, take salmon, for instance. People are always way more drawn to the natural ones, rather than farm-raised.
Are you okay? You got really pale.
Oh? No, I'm fine.
Do you want to reschedule the food tasting to some other time?
Hm? N-no, no way! I'm going!
Are you sure? You don't need to force yourself.
*Stomach growl*
*Cough* Ahem!
Ahhh, that makes me feel better.
Your stomach can't lie. Seems you've still got a healthy appetite.
Wha... No, that's not it!

Part 3

Thanks for setting aside some of your valuable after-school time to do this.
I really appreciate it!
You're very welcome.
I bet your feedback will be kind of helpful in some way!
Don't you mean 'very helpful'?!
Honestly... Are you really grateful for my assistance?
This presumptuous girl is Manaka Kurumi. We go to the same school.
Her family runs a long-standing restaurant, and her cooking skills are top-notch!
So occasionally I'll help by tasting the new items on her menu.
Oh? You want to know how we met?
Well, when we first saw each other..."
I...I didn't know such a gorgeous girl could even exist!
Ria, you're something else!
Manaka happened to be struck by my glorious good looks. I inspired her."
A bombshell like you deserves a dazzling meal to match!
My lady, would you permit me the honor of preparing your meal?!"
And so, she begged me to let her be in charge of preparing my food.
That request was the start of it all."
Please stop rewriting what happened.
You were trying out some dangerous fad diet and about to collapse with hunger.
And then I came to your rescue. Right?
Oh, I... Is that what happened?
Anyway! Order up!
My new dish for the menu... Hamburg steak in cream sauce!
Mmmmmm. It smells divine! I can't wait to try it!
Go ahead! Bon appetit!
...?! This tastes incredible!
So you like it?
Of course I do! Absolutely!
Hah, I know! Of course you love it!
I'm going to be the best chef in the world one day, after all!
(That has such a lovely ring to it.)
(I aspired to the same heights as a child.)
And yet...there was no way I could ever reach that lofty position.

Part 4

Here you go, a little thank you for today!
It's your favorite! Rice omelet!
Can I really have this?!
(Even if I wasn't already fond of her because she goes to the same school...)
(I'd still think her rice omelet was the best around!)
(At the very least...)
(It's leagues ahead of every single one I've eaten until now. No doubt.)
(And besides, back before I became a Magical Girl...)
Oh, the eggs are so soft and velvety. Just as scrumptious as always!
(Unlike this rice omelet...)
(I never stood a chance of being the very best in the world.)
(I mean, I wished to be reborn as a natural beauty.)
(But it doesn't mean that I was a totally frumpy reject before.)
(Right, if I had to summarize it in a word, I'd say...)
Hey, isn't there another restaurant just across the road from here?
What? Oh you mean Peanut's?
Right! Peanut's!
Doesn't their specialty menu have a rice omelet, too?
What do you think of their recipe?
Well, I guess if I had to describe it...
It's just okay, I suppose. Totally okay. The definition of mediocre.
('Okay'... 'JUST okay'... That's what it was. .)
If I had to liken my former self to anything, it'd be to the rice omelet from Peanut's.
The taste, the smell, the texture... Even the look!
Mega average! Neither good nor bad. So plain you'd never consider it the ''. A totally average plate of rice omelet.
(That's how I used to be.)
They probably need to do more research.
Flavor comes from hard work! Perseverance! That's how real cuisine is made!
(But is that always true?)
(Whether the restaurant is Peanut's or Cashew Nut's or whatever...)
(The head of the restaurant is still working just as hard, isn't he?)
(I was the same way.)
(I did everything to avoid being plain. I styled my hair, changed my makeup.)
(I put a ridiculous amount of effort into my appearance.)
(And where did that get me? Nowhere close to the top, I can tell you that much.)
(There are some things you can't overcome, no matter how hard you work.)
Uh ohhh! They're here again, aren't they!
Your little entourage! They're waiting outside the restaurant for you!
Oh, dear. It isn't easy being so beautiful, is it?
Though I guess it's been like that since you were a kid.
If anyone were to get used to it, it'd be you, Ria.
Huh?! Ah ha, uh, of course! Yes, exactly! I'm very used to it!
(Ah, naturally.)
(Manaka has no idea I was reborn beautiful thanks to my wish.)
(I never let even the slightest hint about it slip past my lips.)
(No one has any idea how plain and boring I once was.)
(After all, that was the way I wished it to be.)"
Oh? You don't get it?
Did you hear a word I just said?
Okay, rewind to the start! We'll play this memory over!
'Turn me into a natural beauty!'
'Turn me into a '' beauty!'
(Because of the wish I made...)
(Everything was made as though I had been beautiful since the day I was born.)
Oh, these eggs are so perfect. They just melt in your mouth.
Thanks to my wish, now it won't even be that hard for me to become the best.
But I'm not going to slack off because of it. I WILL be the most beautiful, even if I have to do over-the-top exercises or starve myself until I pass out!
Thanks for the amazing food!
You finished it all already?!
A wish that even rewrites your past! Now that is a perfect one!


Magical Girl Story: Ria Ami