Sayaka Miki's Story: Episode 1

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Part 1

Here I am in Kamihama City!
What? You wanna know why? In a few days I'm gonna go shopping with Kyosuke!
A boy and a girl, does that mean it's a date? Nope...probably not.
He just wants to look around the stores here for a CD by his favorite violinist.
So then why did I come early to Kamihama today, you ask?
I want to find an awesome new outfit to wear, that's why!
Where should I start looking...
Wh-whoa, what the?! Was that someone screaming?!
I think it was coming from that way. Maybe there's a Witch?
Right around here... A school?
School's out today, so no one's around... Teachers might still be here though.
There are some kids practicing baseball on the field over there, but no one else...
I definitely heard something from this direction, though...
No sign of a Witch's Labyrinth around here either...
Maybe I was imagining things?
Eek! Wh-who's there?!
Hey, you! You okay?!
Uggghhh... Ow.
You all right? Do you feel faint or anything?
Ughh...uuughhh...I'm fine...
Uh...who're you?
M-me? I'm Sayaka Miki!
I was just passing by.
Passing by... But you came to help me?
Well, I heard a scream and got worried.
I see, thanks. You're not half bad, Sayaka.
I'm Hinano Miyako. Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet ya too! I'm glad you're okay.
Ah...but I'm not okay.
You aren't?
I got this huge lump on the back of my head.
Ouch, what happened? Did you fall?
Nope. Someone hit me!
Huuuh...wait, someone hit you?! Really?!
It has to be! I can't think of anything else.
I was getting ready to do some experiments for the kids at this school.
And then, outta nowhere I get whacked right in the back of my head!
The culprit who bashed me ran away. They're still at large!
Seriously? Geeze, that's rough! Hmm... I got it!
Looks like a job for Detective Sayaka! We'll get to the bottom of this together!
Absolutely! Let's track down this bad guy!

Part 2

Ahem! So let's go over what we know about the case so far.
Whoa, you really are like a detective.
Ahem! The victim was Hinano Miyako...
are you older than me?!
What's the problem?!
Oh, nothing, nothing! ...Anyway! Let's start again from the top!
Ahem! The victim was Hinano Miyako.
While she was preparing some chemistry experiments for the students...
WHACK! The culprit attacked her from behind! ...Right?
Yeah, yeah, just like that! Right when I was getting things ready!
Was anyone with you when this happened?
Nope, no one.
No one at all? You were totally by yourself?
Well, school's off today. No teachers, no students.
And the kids coming to watch the experiments aren't supposed to be here until later.
So yeah, I don't think anyone was around.
Ah, I see... So you were alone.
Hmm... Probably wasn't a Witch either...
Huh? A Witch?
Don't mind me! Just talking to myself.
Hinano, any chance you're a...Magical Girl?
Wait, if you're askin' me that, does that are too?!
Yeah, I am. Whoa, that's one heck of a coincidence, isn't it?
So you came here chasing a Witch...
Does that mean a Witch was what hit me on the back of the head?
But hang on, I didn't sense anything at all!
Right, right, it wasn't a Witch.
I thought it might be one back when I heard that scream...
But when I got here, I didn't sense any.
Yeah, thought so.
I mean, whoever heard of a Witch doing a hit and run?
But that means we aren't any closer to figuring out who the culprit might be...
When I first got here the door was closed.
Yeah, I closed it while I was preparing the experiments...
I never heard it open, either, so I don't think they got in that way.
What do you think, Magical Detective?
Magical Detective?! Oh, I like that! Sounds cool!
Ahem! Well, if the culprit didn't enter through the door...
That means they absolutely must have come through the window!
Whoa! Yeah, this room's on the first floor! AND the window was left open!
Oh, when I got here, the curtains were blowing in the wind!
That proves that the window was open! In's still open right now!
So they got in through the window...meaning it wasn't necessarily a teacher or a student.
The person who hit me coulda been someone from outside the school!
Sure could! But if it was an outsider...
They probably fled back out the window, so it'll be hard to catch 'em...
But we also have a clue!
We do?! What is it?!
My scientific know-how is about to blow your mind!
Huh? What do ya mean?

Part 3

Careful, don't walk over there!
U-uh? Why? Whatcha doing?
I'm securing the area!
Securing? Oh, to preserve the evidence?
Yes! You can't study the forensics of the crime scene if you don't keep it clean!
For instance, if we use this blacklight...
We can see footprints that were left behind!
What?! That's amazing! I didn't know you could do that!
Just apply a little scientific knowledge and it's no problem!
Whoaaa! That's amazing!
Okay, I'm turning the lights off.
Now I'll light up the floor with the blacklight.
Nothing's happening?
Give it a minute!
Okay! Oh! I see it!
Heh, that's science for ya! The fruit of mankind's wisdom!
There's so many footprints, though... How do we tell which one's the culprit's?
This school has everyone wear the same kinda slippers. I can tell which ones are which!
See? These are this school's slipper marks.
I see! So if we find prints that don't match those, they must be from an outsider.
How about these? Wait, no, maybe these belong to a teacher...
That's possible, but since there aren't any other suspicious ones...
These have to be the culprit's footprints!
Still, even if they are...
Yeah, still not enough evidence...
Hmm? What's up?
Look at these prints... They stretch to way over there.
Over here...
Hmm? What is it?
Have you snapped or something, Sayaka?
Nope! I just figured it out!
I know who hit you, Hinano!

Part 4

You do? Really?!
I've worked it all out! Elementary, my dear Miss Miyako!
Who was it?!
The culprit is...
It's this! A baseball!
An understandable reaction. But I'm serious!
This baseball is the culprit. It's what hit you on the back of the head.
But, how?
See, among all the footprints that showed up...there was this one circular mark.
The size, and most importantly, the stitch marks, match this baseball perfectly!
There was a ball mark right near where you were hit, Hinano!
Then, it looks like it rolled over here, and stopped over there in the corner...
But...why a baseball?
The baseball club is practicing outside on the field. You can hear them right now!
And this facing that field!
Most likely a child hit a ball and it just happened to sail right through the window!
From there it had a clear path right to your head!
So that's what it was! No wonder there was no evidence of the culprit!
So...the ball is to blame?
U-um, excuse me!
I think, maybe, a ball flew in here a bit ago.
Yeah, here you go. Try to be more careful next time!
Will do. Thanks! See ya!
Aw, what mature manners! Even though you look the same age as him.
You say something?
Oh, no, nothing! *Giggle*
Aaanyway! This means the case is closed!
A baseball... It snuck right up on me...
Ha ha least it wasn't a Witch!
Anyway, guess I'd better head back.
I'm going on a shopping spree to get myself a brand new outfit for tomorrow!
An outfit... You going on a date?
Huh?! What?! O-of course not!
It's written all over your face! Well, if you're going on a date...
Take this present as thanks for solving the case for me!
A present?
I prepared all these fragrances to use in the experiments today.
If you mix this one here with this get a perfume you can't buy in any store!
Ta-da! Whaddaya think? smells sooo nice!
It's a super special perfume! Don't worry, of course it's safe for use on human skin.
If you use it, your guy is gonna go crazy for you!
Seriously?! Thank you! I'll be really careful when I use it then!
Yeah! Good luck on your date!
It's not a date...ah, what the heck! See ya!
Go rock his socks off!
I went out of my way to help someone, and look what happened!
I got this really amazing perfume! Now I just gotta go buy my outfit!
Leave everything to Detective Sayaka! Ask me anything ya like!
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