Sayaka Miki's Story: Episode 2

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Part 1

Oh cool, I made it to the shopping area!
This is the perfect place to find clothes. I wonder which store I should go to first.
Guess I should just start by wandering into a bunch of 'em!
If something catches my eye, I'll buy it!
Let's do this!
Oh, that dress is so cute. This shade of blue is my color for sure...
This long skirt looks classy! But kinda plain, right?
Oh, and this skirt has frills! C-cute...
Ugh, it's no use, I can't choose! How can I tell which one looks best on me?
*Sniff* *Sniff*
That smell...*Sniff*
Huh?! What's going on?!
Gotcha, Myako-senpaaai! ...Huh? Hang on a sec. You aren't her!
Who are you?!
Who are YOU?!
You totally smell like the fragrance my friend makes in her experiments.
Fragrance? Oh, the perfume!
Wait, are you a friend of Hinano Miyako?
Uh huh! Myako-senpai!
So you know her too? I guess you wouldn't have her fragrance otherwise, am I right?
Yeah...I mean, I only just met her. You're a friend of hers, I'm guessing?
Please, our connection goes WAY deeper than that!
Why would you kid about that?! Ah ha ha... But really...
Anyway, it makes sense that you called out to me if you thought I was her. Case closed!
Sorry? What?
Oh, don't worry about it! I was just being a detective and can't seem to drop the act.
*Giggle* You're funny!
I think us meeting here was, like, fate or something...don'tcha think?
Maybe! But I really need to get back to shopping...
Shopping? For what?
Um, clothes?
Oh, ooooooh! I get it! A date outfit, right?
H-how did you know?!
I've got a nose for this kind of stuff!
Okay... But seriously, it's not a date...
A date! That's, like, amazing! You just leave everything to me!
I'll think up an outfit for you that's totally cuter-than-cute!
Wh-what? Are you even listening to me?!
Geeze... I don't even know your name!

Part 2

I came to Kamihama City to pick out a cute date outfit, and ran into this girl.
Her name was Emiri Kisaki. She told me she's aiming to be the cutest in the world.
She wanted to help me pick an outfit out, so here I am, going along with her.
I got a big surprise when we finally got around to introducing ourselves!
Huh?! You're a Magical Girl?!
Yes I am!
For real? Two in one day...
Oh, it's totally normal in Kamihama! There's like, a BAJILLION Magical Girls!
Seriously? Kamihama's...pretty weird.
Hey, hey! Whaddaya think about this dress?!
Whoa! It's really cute!
Right? RIGHT? And this is the new 'in' color for this year!
A new color... Do you mean the salmon pink?
No way! Absolutely NOT salmon pink!
It's SWEET pink, got it?! Is this what sweet pink looked like?
It's the hottest color right now! It's gonna be huge!
This sugary pink color?
Yep! For sweet, candylicious gals! It's got that devilish look that guys love!
Huh... I'm not sure I look right in pink...
Hey now, don't say that.
Here, if you wear this hat with it, oh and accessorize with this bag...
Now you're shining with sweet pink style!
Isn't it a bit...loud?!
Oh my god! It looks sooo good on you! Sayakyan, you look like a total doll!
I do?
Let's get you some pink shoes to match! Oh, and your lips and nails have to be pink!
Then you'll be like, a sweet pink festival!
I'm not so sure about this... I think I'd like something, um less flashy?
Less flashy?
I see. Well in that case...
Okay, let's check out this place!
How about this?
That one's sweet pink as well!
Um, no it isn't? It's definitely bitter pink! A way more mature, muted shade of pink!
Huh?! I don't see the difference...
Come on, try it on, try it on! The road to cute is a tough one, girl!
Maybe it's TOO tough for me...

Part 3

Somehow Emiri talked me into trying many things on one after another.
But like I thought, none looked good on me!
I'm sorry, Emiri... I'm giving up.
Huh?! But whyyy?!
There's still so much for you to try on!
Yeah, but, um...they don't feel 'me'.
I just don't think I'm a 'cute' kinda girl.
I told ya, that's crazy talk!
That makes me happy to hear...really!
But as the one wearing it, if I don't believe it, I won't be able to relax at all...
And, well...
And well?
The guy I like...
He doesn't really care about clothes or stuff like that...
I think he cares way more about what's on the inside...
Whoa! He sounds dreamy!
Yeah! He loves music so much that it's all he thinks about! It's really cool...
Oh my god! Lovey-dovey Sayakyan is SO cute!
Hey, don't tease me!
Sorry, sorry!
Well I have one last thing for you. How about I show you this super secret spot!
A secret spot?
I mean, the location of a date is definitely super important, am I right?
So you need a place that'll knock him out with your girlish charm!
If you two go there together, he'll be totally into you!
You're gonna like, scream in excitement when I show it to ya!
Is it really that good?!
Sure is! It's, like, the most amazingly romantic spot in the whole world!
Ya wanna see it, right?
I do! Please show me!
You got it!
I'll show you my secret spot...just because it's you, Sayakyan!
A secret spot, huh...

Part 4

Just how far are we going?
It's at the top of that tower!
All right, now you gotta close your eyes!
'Wh-what?! Hang on!'
'Heeere we are!'
'Turn around and open your eyes!'
This place has the best view in Kamihama! Especially at night, it's crazy!
The best view... You're not kidding! It's gorgeous up here!
Right? RIGHT?
If you come here with your guy, to this mega romantic spot...
I'm tellin' ya, he's gonna fall head over heels for ya!
I don't even care if it doesn't work out.
I just want to enjoy this view with him...
Thank you, Emiri. I'll bring him here, I promise!
You're too precious, Sayakyan! Good luck!
You're already way cute, I guarantee it!
Thank you! I'll do my best!
What, it's this late already?!
I have to hurry up and get home!
I'll take you back to the station!
You will?!
Uh, duh? Of course I will!
Can't leave a cute girl like you without an escort, can I?
Emiri... Thank you!
Let's get going!
Yeah, okay!
Thanks to the perfume that Magical Girl gave me, I was able to meet another girl.
Plus she showed me this amazing place!
With all the support from the Kamihama Magical Girls, I have to do my best!
But seriously, how many times do I need to say it's not a date?!
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