Sayaka Miki's Story: Episode 3

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Part 1

Before I knew it, my day with Kyosuke arrived!
I'm so nervous. My palms are sweaty...
We'll go buy that CD, then wander around town...and then after that...
Oh, a text... It's from Kyosuke!
Hm? What's this?
'Sorry, Sayaka.'
'The train's really delayed. I'm gonna be at least an hour late.'
Oh, he's just gonna be late.
'Okay! Don't worry about it. I'll wait for you here.'
There...that should do. Sent!
But now what do I do with myself? I have a whole extra hour now...
I guess I could go to a cafe and have a cup of tea or something...
Wait, is it a Witch?!
My Soul Gem is reacting! It's definitely nearby.
What to do... Kyosuke's coming, there's no time to call Madoka and the others...
Ugh, I'm gonna have to take care of it before Kyosuke gets here!
Okay, it's over here!
Where is it...
There ya are! The Witch's Labyrinth!
No time to waste thinking it over... I gotta take it out on my own!
Where are you, Witch?
Where are you, Witch?
Are you a Magical Girl?
Um, yeah I am! You must be one too, right?
Yeah, I'm Kokoro Awane. It's nice to meet you.
I'm Sayaka Miki. Nice to meet you, too!
Whew... What a relief! I'm so glad to see a fellow Magical Girl here!
A relief?
I was a bit scared about having to fight it on my own...
Usually I fight with my friends, so this makes me feel a little better...
Oh, um! Sorry for just spitting that out!
No, it's a relief for me too. Let's take this thing on together!
Yeah! You betcha!

Part 2

Nice one!
I've got your back, finish it off!
Will do! Here I go!
Now, Sayaka!
Take THIS!
We did it... We beat it!
Awesome job!
Yeah! Man, that Witch was tough...
It would've been a real challenge to fight it alone...
For real... Oh, here's the Grief Seed.
Take it!
Huh?! But we took it out together...
Actually I have plans with a very important person after this.
I wanted to beat this Witch before that, no matter what.
And the only way I managed to do that was because you helped me, Kokoro...
So this is my way of saying thanks! Please take it! I won't let you say no!
Okay... Then I'll take it off your hands.
Thanks a lot.
No, thank you! You helped me so much!
But I should head off now since I have plans.
Though I do still have almost an hour.
Well, in that case, how about having some tea with me?
My treat. Plus it'll be a good way for you to kill some time. What do you think?
Oh no, you don't have to do that!
Think of it as a thank you for the Grief Seed.
All right, then! In that case, maybe I'll order something nice and pricey...
*Giggle* I'm kidding!

Part 3

So you became a Magical Girl to help the guy you like get better?!
Shhh! Not so loud!
Ah, sorry! I was just surprised, that's all...
That's fair. I guess it is kinda surprising. I didn't wish for something for myself.
I do wonder now and then if it was the right thing to do...
But, you know, whenever I watch him play the violin...
I feel like I made the right choice. I really do.
So, he's who you're meeting today?
Yep! We're gonna go buy this violinist's CD.
You guys are really into music, aren't you?
*Giggle* Good luck, Sayaka.
So, Kokoro, what did you wish for when you became a Magical Girl?
I wanted to make the pieces of my family whole again.
We were a broken family. I wished for all of us to live together again.
I see... Are you happy now?
Honestly? I don't really think I am.
Even though I brought my family back together, we still have tons of problems...
People's feelings just don't work the way we want them to.
That's a good point... I feel that way, too.
But I'm fine with how things are now.
Yeah. I used to be all down about it...
I'd wonder if I made a mistake in wishing for something like that.
But I've said my goodbyes to that old version of me.
I don't want to waste the wish I made. I'll make my family whole again myself.
That's what I decided.
Wow. You're really strong, Kokoro.
N-no, no way! I spent way too long moping over it!
I just realized I needed to switch it up, that's all... I'm trying to be positive, now.
I want to face the future, too, Kokoro. You've inspired me...
I want to change people's hearts with my own power!
Yeah! Right! I...really do believe it's possible...
Thanks! I feel a lot more confident now!
I've gotta have faith in the wish I made to become a Magical Girl!
Right, that's the spirit! Knock his socks off today!
Yeah, you're right!

Part 4

Oh, I got another text.
Kyosuke's gonna be here any minute! I'd better get going!
Okay! I had a lot of fun chatting with you.
I had a great time, too!
Let's get tea again someday! We can really take our time then.
That sounds lovely! Let me know when you'll be back in Kamihama!
I will!
Oh, by the way, that perfume you're wearing smells amazing.
For real?! Thanks so much!
I got it from another Magical Girl! I really like it a lot!
Oh really? It smells amazing, it's so refreshing!
He's gonna love it for sure!
*Giggle* I sure hope so! He doesn't notice many things other than music, so...
Ha ha ha...
What are you guys going to do after you finish buying that CD?
Oh, after that...
Well, actually another Magical Girl gave me a good idea for that, too.
There's this place in Kamihama where you can see a perfect view of the night sky.
I was thinking I'll bring him there and we can take it in together.
Who knows if it'll make things romantic or not though...
What a wonderful idea!
I should really get to the station, he's almost there!
You've got this in the bag, Sayaka.
You're charming, you have great ideas, and you're super cute, too!
He's gonna fall in love with you for sure!
That'd be nice...
It's nothing! Never mind!
All right, well wish me the best. See ya!
I dashed out of the cafe and ran for the station.
It felt as if I was walking on air...
Something tells me today's gonna go great!
All right! I'm ready to have some fun today!
Who knew there were that many Magical Girls out there...
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