Suzune Amano's Story: Episode 1

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Part 1

(No results today either.)
(I have no more business here.)
(An entrance to a Labyrinth!)
(There are two magic sources. Did someone beat me here?)
A Familiar and...a Magical Girl.
Are you a Magical Girl too? Thank goodness, I need your help!
Now's your chance! Attack!
Flame Dance.
Cherry Flame!
You're finished.
Thanks, you saved me there. You're really strong!
Oh, I'm sorry. I haven't asked your name yet.
I'm Suzune.
What's your name?
My name is...
I see. It's a pretty name.
I'll never forget it. I promise.

Part 2

I see you had a fruitful night, Suzune.
The sound of your bell tells me the instant you return.
Though, even I can't detect you when you hide your magic.
Are you still hunting Magical Girls in this city?
You should already know the answer.
There aren't any Magical Girls here anymore.
You're right.
Magical Girls from neighboring cities wander in from time to time, but that's about it.
Girls like the one you just killed.
... ...
What's wrong?
Could you be feeling regret?
I would never regret this.
I'm doing the right thing, after all.
I see.
So you plan to continue in the next city too?
As an assassin who hunts Magical Girls.

Part 3

'You plan to continue in the next city too?'
'As an assassin who hunts Magical Girls.'
I've already decided to transfer schools to Akanegazaki in Hozuki City.
The uniform I'm wearing now is from there.
So what will you do? Are you going to stop me by force?
I would do no such thing.
I'm only here to deliver information.
Yes. There's been a recent development.
There is a city we're no longer able to monitor.
It all happened quite suddenly.
We can't see anything that's going on there.
Why is that?
We don't know the cause.
You humans have no problem entering and leaving the place.
Still, there is a particularly interesting phenomenon occurring.
Magical Girls have been slowly gathering there.
I'm sure you won't have much trouble finding some.
I see.
Thank you. That's useful information.
And the name of the city?
Do you plan to make it your new hunting ground?
Very well.
It's called .

Part 4

Kamihama, a city free from the Incubators' monitoring...
A place where Magical Girls have been gathering.
(It's a trap for sure.)
(An Incubator wouldn't give me information like that without strings attached.)
(I hunt down Magical Girls, the eggs that will eventually hatch into Witches.)
(If I were to travel to Kamihama and get ambushed there...)
(They'd be free of me, the pest breaking their eggs before they hatch.)
(That's what the Incubator is after.)
(If there are Magical Girls there, I have to find as many as I can.)
And kill them with my own hands...
With the power she gave me... My fire magic.
I need to live with their names...
...engraved into my soul.
(I won't doubt myself.)
(This is what I've decided.)
... ...
I'm not doing anything wrong.
I'm not wrong, am I?
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