Suzune Amano's Story: Episode 3

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Part 1

Stand back.
It ends...
She's so fast!!
That Witch was powerful, and yet she defeated it so easily.
This girl Suzune...
She might be dangerous.
Wh-what is it?
I'll ask one more time.
Could you tell me your real names?
Our answer is the same as before.
I see. That's too bad.
Flame Dance.
Wha?! What are you―
Oh no, you don't!
Another one? Who are you?
My name is Mifuyu Azusa.
Attacking these girls without notice...
That's a little aggressive, don't you think?
Mifuyu Azusa?
I'm Suzune.
Why did you attack these girls?
Could you put down your weapon and tell us why you attacked us?
Why I attacked you?
It's better if you don't know.
(She shot it down with magic?!)
This is your last warning.
If you do that again, I'll have no choice but to attack you back.
You mean that wasn't your full strength?
Indeed. Someone as strong as you should understand.
I'm not playing around.
Will you retreat?
Neither will I. I must protect these girls.
... ...
(Where's she looking? Is she searching for something?)
If you're going to try to stop me...
I'll kill you too!

Part 2

(Tsubaki, lend me your strength.)
Is that fire magic?
Cherry Flame!
Wah, aaagh!
Heat Shimmer.
(I can't sense her. She disappeared?)
It ends here.
Not yet!
(She dodged an attack from her blind spot...)
(...and even counterattacked?)
Mifuyu... Are you okay?!
Yes. But that was really close.
(She's tough. And on top of that...)
(She's clearly aiming for my Soul Gem.)
(That gaze before. She was looking for mine.)
(There's no doubt. She knows.)
(She knows that a Magical Girl's Soul Gem is her life itself!)
(If so, there's only one reason she would target Magical Girls.)
I won't miss next time.
Why are you attacking us?
It's best if you didn't know.
Do you think it's better to kill Magical Girls?
Before we turn into Witches?!
Do you...
Yes, we know...
...the truth about Magical Girls.

Part 3

'We know...'
'...the truth about Magical Girls.'
I see.
Knowing the truth, our goal is to deliver Magical Girls from their fate.
That is who we are, the Wings of the Magius.
So that's why you fight together?
Your efforts... They're pointless.
No matter how long Magical Girls think or how hard they try...
They're destined to dance in the palm of an Incubator's hand.
Don't you want to be saved?
I don't.
You may not want it for yourself, but surely there's at least one person.
Someone you'd wish to save from the cruel destiny that all Magical Girls face.
I had someone I treasured. I would've died for her if that could've saved her.
But I killed her with my own hands.
This pointless conversation ends here.
I won't let any of you escape from me.
Stand back! I'll protect you.
(Even if it costs my life.)
Flame Dance.
(Here it comes!)
Who gave you permission to do such things to Mifuyu's perfetto body?
Another one?
Where did Mifuyu go?
I'm keeping her quiet in my Labyrinth for now.
If you want to lay even a finger on her, you'll have to go through me, Alina!
...Very well.
I'll help you, Alina! Let me out of the Labyrinth!
Absolutely not. Just stay there until this is over.
But why?
Your body...
It will be a detriment to my art If any more harm comes to it.
My apologies.
(Here she comes.)
Let me say one thing.
You tried to damage a preziosa piece of living art.
And nothing infuriates Alina more than that!

Part 4

Take this!
(She isn't hesitating at all. She fully intends to kill us!)
(Her Doppel would be interesting to see, but...)
(It's about time to end this exhibition.)
(I can't lose!)
(Tsubaki, lend me your fire magic!)
Heat Shimmer.
She disappeared?
Cherry Flaaame!!!
Alina, jump!
She dodged it?
(I used too much magic.)
(I can't keep this up just for one opponent.)
Are you all right, Alina?
Honesty...I would have been fine if that hit me.
How did you know it was coming?
Her presence disappeared.
And I had a feeling she was going to use a surprise attack like she did with me.
But anyway, please let me out of this Labyrinth.
The gaudy colors in here are so overwhelming I think I might lose my mind and kill myself.
N-no! That would be a great loss to humanity. Hold on a second!
If you get hurt from this, I won't forgive you.
The odds are against you now.
In your condition, the most you can do is take one of us down with you.
Am I wrong?
No... Any more fighting would be useless.
I've had enough for today.
Heat Shimmer.
...She's gone.
I don't think she's decided to quit killing Magical Girls.
She's likely still planning to hide in Kamihama.
Whatever's driving her, it is beyond me.
Were you able to figure her out, Alina?
No, niente affatto. She was nonsense to me.
But that pure desire to kill I felt at the end, it was just...thrilling!
(Kamihama City... Many Magical Girls are gathering here...)
(It looks like there are some powerful ones among them, as one would expect.)
(I'll need to move carefully for my next hunt.)
(A new Labyrinth? It's close.)
Please watch over me.
This city... It's repeating the cycle too.
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