Mayu Kozue

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Analysis by Stelliferous


A captivating Magical Girl who unwittingly attracts much attention from men. Her admiration of fatherly figures gives her a tendency to act unguarded around older men. Granted a love of art by her late father, she intends to work in art restoration and got a job at an art museum to realize that dream.


HP 4736
ATK 1967
DEF 1527
HP 17172
ATK 7030
DEF 5576
HP 5367
ATK 2230
DEF 1730
HP 21629
ATK 8853
DEF 7023


Buffs target Damage by 35% . (1 turns)
Restore 20% MP for target.
Buffs target Accele MP Gain by 20% . (1 turns)
Buffs target Damage by 40% . (1 turns)
Restore 25% MP for target.
Buffs target Accele MP Gain by 30% . (1 turns)


Deals 325% damage (+10% per magia level) to all enemies, double on weakness.
40% (+0% per magia level) chance to apply Skill Seal to all enemies (1 turns).
Restore 8 (+0.5% per magia level) MP per turn for all allies (3 turns).
Deals 345% damage (+10% per magia level) to all enemies, double on weakness.
Apply Skill Seal to all enemies (1 turns).
Restore 10 (+0.5% per magia level) MP per turn for all allies (3 turns).


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Feature: Carnation

Doppel: Deals 902% damage to all enemies, double on weakness.
Charm all enemies (1 turns). Charmed enemies cannot take actions.
Restore 14 MP per turn for all allies (3 turns).
Draft & Supervision: Idea/Supervision: Gekidan InuCurry (Doroinu)
Doppel Detail (May Contain Spoiler)


1st Awakening Items and Buffs
Rainbow Orb
+7% ATK
Aqua Orb+
+5% DEF
Aqua Orb++
+6% HP
Pendulum Bob
+6% Accele
Plaque Cord
+6% Blast
Bunny Ear Wrapping Paper
+4% Charge
Final Awakening Items and Buffs
Rainbow Orb
+8% ATK
Aqua Orb+
+6% DEF
Aqua Orb++
+7% HP
Sheep Horn
+7% Accele
Curator's Hood
+7% Blast
Pendulum Screw
+5% Charge

Enhance Magia to

Personal Memoria

Charm target (1 turn). Charmed enemies cannot take action.

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Henshin Transformation Video

PvE Stories Pros and Cons

Alternative Madoka

Mayu's Connect allows her to serve in a very similar role to Madoka, being able to quickly boost the MP of her teammates and bring out their Magias. Her Connect gives slightly less of a raw MP boost than Madoka's, but it has the additional Accele UP effect, meaning it has a greater maximum potential for MP restoration. It also swaps Madoka's HP restore for a damage boost, giving her more of an offensive focus, which may be a positive or a negative depending on the circumstances.

Much more Fragile than Madoka

Mayu has a much higher Attack stat than Madoka, but as she shares her role of "supporting MP booster", Mayu's much lower Defense and HP typically overshadow this. Mayu desperately wishes she had anywhere near Madoka's staying power, so that she could perform her role for longer.

Magia is Near-Useless

Madoka has an amazing Magia, restoring MP for her entire team and applying a 3-turn Damage Cut to everyone on top of that. It also allows for the famed Doubledoka strategy, with two Madokas together being practically invincible. Mayu's Magia has none of that, the only consistently effective part of it being simple damage. Skill Seal can rarely be useful on bosses, but is extremely situational, and HP Regen is too slow to save you when you need it. This is the biggest part of Mayu's kit that is outright inferior to Madoka.

PvP Mirrors Pros and Cons

Fair Offensive Presence

Mayu's workable Attack and Damage Up Connect mean that she does manage to outshine Madoka a bit in Mirrors, at least. Her stats make her somewhat of a glass cannon, though her attack is slightly disappointing compared to the other glass cannons in the game. She may have a role as MP-restorer in rare Accele team compositions, where her offense-oriented kit makes her more suited to the role than Madoka, in the faster-paced Mirrors battles.


Mayu's offensive stats aren't potent enough for her to really shine, and a great deal of work and luck would be needed to make her MP restoration consistently effective - even on an Accele team. Often, an Accele gorilla would be more beneficial to the team.

Memoria Recommendations

The Power to Protect Who You Love
For The Ones I Love

Mayu's best option is to attempt to make herself slightly more durable, so she may better serve her team in boosting their MP. Approaching Madoka's level of tankiness may not be possible for her, but every step closer means that she can stay supporting her teammates for another turn longer. Equipping your best defensive Memoria on her is your best option.

While capitalizing more on her attack stat may be tempting, this would do little to help her in her primary role of MP boosting.

In-Game Sprite

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Magical Girl Background
Magical Girl Background (May Contain Spoiler)
Doppel Background
Doppel Background (May Contain Spoiler)