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A blue-blooded Magical Girl whose father is an ex-parliament member. Oriko does whatever it takes to get the job done, but her strong sense of justice, inherited from her father, keeps her from overdoing it. She is refined and loves drinking tea at home.


HP 1190
ATK 1557
DEF 1190
HP 12549
ATK 5293
DEF 4046
HP 4532
ATK 1912
DEF 1461
HP 16315
ATK 6883
DEF 5259
HP 5022
ATK 2120
DEF 1620
HP 20088
ATK 8480
DEF 6480


Buffs target Attack by 30% . (1 turns)
Buffs target Accele MP Gain by 30% . (1 turns)
Buffs target Attack by 35% . (1 turns)
Buffs target Accele MP Gain by 40% . (1 turns)
Buffs target Attack by 40% . (1 turns)
Buffs target Accele MP Gain by 45% . (1 turns)
60% Chance to Increase Critical Hit chance for target. Critical Hits deal 2x damage. (1 turns)


Deals 330% damage (+10% per magia level) to all enemies.
Deals 350% damage (+10% per magia level) to all enemies.
Restore 27.5% (+1% per magia level) MP.
Deals 370% damage (+10% per magia level) to all enemies.
Restore 30% (+1% per magia level) MP.
Evade next attack (1 turns).


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Feature: Ball

Doppel: Deals 946% damage to all enemies.
Restore 39% MP.
Evade next attack (1 turns).
Draft & Supervision: Idea/Supervision: Kuroe Mura
Doppel Detail (May Contain Spoiler)


1st Awakening Items and Buffs
Light Orb++
+6% ATK
Light Orb
+4% DEF
Light Orb+
+5% HP
Rooftop Balloon
+5% Accele
Swallowtail Feather
+3% Blast
Rainbow Orb
+5% Charge
2nd Awakening Items and Buffs
Rainbow Orb
+7% ATK
Light Orb+
+5% DEF
Light Orb++
+6% HP
Padlock Chain
+6% Accele
Bunny Ear Wrapping Paper
+4% Blast
Bunny Ear Cotton
+6% Charge
Final Awakening Items and Buffs
Rainbow Orb
+8% ATK
Light Orb+
+6% DEF
Light Orb++
+7% HP
Big Ferris Turbine
+7% Accele
Mail Glider
+5% Blast
Babysitter's Handle
+7% Charge

Enhance Magia to

Personal Memoria

Replace current draw with own Discs.

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Henshin Transformation Video

PvE Stories Pros and Cons

Great for Magia Building

Oriko's connect increases the amount of MP gained from Accele discs and her magia restores her own MP which makes her well suited for any magia-based teams. At 5 stars, Oriko's connect also gives Critical hit chance which makes her more useful overall. Her magia also gains the ability to grant Oriko guaranteed evasion for a turn, making up for her low defense.  Her personal memoria draws her own discs, guaranteeing a Puella combo and a connect on the next turn.

Glass Cannon

Oriko's high attack stats are negated by her low HP and defense, making her every bit the glass cannon. Since she hasn't been uncapped in the NA yet, her connect and magia aren't as great as they could be. She also has only a single Blast disc, so she won't be able to clear the field of enemies that easily unless it's her magia attack.

PvP Mirrors Pros and Cons

Good MP building

Oriko has high attack stats which are always an asset in Mirrors. She'll also be able to spam magia attacks provided you equip her with 4 memoria slots and lots of MP gaining memoria.

However, once Oriko is uncapped to 5 stars, it's possible to run a single Oriko in mirrors thanks to her magia restoring her own MP and guaranteeing evasion (much like Tsuruno Yui).

Average unit

Her stats are fairly average as far as common girls who have/will be uncapped goes. She has only a single Blast disc and magia damage is slightly nerfed in Mirrors. Her light attribute is both an advantage and a hindrance, since she deals neutral damage to elemental types and is weak when being hit by dark damage.

Her personal memoria has a 13/15 cooldown rate so it won't be usable here. 

Memoria Recommendations

Here With You
My Favorite Kimono
Crime and Punishment

Both "Here with you" and "Prided haregi" will boost the amount of magia damage that Oriko will deal. "Prided" will also boost the amount of MP that Oriko will gain from every Accele disc she uses. Anything that builds up her magia or increases her magia damage would be best.

"Crime and Punishment" will also draw Oriko's discs only, guaranteeing a Puella Combo and a connect for the next turn. 

In-Game Sprite

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Magical Girl Background
Magical Girl Background (May Contain Spoiler)
Doppel Background
Doppel Background (May Contain Spoiler)