Manaka's Special Bento Box

Skill Type Memoria

Max Lvl Lvl 40
HP 443 → 1107
ATK 0 → 0
DEF 483 → 1207
Used By Manaka Kurumi
Obtained From All Gacha

Memoria Effect

Magia UP
Magia UP Cooldown: 15
Buffs Magia Damage by 25% (1 turn).

Memoria Max Limit Break Effect

Magia UP
Magia UP Cooldown: 13
Buffs Magia Damage by 27.5% (1 turn).

Lore and Info

Her family runs a traditional restaurant that serves up an array of taste sensations. The quality isn't diminished when packed into a bento box, hence the high volume of repeat customers. Customers who can't manage to secure one of the limited boxes come back and try again another day.