Summer Impact!?

Ability Type Memoria

Max Lvl Lvl 40
HP 660 → 1650
ATK 539 → 1347
DEF 0 → 0
Used By All
Obtained From The Ribbon at the Beach

Memoria Effect

Buffs Attack by 15%.
Reduces Defense by 25%.

Memoria Max Limit Break Effect

Buffs Attack by 20%.
Reduces Defense by 25%.
Event Effects

Lore and Info

Fun beach volleyball with everyone!...Or so I thought at first...
As the match gradually came to the climax Mami-san's Ultra Serious Strong Spike burst through the air!
Its' destination was... Homura's face!? Mami is shocked! The astonishment has made everybody stop still!
The girl's glasses spun flying through the air, while the rays of sunlight made them glitter with sparkle...