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So, it seems I’m hearing rumors of a mysterious flame-wielding swordswoman having been seen in Kamihama recently…

I wonder what she could be here for…


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Learning with Mitama!

I suppose we’ll just have to ask, and see to it she troubles nobody, or perhaps convince her to leave if she tries to do anything!
However, I have also heard that two girls who have not been seen in the city before had been spotted in a slightly different part of the same area, and at the same time as this swordswoman…
But it’s probably just a coincidence! We do get events like this every so often, so who’s to say that they would be connected in any way?
Well, I suppose the only thing we can do is keep an eye on both sides in the area, and see to it that this incident ends safely like the ones before it…
If you need any help in how to go about dealing with this incident, look no further, for I have written this handy guide to help you in your adventures in cases like this!
Now, off you go! You have a city to protect from strange intruders, after all!

Me? I’ll be right here, in my shop. I surely wouldn’t be of much use out there without being able to fight, now would I?

Oh? You think I'm just being lazy, and am just hiding my ability to fight? Surely that can't be true! This Coordinator is just your regular old support personnel! 🎵

Take care, and see you again! May you return with bags full of currency for my shop!

Best Farming Locations

For most players farming CROSS CONNECTION, Battle 12-1 Hard is the optimal quest to farm for its high Suzune Medals drop rate, relative ease, and drops additional Pendulum Screws to boot! 

Battle 1-4 is an excellent alternative and easier alternative. This stage in fact provide even higher Suzune Medal rates for players with multiple gache memorias (18+ bonus).

Based on drop rate research shared by GrygrFlzr of MagiaRecord Discord:

Buying out the shop requires over 25k Suzune Medals, so prioritizing purchases is recommended. For shopping recommendations, check out our Shop Tier List!

Beating 5-3: Chapter 5 Area 3 Hard

If you're having trouble with Battle 5-3 Hard, here're some suggestions from the r/magiarecord subreddit:

Just keep in mind that reward for mission completions this time is only a single Magia Stone, so don't fret too much about not completing every mission!

Beating Bonus Chapter 12

For team composition suggestions for the bonus battles, check out this interesting discussion on Reddit!

To speed up the Use 10 Magia Chapter 12 Area Missions, considering building a magical girl team focused on MP generation:

For the Magia Seal Boss in Battle 12-4:

  • Stun-locking with Double Mami is an effective counter.
  • Kako's Connect and Magia can clear Magia Seal.
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